Shifting Gears

With the announcement from Davey Johnson that he’ll be playing the regulars full-time the rest of the way, I’ve decided it’s time to shift gears away from spring training.

In terms of the time left in camp, this is roughly a week earlier than a year ago, when I made the similar call. But this is a smaller, more settled camp than a year ago, when there were multiple rookies looking to break camp (Espinosa, Ramos, Broderick).

It was apparent going in, and now it’s obvious it’s time to step back and wait for the minors to start up. I think I might have signaled this last week, too.

Unfortunately, the next true news item that I know is coming is finding out who’s been released. Some of the cuts have already happened; I just don’t know who yet and would prefer for folks to not speculate or comment on what you’ve heard until the news is official. In-season is one thing, but this is a little different because there are no stats, game reports, or any other clues for players’ friends and family to go by.

For the newbies, one of the features that I do in May is to comb the rosters of the independent leagues as they start up and pass along the ex-Nats that I see. It’s a bit of an indulgence since I cut my teeth as a fan/blogger/rabble-rouser on the indy brand of the game, but I know some of you appreciate it because it is a tribute of sorts to “our guys.”

Until then, I’ll be watching and waiting, much like I do in January and February, on the lookout for minors-oriented news. I don’t expect the roster announcements to begin for another week, so things may slow down a bit the next few days. Please be patient and check back.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

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  1. It’s telling that I thought you made a mistake when you wrote “Broderick.” I totally forgot him, and I bet many others have, as well.


      1. After hearing DJ say that Gorzelanny is in the pen, I’m assuming Mattheus, Perry and Stammen are all SYR bound. Durbin as well I suppose. Prospect-wise, for pitchers closest to MLB at this point would be Lehman, Martin and potentially Rosenbaum?

        As for position players, Lombo would seem to be a shoe in for making the 25 man while Marrerro starts out on the DL. Moore would seem to be next nearest…outside of you know who!

        Couldn’t find the ‘official’ transaction for signing Nady on the Nats MLB website for some reason. If he starts out in SYR, that would make their OF a not too shabby one of Brown, Harper and Nady.

        Any news on the Nats 2 Rule 5ers? I just checked tonight and B Myers still hasn’t pitched for NYY on the majors side, so I’m assuming chances are good he’s coming back to SYR.

        Komatsu’s slash line in the 19 games he’s appeared in w/43 AB’s: .279 / .333 / .419. 4 BB, 5 SB, 1 CS. Though he’s never appeared above AA, in glancing through STL’s OF roster, I’m not clear on who their ‘Top 5’ OF may be, but does anyone think he may stand a chance of making their 25 man?

        My apologies for all the questions, but I’m past ready for the season to begin!

        1. Durbin has an opt-out that he plans on using. But, yes Perry, Severino, and probably Mattheus will be Syracuse bound. Looks like Mattheus will again be the Syracuse closer. Longer look for Severino this time though. Yes, and Stammen as well I guess but I think Johnson likes him as his righty long man. We’ll see. I suspect something could happen before then not sure what.

          Closest to majors would almost have to be Severino, Stammen, and Rosenbaum. Of course Arneson had a great year last year. He could be in the mix. There’s Hassan Pena and Cory Van Allen to go along with Martin.

          Valdez and Rahl might also be in that outfield. Looks like they switched gears and will keep Tyler Moore at first base for the most part. At least two outfielders in AA Harrisburg that could get promoted before too long. And then there’s Rendon.

  2. Didn’t see it earlier, but @mlbdepthcharts is projecting that Komatsu will make the Cardinal 25 man. Obviously a good deal for him and is the reason the Rule 5 Draft is there. Safe to say he would likely have pushed Carroll, Michaels and possibly Ankiel down had he remained with WAS??

    1. Had Komatsu not been taken, it’s safe to say that at least one of those three would not have been invited to camp. Michaels and Carroll were signed in December, after the Rule 5 draft; Ankiel on Super Bowl Sunday.

      Injuries are the X factor for both Rule 5ers taken. My second thought upon hearing of Joba Chamberlain’s injury (this was my first thought) was that this sealed the deal for Meyers not being sent back (he’s been throwing BP and sides per The LoHud Yankees Blog), as now there’s an additional incentive to get him healthy and into the ‘pen as the 12/13 man.

      1. I agree, it looks like Komatsu is making the Cardinals so kudos to him, I hope he makes the most of his opportunity. Same goes for Brad Meyers.

      2. Can Rule 5’ers be taken off the 25 man (other than placement on DL) at any point during the season after they’re drafted? Or do they immediately revert back to the team they were drafted from if this happens?

        I knew Joba was injured, but I didn’t put 2 and 2 together like you did Luke! Great perspective and a real ‘under the radar’ insight. I still just find it hard to believe a pitcher would make the NYY 25 man after not throwing a single inning of big league ST.

        1. No, not without a trade.

          I’ve seen no indication Meyers will make the club out of ST, but once he’s healthy, he’ll have one less established major-leaguer to compete against… and he’s already on the 40-man roster.

          I think it was a given that Meyers was going to be hidden on the DL for an extended period of time, but now he might be put on the 15-day DL instead of the 60-day list since they might just need him sooner rather than later.

          1. Kind of a ‘good news, bad news’ deal maybe? Good news is you are a member of the NYY. Bad news is we’re going to stick you on the DL until we see if the guy we really want can get healthy!! Ah, the life of a Rule 5’er.

  3. Luke, I notice that the Big Board does not have Taylor Jordan on the dl. Am I missing something here, or is it just an oversight?

    1. Remember that the Big Board is maintained by a volunteer and she’s gonna have her hands full next week when the new rosters come out. I’m sure when the dust settles in about 10-14 days, everything will be fine. Just be patient.

      1. Kind of wish Bennetti had asked Doug Harris about Rick Hague. Haven’t heard a peep about him?

      2. Just FYI, I typically don’t put guys on the DL on the Big Board until the team puts them on the DL. I’ve made a couple of exceptions this spring, just to make the math easier.

  4. Not being critical. Just wasn’t sure. Definitely appreciate all you people out there giving us infomation. Then, of course, there’s the big bucks you all get. Yeah, right.

  5. Don’t forget that under the new CBA both Nady and Michaels get June 1 opt outs and a bonus if not cut by March 30th. This could play a role if Nady doesn’t get called up as injury replacement for either Morse or LaRoche.

  6. Nady starting at first base today in the Major league game. Guess they need to get an idea of where he is because of both injuries and the deadline.

    1. Like I wrote, I’d prefer not for folks to comment on what they’ve heard or been told until the news is official. It should be soon.

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