Highlights From The BA Prospect Chat

Accompanying each team’s Top 10 per Baseball America is a chat for subscribers only. As such, I have to paraphrase and condense, which I’ve done per prospect, per ranking. I’ve then cherry-picked some names that came up in the chat. If it’s in brackets, those are my clarifications or amplifications. Otherwise, you’re looking at the opinions of Aaron Fitt.

1.) Bryce Harper — Has an abundance of confidence, but no different than A-Rod, Bonds, or Kobe Bryant. Harper will see the majors in 2012, but his odds of making the Opening Day roster are low.

2.) Anthony Rendon — Could be moved to 2B, but 3B is probably his best position, given his injury history [ankles, not shoulder]. Conversion unlikely to take long, so Nats can afford to wait.

3.) Brad Peacock — 2011 not a fluke, and of the pitchers discussed, the most likely to achieve his ceiling, though others have a higher ceiling.

4.) A.J. Cole — Mostly discussed in passing, but said to have second-highest ceiling among the five pitchers in the Top 10

5.) Brian Goodwin — Said to have worked on incorporating his trunk into his swing during instrux, and was likened to Garrett Anderson, though with less power [and presumably, more speed]

6.) Alex Meyer — High ceiling [well, he is 6’9″ *rimshot!*] but the least likely to realize it, given the usual concerns for power-forward-sized pitchers [Andrew Brackman comparison made].

7.) Matt Purke — Like Cole, mostly discussed in comparison to the others, but characterized his signing as a “high upside gamble.”

8.) Sammy Solis — Said to have the lowest ceiling, but second-best chance of achieving it. [Bear in mind that “ceiling” for all these guys is top-line starter.]

9.) Derek Norris — His combination of pitch recognition, power, and discipline is his greatest asset, but it now appears that his path has been blocked and a trade could be in his future.

10.) Steve Lombardozzi — Bullishly characterized as potential everyday 2B that will hit in the .280-.310 range, draw some walks, steal a few bases, get lauded a la David Eckstein.

Destin Hood — Third-best OF prospect but a left-field only guy [*ahem*]

Tyler Moore — Plus-plus power, but lacks Marrero’s ability to hit for average and draw walks.

Chris Marrero — Plus power potential, but now it’s doubtful he’ll be more than a fringy regular or right-handed platoon player.

Tommy Milone — Back-end starter that makes the most out of superior control and a plus changeup — plenty of lefties with his profile that have succeeded with that stuff in that role.

Michael Taylor — Upside of and similar to Mike Cameron or Devon White.

Matt Skole — Outside the Nats Top 20, needs to step it up defensively to stick at 3B, but has good plate discipline.

Robbie Ray — Has fallen down the ladder in terms of projection, now a #4 starter.

Matt Grace — Likely to return to the ‘pen eventually.

Danny Rosenbaum — Like Milone, knows how to work a batter, but unlike Milone lacks a plus pitch. Probably a middle relief candidate.

Manny Rodriguez — Intriguing upside with a decent fastball, strong frame, and is beginning to get a good feel for his curve and change.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of NationalsProspects.com. Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

8 thoughts on “Highlights From The BA Prospect Chat”

  1. Normally I’d be all over this, but with the Ramos situation ongoing its hard to think about baseball stuff. Thanks for posting this, Sue, and I’ll be glad when Ramos is safely back in the fold and we can start caring about baseball again.

  2. Wait…why have the projections for Robbie Ray dropped so much? I thought he just struggled because he pitched significantly more the past year than previous years.

    1. Direct quote from Fitt: “I’m not as bullish on Ray as I was a year ago — he had a nice year, especially for his age in low A, but the stuff is sorta fringy and it sounds like the Nats aren’t convinced there’s a ton of projection there. He worked mostly in that 87-91 range this year with good sinking life, to go with an inconsistent slider and good feel for a changeup. I think he projects as a No. 4 starter type, and he’s still a ways off.”

      1. That sounds more like #3 stuff to me, and I dont think he is that far off. Potomac will be a real test for him, whenever the time comes

        1. Fitt is probably right; Robbie Ray needs to develop a consistent 3rd pitch if he’s going to advance above Potomac as a SP. A sub-90FB & changeup translates to a RP or even LOOGY at higher levels.

  3. Well, I don’t agree with Fitt that Norris is blocked. I think the perfectly fits the backup catcher, alternate outfielder, and perhaps DH role. In other words he could be Ramos backup in 2012 if they trade Flores.

    Given the obvious return of Wilson Ramos safe and unharmed.

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