Programming Note…

We’re back. As much fun as it might be to blame this on, say, a Bryce Harper fanboy or an aggrieved autograph whore, the problem was between the chair and the keyboard. In one of my past jobs, the design folks used to say that I knew “just enough HTML to be dangerous.” But clearly not enough to solve this problem quickly. I even had my IT guy take a look under the hood (right), but when it didn’t have any food scraps, he lost interest.

In layman’s terms, when I upgraded my WordPress software to the latest and greatest version, the theme wasn’t compatible. Hence the new look & feel.

For the immediate future, we’ll probably have fewer pictures, but once I figure out how things work, we’ll try to get back to the way things were. Unfortunately, that may have to wait because on Thursday, I’ll be hitting the road for a five-day trip through Pennsylvania & upstate New York for my annual baseball roadtrip (last summer it was the Appalachian League), which will include stops in Syracuse and Auburn. That means the news & notes are probably going to be a little more bare-bones while I’m on the road (SoulDrummer is also going to be away at roughly the same time).

My apologies to those who came here and saw gibberish. And I’m glad some folks reached out via Twitter (@nats_prospects) to express their dismay. Please bear with us while get used to the new digs. And please keep us part of your work avoidance daily routine.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

14 thoughts on “Programming Note…”

  1. oh man, glad you are back. I clicked on my link to the site 4-5 times and shook my head. I can get my fix now!

  2. Good to see you back online! There was some consternation in the Natmosphere when the site was down this morning.

  3. Whew – Thought you’d lost your server again! Interface compatibility issues are a constant pain; Glad you were able to troubleshoot the primary problem & hope you can move back toward the look & feel of the regular site at some point.

    You & sould clearly need to get your vacations times approved by somebody else. Possible gaps in coverage are just not acceptable ;).

  4. Might I also suggest that you re-assign your IT guy to IT security. Maybe he’ll bark if somebody tries to hack the site…

  5. That was me in the corner of the room on the floor with the shakes from withdrawal………………………………….

  6. Peacock pitcthes and wins! Arnensen pitches and wins! When do these guys get put in AAA where they belong?

  7. Came by to check on recent draft signings … I guess the draft tracker hasn’t yet made it through the upgrade (or is it just hidden somewhere in this new format? Regardless, thanks for the great site … I’m sure I’ll like the new format as soon as I figure it out (since it’s the content here that makes it all it is!)

  8. Hope the draft tracker comes back soon along with the big board. Hope you enjoy your trip to the ‘Cuse and Auburn. Chiefs have 2 big series coming up at home starting Wednesday with 3 games vs Pawtucket and a weekend series with Lehigh Valley.

  9. Albeit WordPress is the best choice … for multiple admins with varying levels of expertise … still you realize there is also Drupal which provides far more flexibility? No opinion just making that observation in case it may have escaped notice?

  10. This is the second time you have used the term autograph whore. I take it this means that those of us who collect autographs are whores? I know there are several of us whores who read this site regularly, and I don’t think your term for us is going to hold you in particularly good standing. So to a self-proclaimed expert from an admitted “whore,” we are not pleased.

    1. “I take it this means that those of us who collect autographs are whores?”

      Nope, and I know sophistry when I see it. You and I both know there is a subset within your ranks that you’d rather not talk about, just as I’d rather not be lumped in with the bloggers that are more interested in the periphery of the game than the game itself. Your offense is noted, and I apologize for causing it, intended or not.

      But for the record, the only expertise I’ve ever claimed is as a sportswriter: I’ve done the job, been paid (rather poorly) to do it for several years, and have the academic credentials (and the student loans) to show for it. I believe I have something of an eye for scouting, but as the header says, I’m an amateur and don’t pretend otherwise.

      Besides, if I were a pro scout, I wouldn’t be doing this for free!

      1. I’ve been called worst names … and I never collect autographs I’m in it for the game which I have always loved from 5 years old when I hit my first home run over a cow pasture barbed wire fence.

        So, don’t take offense … autographs are too often used as something to hawk on e-Bay in today’s world.

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