Friday’s News & Notes

Team Yesterday Today Probable Pitchers
Syracuse Postponed @ Indianpolis,
7:15 p.m.
Maya (3-5, 3.36) vs.
Karstens (0-1, 6.23
Harrisburg Lost, 7-2 @ New Britain,
6:35 p.m.
Mandel (4-3, 3.64) vs.
Hirschfeld (3-4, 3.28)
Potomac Won, 4-2 vs. Lynchburg,
7:05 p.m.
Olbrychowski (1-4, 6.62) vs.
Delgado (3-1, 3.55)
Hagerstown Won, 12-0 vs. Delmarva,
7:05 p.m.
Turnbull (2-3, 4.46) vs.
Chalas (4-3, 5.77).

Rain postponed the finale of the Bats-Chiefs series, forcing a makeup next week when Louisville visits Syracyuse.

Portland 7 Harrisburg 2
• Demny (L, 4-3) 5IP, 12H, 5R, 5ER, 0BB, 3K, HR
• Perez 3-4, R, 2B, BB
• Ivany 1-3, RBI

A pair of crooked innings in the 2nd and 3rd innings pushed Portland past Harrisburg for a 7-2 win. Starter Paul Demny was touched for five runs on 12 hits and no walks for his third loss of the season. Eury Perez registered his third three-hit contest in the last five games to lead the otherwise moribund Senator offense, which went 1-for-13 with RISP and left on 12 baserunners.

Potomac 4 Myrtle Beach 2
• Swynenberg (W, 4-3) 6IP, 7H, 2R, 2ER, 0BB, 4K
• Demmin (H, 1) 2IP, 0H, 0R, 0BB, 3K
• Selik [SV, 8] 1IP, 0H, 0R, 0BB, 2K
• Bloxom 3-4, 2R, 2B, HR, 2RBI
• Walters 4-4, R, SB, CS, E(14)

A pair of crooked innings overcame a 1-0 deficit and broke a 2-2 tie Last Night In Woodbridge.

Hagerstown 12 Delmarva 0
• Karns (W, 3-0) 6IP, 3H, 0R, 3BB, 4K
• Hawkins 2IP, 1H, 0R, 0BB, 0K
• Miller 3-4, 2R, 2-2B, BB, 3RBI
• Ramsey 3-5, R, 2B, RBI
• Burns 2-4, R, 2B, 3RBI

Jason Martinson and Matt Skole both homered while Nathan Karns tossed another six shutout innings as the Suns scorched the Shorebirds, 12-0. Hendry Jimenez was the “beer man” as eight of nine starters hit safely, with Justin Miller and Caleb Ramsey leading the 13-hit attack with three hits apiece. Nathan Karns improved to 3-0 and lowered his ERA to 2.03 with just three hits and three walks allowed. Ben Hawkins and Chris McKenzie combined with the 24-year-old as the three Suns pitchers allowed just five singles total.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

13 thoughts on “Friday’s News & Notes”

  1. Skole has an OPS of 1.024 — it’s about time for a promotion, especially with Rendon out for most of the year.
    Actually, it’s past time.

    1. Agree we are in June, some promotions, including Skole’s need to happen sooner rather than later.

      1. Seems like in years past they’ve let the players play in the All-Star game for their level and then move them up.

      2. And under Rizzo it’s more towards late July than late June, but my hope is that the earlier signing date (mid-July) will make it harder for them to wait. Unfortunately, as tweeted last night, I don’t see promotions from Hi-A to AA making room for the likes of Skole & Martinson.

        1. It’s pretty frustrating that one of the few true batting prospects in Hagerstown/Potomac is getting blocked by non-prospects because it’s inconvenient to swap the rosters around.

          Demote Bloxom or Soriano, and start Skole at 1B and 3B. Problem solved.

  2. Is it just me or is our pitching in the minors really bad? I know Purke, Karns, Meyer and the like have high ceilings, and Rosenbaum has done well, but mostly the SP have been terrible. Any soothing comments to make me feel better?

    1. Ray and Grace are both pitching better of late. The late-inning guys for Potomac (Selik and Wort) have been, for the most part, automatic. But I, too, expected more from some of the guys in Hagerstown.

      Otherwise… It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s darkest before dawn. At least you broke the same arm as before (hey, wait a minute).

      1. Turnbull, Estevez and Hill have performed ok this year too. Solis is hurt and we traded away 3 good arms from our farm for Gio this offseason. I think the draft and Solis coming back from injury next year will replinish our System with some good arms.

        1. I don’t know how much we can replenish with the draft this year with the new rules. I guess the names mentioned probably make us average compared to other farm systems, which is not bad considering our Nat rotation is basically set for the next 5 years.

          I was thinking – who do we have to trade (that had value but wouldn’t mind giving up) to get a guy that can help the offense down the stretch? Then I started thinking – by September, which position could we significantly upgrade….and I don’t even know?

          1. With the changes in the CBA, I think we can at least say that the odds of another Jonny Gomes trade are significantly reduced.

        2. The pitching in the minors may not be great, but that is in part becuase the big club has their top 3 starters under team control for a long time, so there is not much use for going with a top notch pitching prospect, as oppsed to a position with more need. there are only 2 open spots in the roation in the furute, so I dont think they will be cranking out pitchers like they did in the past

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