Milone To Represent Syracuse In IL All-Star Game

A site favorite gets the All-Star nod

Perhaps now Tom Milone is starting to get the attention he deserves, as one of our favorites here will be representing Syracuse in the 2011 International League All-Star Game in Salt Lake City on July 13.

The 24-year-old southpaw currently sports a 6-5, 3.41 ERA in 14 starts and leads the league in strikeouts. For folks more interested in new-school numbers, Milone leads the league in FIP (2.15, ahead of Julio Teheran), second to Teheran in WHIP, the lowest walk rate (0.50/9IP), and sports a 19:1 K/BB ratio.

Milone was the 2010 pitcher of the year for the Washington Nationals farm system and came into the season as the #16 prospect in the 2011 Baseball America Top 30 rankings. He’s been recently featured by John Sickels as the Prospect of the Day.

Last, but not least, Milone was the first prospect that I scouted for this site when it was founded by Jordan Tuwiner of He’s a favorite of mine because he’s not the blow-it-by-you thrower, but a pitcher who just gets guys out and has sensational control (that 2.14BB/9 is the worst year of his career; his career average is 1.43). And FWIW, not too shabby a hitter, either (.333BA this season, .233 career).

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

4 thoughts on “Milone To Represent Syracuse In IL All-Star Game”

  1. Great news! I think Marrero should’ve got a spot, Antonelli would have also got a spot had he played a full AAA season

  2. Purely a personal opinion, but my Top-5 candidates for upcoming promotions (pitchers / hitters) are currently…
    Pitchers –
    1) Chad Gaudin (28yo RRP/SP, WSH rehab); Return to WSH 25-man (rehab expiring).
    2) Christopher Manno (22yo LRP, HAG); HAG to POT bullpen.
    3) Tom Milone (24yo LSP, SYR); SYR to WSH 25/40-man.
    4) Craig Stammen (27yo RSP/RP, SYR): SYR to WSH 25-man.
    5) Brad Peacock (23yo RSP, HAG); HAG to SYR rotation.

    Hitters –
    1) Rick Ankiel (31yo OF, WSH rehab); Return to WSH 25-man (rehab expiring).
    2) Matt Antonelli (26yo IF, SYR): SYR to WSH 25/40-man.
    3) Bryce Harper (18yo OF, 40-man [HAG]); HAG to POT.
    4) Jeff Kobernus (23yo 2B, POT); POT to HAR.
    5) HHWNBN (24yo IF, GCL); GCL to POT.

    My ‘bottom-5’ for demotion / DFA to make room for promotions…
    1) Garret Mock (28yo RSP, 40-man [DL-HAR]); A seven-figure arm with a 10-cent head. Just put him out of our misery, please.
    2) Matt Stairs (43yo PH-DH, WSH 25-man); Brings all but nothing to the table with the completion of inter-league play. Cut him at the All-Star break, if not before.
    3) Chad Gaudin (28yo RRP/SP, WSH rehab); Takes away from, rather than adds to current DC bullpen.
    4) Adam Carr (27yo RRP, 40-man [DL-SYR]); Indifferent numbers at AAA while healthy.
    5) Chien-Ming Wang (31yo RSP, WSH rehab); Just because I’m tired of waiting for him.

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