Catching Up On Transactions

While there appears to be a waiting game on this front, the weekly BA report has been issued, and the following, previously unreported moves are now noted:

• RHP Cody Davis (NDFA—Tampa)
• RHP Christian Garcia
• RHP John Peters (NDFA—Augustana)

• RHP Patrick Arnold
• C Hector Taveras

• RHP Dixon Anderson

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

15 thoughts on “Catching Up On Transactions”

  1. Don’t have any idea who Hector Taveres is but this just about the 4th year anniversary of Arnold signing out of the 2007 draft in the 15th round.
    Good luck young man!

  2. There are times when I completely fail to understand what Rizzo is thinking – this week has been one of those times.

    > He trades a very promising RP & an OG 1B/RF for a 2-month rental on a platoon LF.
    > He signs a 9th round draft choice, then places him on the 60-DL without a minor-league appearance.
    > He releases a 22yo CA, and a 22yo RHRP from what amounts to rehab assignments in the GCL, yet continues to hang onto a 28yo pitcher doing the same thing (rehab work with the G-Nats).

    1. Don’t forget, both Harris and Clark have input into the farm system and management of prospects.

      I’m not making any excuses for Rizzo, Clark, and Harris but all three do have a long history doing exactly this sort of thing … so …

      I suspect they are looking at Karns as a closer as Brian Oliver predicted. He should be on a fast track given his age.

      There’s only so much space and as it is this season has seemed like an extended tryout where prospects were moved on and off the DL to get good looks at other prospects?

      Harper now and eventually, Hood likely need to be in AA. Not sure Hood is ready but then neither really was Norris given his injuries. Both Hood and Harper are better athletes than Rhinehart. Hopefully, the both learn to field … which given Rhinehart’s lack of speed etc doubtless he never would.

      1. Karns is what he is, and currently that’s a 23yo RHP in Auburn. Let’s see what his numbers look like at the end of what will be his 1st pro season – Maybe you & Brian had an inkling of his future, maybe not.

  3. Are we really geting mad because Rizzo cut Patrick Arnold. really. I have a feling Mock is just waiting till he needs to be cut. IS the Garcia kid a IFA?

    1. I’m not mad, only giving just notice to someone who probably had their dream extinguished.

      1. Wasnt talking about you.

        Good luck to both Taveras and Arnold, hopefuly the can at least get an independant league contract to keep the dream alive

        1. Jeff: I just get torqued when young players who have shown even moderate promise getting cut while aging ‘deadbeats’ are allowed to stay on rosters in the system.

          BTW, I was more upset by the Taveras announcement than by Arnold’s release. Pat Arnold just happened to match up by position against the point of my ire, one Garrett Mock.

          Kind of joking, but imo his neck surgery last year was to relieve whiplash from him constantly snapping his head around, watching his pitches being rifled toward the outfield (and beyond). How he still has a 40-man roster spot with the Nationals is completely beyond my comprehension.

  4. Oh, I see.

    I wouldn’t look to much into mock on the 40man, as I think that he is the next to go. Why he is still even in the mats system is beyond me.

  5. The Mock thing pisses me off too. I’ve been done with this guy for a couple of years now, yet he continues to hang around. I can’t wait for when we release this guy; I hope he ends up in something like the Mariners organization where we never have to see him again. Better yet, the Mexican league!

  6. A little confused on the Taveras release. Think he was serving a 50 game PED suspension – he was signed last year as an IFA and as 21yr old he went directly to the GCL (+1 game at Hagerstown) and hit .300/.361/.369.

    Guess his age +suspension proved a lethal combo.

  7. Vladi – I think it was only a 25-game suspension (he got caught with paraphenalia, but no chemicals / substances).

  8. OK, so the CM Wang activation is official, and Bernadina drew the short stick & a bus ticket back to Syracuse. Now SYR is a man over the limit, and HAR is a man short – Who gets sent down?

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