Auburn Announces Its 2012 Roster

The Auburn Doubledays have announced its 2012 roster and it’s not as 2012-pick-laden as you might think. Eleven of the 29 are this year’s picks, including five for the first ten rounds (pay no attention to teams’ using the 4th-through-10th rounds this year on signable college seniors to game the new CBA.)

Second-rounder Tony Renda is obviously the premier player, continuing in the tradition of Danny Espinosa and Jeff Kobernus of Rizzo draftees: modest tools but a “dirt dog,” grinding mentality that the organization covets.

The bad news, of course, is that it’s going to be a day or two more until we know how the GCL is going to shake out. BA’s latest transaction post does not include the expected bloodbath of releases, but it’s only through Monday of this week.

A reminder: SpringfieldFan is going to be busy as all this shakes out, so please be patient with her as she updates the Big Board over next couple of weeks.

Without further ado, here’s the rest of the Auburn roster:
Bold = Watchlist Italics = DSL Graduate
Gregory Baez
Cody Davis
David Fischer (18th)
Bryan Harper
Travis Henke
Nick Lee
Silvio Medina
Richie Mirowski
Blake Monar
John Peters
Brian Rauh (11th)
Derek Self (9th
Jason Smith
Elliott Waterman (13th)

Spencer Kieboom (5th)
Craig Manuel (10th)
Andruth Ramirez

IF Carlos Alvarez
3B Carlos Lopez (12th)
UTI Estarlin Martinez
2B Khayyan Norfork
SS Stephen Perez (8th)
1B Shawn Pleffner
2B Tony Renda (2nd)
SS Wes Schill

Brandon Miller (4th)
Angel Montilla
Jordan Poole (14th)
Wander Ramos

Author: Luke Erickson

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    1. Did another sweep and the oldest NYPL player is listed as active on the roster.

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