Four Suns Named To Sally League All Star Game

The South Atlantic League has officially announced its All-Star representatives, which will include four Hagerstown Suns:
• C Adrian Nieto

• 3B Matt Skole

• OF Caleb Ramsey

• RHP Aaron Barrett

This is the second All-Star game for Skole, who represented the Auburn Doubledays in the 2011 New-York Penn League game. Skole currently leads the league in BBs (51 in 55G), second in HRs (12) and third in RBIs (53).

Fellow ’11 Draft pick Caleb Ramsey got the nod with a .299/.370/.446 line, while ’10 Draft pick Barrett has gone 3-1 with 6SV in 17 appearances, striking out 33 in 20⅔ innings. Adrian Nieto (’08), who split time between Auburn and Hagerstown last season, rounds out the quartet with a .261/.333/.406.

Manager Brian Daubauch was also named one the Northern Division coaches for the game, which will be held in two weeks in Charleston, SC.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

9 thoughts on “Four Suns Named To Sally League All Star Game”

  1. Thats cool I hadn’t noticed Ramsey or Barrett until now I’ll definitely start paying more attention to their names in box scores.

    Wonder if Karns would’ve made it before the promotion…

    1. Makes you wonder about whether DeRosa returns … if Marerro looks good in rehab does Davey go for Marerro instead of his substitute DeRosa? Would make sense if he did.

      1. I’ve thought DeRosa is pretty secure because of his positional flexibility. When he comes back, one of the catchers goes. Seems to me that Marrero would be targeted for Syracuse once he’s ready.

        1. 0.083 BA, yet another in the litany of DL injuries over the past 3 years. 37 going on 38 years old. Clearly had no range in left-field, honestly a lot worse than Lombardozzi and even Moore out there!

      2. Doubtful he’ll go on the road to Kannapolis. More likely: Play for Suns, then Potomac, then Harrisburg, then finish out at Syracuse, which is doesn’t play on the road until June 26. Naturally, that’s assuming he doesn’t look foolish against either A-ball’s pitching, which is possible, but not probable.

  2. Lots of transactions for Spike …

    Garcia and Mandel to the Chiefs, Van Allen to the Senators. Selik moves to the Senators to make room for Karns? Wonder if he is about to be converted?

  3. Skole was a no-brainer,can he please go directly to Potomac after the game. C’mon!
    I presume the only reason Goodwin’s not on it is not enough AB’s. His OPS is .894.
    For a long time I though Barrett was a bust of an 8th round pick. Good for him.
    Tell Spike that a photo of sneakers I wore 45 years ago don’t make me think of Baseball All Star Games.

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