Draft Deadline Discussion

I’ve been honest about my distaste for the draft, but following an offline suggestion, I’m creating a post for folks to comment on what might happen tonight. For the first time since ’08, the pressure to sign the #1 pick overall is off, which is just as well because there are still hard feelings from that hot August night when the Nats didn’t sign Aaron Crow.

From what I can gather, the Nats should sign at least four of their top five picks, with Matt Purke being the wildcard. For the purposes of fodder, here’s a little link-o-rama of the beat guys’ thoughts (as I go to virtual press, Bill Ladson, et al):

Mark Zuckerman — Deadline day for draft picks to sign

Ben Goessling — For Nationals, annual dance with Boras ends tonight

Adam Kilgore — Nationals hoping to finish off a meaningful draft

Author: Luke Erickson

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20 thoughts on “Draft Deadline Discussion”

  1. Turnbull is interesting to me. I had assumed that they took him because he would be an easy sign to kind of counteract the other top picks. I would have bet on Skole being the tough sign of those top guys. Shows what I know. I hope they do get those top 5 done.

    1. Turnbull is an Oregon kid, and he’s got a commitment to the University of Oregon as his backup plan. Anyone seen any public statements from him (or about him) that give us reason to think he’s going to sign?

  2. I’m hoping with the uncertainty and possible inflexibility of next year’s draft, they’ll try and get any and all the draft picks they can this year. It may seem like a huge invest in young unproven talent, but it may end up being well worth it in the long run. They may never have this chance to go overslot again and they should take it. Pull the trigger Mr Rizzo and Mr.Lerners..

  3. Maybe the pup has a comment on the draft? 😉

    Probably acting aloof when it comes to the draft like his master … 😉

  4. I’m hoping the Nats can sign one or both of the two RHP Mississippi high schoolers, Buchanan and Laxer, drafted 19 and 20, respectively. I’ve heard it said that the probability is that they’re going to college, but Rizzo signed Cole and Ray last year so I’m hopeful. … Purke is a real wildcard indeed. The Nats probably will offer him 1st round money, say $2M and change. That’d be hard to turn down even if you were once offered $6M. But it sounds like he and his family might bet on getting more next year. But then there might be hard cap next year. Kind of a wild night comin’.

    1. If they announce that the Nationals inked four of their top five, and toss in a couple of middle-rounders on the end, I’d be willing to call that a very-good draft.

      I personally think they’ll miss on Purke, but could still grab the likes of #13 Kalenkosky, #31 Tobias, & #37 Bleeker.

      1. I’m a little surprised Kalenkosky hasn’t signed to be honest. I really like Tobias and Bleeker could be a nice get later on. It will be interesting to see if the Nats miss out on a top round guy which of the later round picks with signability issues they aim for. From what I’ve read, Laxer sounds the most willing to sign, so I imagine he’s plan A and everyone else are plans B and C.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Jeff, you’re the first to let me know what happened. I’m frantically trying to get info, I think I’ll get to sleep late tonite.

  5. Keith Law said Goodwin was potential top 5 pick next year if he went to South Carolina. I didn’t know he was that kind of talent.

    1. Actually, though it wasn’t all in one night, the Nats signed all 12 of their first dozen picks.

  6. Does anyone know how frequently a team has given a MLB contract to 2 of its draftees? With Purke and Rendon each getting one, I am guessing the Nats feel they should be / could be on the ‘fast track’ to DC. I would think that this doesn’t happen very frequently.

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