Two Fan Favorites Traded for Jonny Gomes

Alas, it is true… Bill “The Godfather” Rhinehart and Chris Manno — two of the fan favorites here at — are no longer in the organization.

They were the minor-leaguers in today’s trade to acquire Jonny Gomes from the Cincinnati Reds, a move made to bolster the parent club’s bench and perhaps garner an extra draft pick in the 2012 First-Year Player Draft, should Gomes become a Type B free agent this offseason.

Rhinehart was second in the Eastern League with 21 HRs and seventh in RBI. In five years with the Nationals farm (2007-2011), he batted .261/.331/.458 with 73HR and 310RBI, an integral part of the 2010 Carolina League champion Potomac Nationals.

Manno was leading the South Atlantic League in Opponents Batting Average at .135 and was 10th in appearances with 34. This was his second season in the organization and he was having a monster season in relief with a 1.04 ERA, a 0.81 WHIP, and had 69K in 43⅓ innings — an otherworldly 14.3K/9IP.

Good luck, boys… and so long.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

21 thoughts on “Two Fan Favorites Traded for Jonny Gomes”

  1. I don’t know what to say about this…saw it on MASN. Rhinehart I can see trying another organization, but Manno? There was nothing but upside to him…and we get an outfielder?? If I could type 4,000 of those -> 🙁 I would.

  2. I wish the best for Rhinehart. I liked him as a player and will miss him, but I hope he gets some new looks in a new organization and has some legitimate chances to succeed. As for Manno, why did we give this guy away? I only saw potential in him from what I had heard. I never got to see him pitch, but I was looking forward to it. I don’t get to Hagerstown much; I’ve only been to one Hagerstown game in my life, and it was so long ago (2006 I think) I saw Brad Meyers, Erik Arnesen, and Cole Kimball pitch it. Anyway, I wish Rhinehart and Manno the best of luck in their new organization.

  3. Wow as all of you know I know Manno from my scouting in NYC. Let me say 2 things one this is a great thing for Manno. It means a promotion to high A or AA and it also means that the Reds think very highly of him. Remember guys Smoker Testa ,Van Allen, all lefties having pretty good years, but from what I understand the Reds had no interest in any of them.
    Now the Nats loss, I think the Nats will regret this one big time. I only say this because, he is a lefty 6″3 that is only 170 and if and when he gains weight , I guarantee that his stock will go through the roof. I understand that Davey wanted a bench player, but for Christ sake dont give up a lefty that is 100% the best relief pitcher in the sally league

    1. No knock against Manno and it’s sucks to see him go. But I doubt the Reds really had no interest in Smoker a younger lefty with a 90+ fastball and putting up an impressive season at a higher level.

  4. I am so depressed. I loved the upside of Manno, and from what I hear from the management in Hagerstown, this young man was a tremendous person. I heard that from his head coach also. Wow great opportunity for Chris, but Rizzo and Harris must have a plan , I just love this guy

  5. I’m really pissed here. Pick up a complete mediocrity so that maybe you can get a draft pick?
    Somebody needs to hardball question the front office so they can try and spin this.

    Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    1. Its a second rounder. BUT, the really don’t have all that many lefties. BUT, maybe McGreary will make a come back? He like Strasburg rehabbing from Tommy Johns.

  6. I was traded twice in my career, and its first shocks you , and then you start to become calm and try and understand the situation, This is the three most important points I will make.
    (1) this is a huge huge compliment to Chris Manno
    (2) this is a short term move for the nats
    (3) I think overall, it hurts the nats

    Jonny Gomes when on can hit, big strong pumped up guy , not much range of motion in his swing but if he connects , he is strong. I just dont like giving up a 22 year old lefty that has completely dominated. Guys his stats are not good , they are off the charts. I will not bore you with all of his stats but strike out per 9 and batting average against is .130 Wowowowowowow as a fellow pitcher , I tip my hat to you MR Manno and wish you well. I assure you that this will come back to bite us in the rear

  7. Darn. One of the few fun things in this woebegone organization has been Harrisburg, with the homer duo of Rhinehart and Moore. Manno looked promising, too. And for Gomes? who’s batting .211? I guess Stairs makes Gomes look good.

  8. I do not follow the minor leagues like most of you so my comments will be ignorant at best. It looks like most are upset with Manno leaving this organization and I can see he has great numbers at Low A. What we are getting is a replacement for Matt Stairs which I am quite happy about. If I read correctly, this guy is hitting .333 against left handed pitching so he will be a platoon guy and he is a veteran of several playoff races. We are not in any playoff race but this guy is not horrible. Again, I am guessing we will hear from Manno down the line but he was 22 and had only been in Low A, I don’t know what his progression was and where he was drafted but for a fan who is totally disappointed with the big club this does not seem that horrible to me.

  9. Was at Bowie tonight when Bill got the news. At first with all the hugs, we thought he got promoted…then we heard, traded…what a bummer for NATS. Sure hope he gets a chance like Michael M. got with Phillies. Only heard good stuff about Manno, know zip about Gomes, but then I only read about guys in the minors.

  10. I have enjoyed watching both Chris and Bill play so good luck to them in the Reds organization.

  11. Marcus , point taken and I think the bloggers are just mad they lost two favorites. But I will say this Smoker is breating a touch easier today. He had to hearing about Manno and must be happy happy about the trade. Also guys remember , Mel says this all the time Bonus babies do not get traded as much Smoker is a Million dollar guys who quite honestly has been a major major dissappointemnt. He is having a good season as a reliever and is a good young man , so I wish him luck, but a 26th rounder comes along and just dominates from the get go .

  12. No rational explanation to give up a prospect that was among the most dominat relievers in the minors, Manno, for Johnny Gomes. The Reds have a legit shot at the division title, and they dumped him which tells you all the you need to know. Would be shocked if Gomes is on the Nats a year from now. So, what was the point of this?

    1. A chance to acquire a sandwich pick without having to move a minor-leaguer onto the 40-man roster. How is this not prototypical Rizzo?

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