Winter League Roundup

Our weekly look at the Nationals players in the Winter Leagues continues, with all statistics as 12:59 a.m.
on October 30, 2011.








      The hot streaks by Derek Norris and Bryce Harper certainly take the edge off the numbers as they looked a week ago. Chris Marrero has finally gotten into a couple of games for the Licey Tigers, while it appears a couple of farmhands have been buried in the famously malleable rosters (or released — hard to tell with the sparse/uneven online coverage).

The Puerto Rican League starts up on Friday, which as previously reported, seems to be absorbing a lot of the Americans that would have otherwise gone to Mexico, while the Australian Baseball starts up on Thursday. Neither league has much in the way of rosters, so we’ll have to wait until the games begin to see who surfaces in the boxscores.

UPDATE: One notable name that came to light after the above images were cut* was Shairon Martis, who took the loss in his first VWL start after giving up two runs on one hit (a home run) while walking four and striking out three over five and a 1/3rd innings yesterday.

*The current theme isn’t terribly friendly to HTML tables; creating images of the tables instead has been my workaround.

Author: Luke Erickson

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  1. Anyone know anything about W. Rodriguez, he was a hitter in the DSL last year, and now in a small sample size, is doing well at a level way above the DSL, as a pitcher. Is he a legit pitching prospect?

    1. When I first put together the stats, I double-checked to make sure he wasn’t doing mopup in a 13-1 blowout or something like that. Like all things DSL, it’s sight-unseen. But, FWIW, Brad Peacock converted from SS to P, which was part of the reason he was a DFE.

  2. Wilman Rodriguez, 6’1″, 175 lbs. A 20-yo out of the DR, is converting to pitching after having a decent line (.279/.391/.377, 20SB in the OF last year.

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