Programming Note

It’s another trip to New England to visit family, but a short one — leaving today, back on Friday.

The plan is to update the site in the evenings, cheap motel WiFi willing. I know this is horrible timing in terms of the “roster rollout,” but I think last night’s missive is a clue that folks will need to adjust their expectations.

It appears that lot of players are going to start ’12 where they left off in ’11, and it would not surprise me if the “Auburn” roster (a.k.a. Extended Spring Training) is going to be nearly full. We’ll know more when the next batch of released players hits the streets.

Enjoy this afternoon’s tuneup against the Red Sox. “News & Notes” returns on Thursday.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

9 thoughts on “Programming Note”

  1. You mean you want to have a life outside of NP?
    I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that!

    Also, I neglected to comment on this from your previous post, but Spike and I look the same when we’re hungry. 🙂

  2. Looks like our “Old for their Level” rates will edge up.

    At least with the draft cap making it tougher to sign HSers, other teams will start to catch up to our levels.

  3. Suns roster per their site

    Alex Meyer, Christopher McKenzie, Wirkin Estevez, Brian Dupra, Kylin Turnbull, Cole Leonida, Adrian Nieto, Jason Martinson, Brett Newsome, Cutter Dykstra, Matt Skole, Bryce Ortega, Justin Miller, Brian Goodwin, Angelbirth Montilla, Caleb Ramsey, J.P. Ramirez, Gerg Holt, Nate Karns, Aaron Barrett, Todd Simko, Bobby Lucas, Alex Kreis, Taylor Hill, and Christian Meza

  4. Jeff, I wonder who the fifth starter will be–Turnbull or Karns? I assume Meyer, Dupra, Estevez, and Hill will be the other four. Also wonder who is at short and second. Again assuming Ortega and Martinson are the two players involved. Hopefully, not Dykstra as previously reported. Even the outfield has an interesting situation. Goodwin in center, then two left fielders in Ramsey and Ramirez, and the lone right fielder, Montilla. Maybe Ramsey can play right but he didn’t last year.

  5. Just came from the Potomac meet the player banquet.. The following players were there:

    Pitchers Trevor Holder, Adam Olbrychowski, Cameron Selik, Josh Smoker, Rob Wort, Wilson Eusebio, Bobby Hansen, Matt Grace, Matt Swynenberg, Kyle Winters, Paul Applebee, Ryan Demmin

    Catchers James Skelton, Sam Palace

    Infielders Justin Bloxom, Sean Nicol, Francisco Soriano, Blake Kelso, Anthony Rendon

    Outfielders Chris Curran, Wade Moore, Kevin Keyes, Michael Taylor

    Neil Holland, David Freitas, Adrian Sanchez, and Randolph Oduber were downtown with the big club today but are also on the roster.

    1. Thanks for weighing in — lots of trouble getting the H’town post up (cheap WiFi) and I’m out of gas now, otherwise I’d plow ahead.

  6. Thanks Wookie. Freitas at catcher, no? Starting pitching, without Purke and Ray looks sparse, although I’ve always liked Hansen.

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