Nats Sign Former Yankees 3rd Rounder

The Nationals have signed free-agent RHP Christian Garcia and assigned him to Auburn. Garcia appeared in one game for AA Trenton in 2010, five games in 2009. A third-round pick for the Yankees in 2004, Garcia has had Tommy John surgery twice and missed the entire 2007 season, but prior to his injuries he was considered to have three plus pitches (FB, CV, CU) and was placed on the 40-man roster in 2008. He turns 26 in three weeks, so this is clearly another case of the Nats trying to catch lightning in a bottle.

Author: Luke Erickson

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14 thoughts on “Nats Sign Former Yankees 3rd Rounder”

  1. See Ryan Mattheus, Chien-Ming Wang, Jack McGreary, Oliver Perez.

    Looks to me like that is one thing Rizzo learned from Bowden. At this point however it sure seems that Rizzo has a better eye for both talent and make up then did Jim Bowden.

    See Wily Mo Pena, Elijah Dukes, da Meathook.

    1. Toward your premise of signing damaged goods to see if they come back, I think a lot of teams may do that, but as Nationals navel-gazers we don’t pay it much heed.

      And Jack McGeary was a high-round draft choice by the Nats, not a reclamation project from another orginization, as was Nate Karns.

      1. Karns was drafted by the Nats in the 12th round and signed over slot BinM? So, I have no clue what you are talking about unless you are referring to the Evangelical Christian league he was playing for until he signed his contract?

        It seems to me that you are trying very hard to be persnickety … again … and in this case it looks like you have egg on your face dude.

        1. No egg on my face, but my closing sentence might have led to misinterpretation. Karns was indeed drafted & signed by the Nationals in 2009, but then went from July 2009 to June 2011 without a professional league appearance and no confirmed commentary (but lots of speculation) as to why in the interim.

          When a signed player is MIA for that long but still under contract, the general consensus is either injury or illness; You had hinted that such was the case in the past. If he was in fact serving a sports mission, then good for him; I just don’t understand why that wouldn’t have been made public by the Nationals (it would have been good press), much like their contract arraingement with McGeary (play pro ball, but get your undergrad degree from Stanford). The lack of service time was my reason in grouping him with McGeary.

  2. peric-

    I have to say, though, that Oliver Perez has not made an appearance with the Nats, and that Rizzo didn’t trade for Wang the way Bowden traded for both Pena and Dukes.

    I am more upset that he is keeping a death grip on Garrett Mock than I am that he is taking a short-season A chance on a kid whose downfall was injuries.


    1. Yes, I am still scratching my head as to why both he and Severino are still on the 40-man? At least Severino is healthy … still? Today Tatusko looked pretty dominant in relief?

      I can only assume they are placeholders for the huge moves Rizzo will make to get real major league ready prospects slotted for appearances in the majors. But, who really knows?

      1. Mock on the 40-man has defied explaination since October 2009, imo. I’ve vented far too many times on him to re-hash it all here.

        Severino, OTHO, is a LHRP originally signed by the Expos out of the DR in 2004. Another Tommy John survivor, he has progressed through the system steadily since then, and has been graded as a “C”-level arm by Sickels over the last two years. Small in stature (5’9″, 170), he possesses a decent enough Sinker/slider combo to be effective as a setup arm in SYR, and could be a LOOGY in DC if given the opportunity.

  3. I’m a fan of the Garcia pickup. Good risk/reward move that costs the Nats basically nothing but an Auburn roster spot with the (small) chance of turning into a future piece.

  4. This certainly follows the Ryan Mattheus formula. I did not know who Mattheus was until I saw him pitch in Florida Fall Instructional League late last September. He, Sammy Solis and and the now injured A.J. Morris (traded to the Cubs) where head and shoulders above all other arms in that camp.

    Hopefully, I’ll get to see Garcia late next month and pass on what I see.

  5. Just a small issue including Dimitri Young with Wily Mo and Dukes. NATS got their value for him in his comeback year. Of course there was no need to sign him to such a big extension.

  6. i think the garcia signing was great that kit has talent he was the best few years ago in new york minors, he is ready you will see next season

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