Good, Bad, Interesting – Vol. 8

Our weekly look at the leaders, trailers, and outliers in the Washington Nationals minor leagues.

Our weekly look at the leaders, trailers, and outliers in the Washington Nationals minor leagues.

SYRACUSE 25-33, 5th place I.L. North, 12 games behind

Good Matt Antonelli .421/.463/.543 in last 10G
Bad J.D. Martin 9HR in 42IP
Interesting Corey Brown 25BB in 53G

HARRISBURG 30-21, 1st place E.L. West Division, 3 games ahead

Good Brad Peacock 0.84WHIP, 91K in 67IP
Bad Jonathan Tucker .148 in last 10G
Interesting Bill Rhinehart .368 OBP, career-best since 2007 (.377 for Vermont)

POTOMAC 23-37, 5th place C.L. North Division, 14 games behind

Good Justin Bloxom .385/.381/.641 in last 10G
Bad Dean Weaver .305 OBA, 4HR, 5BB, 18H in 14IP
Interesting 6-16 at home, 17-21 on the road

HAGERSTOWN 36-24, 1st place Sally League Northern Division, 1½ games ahead

Good Robbie Ray 0.67 WHIP, 0.30 ERA in 30IP
Bad Left-side IFs: 38Es
Interesting Neil Holland 18K, 0BB, 2HR in 18⅔ IP

DSL NATIONALS 6-4, Tied for 3rd, Boca Chica South Division of Dominican Summer League

Good Wilmer Difo (Age 19) .355/.556/.516, 8SB in 10G
Bad Daury Vasquez (Age 18) 2.20 WHIP in 3G
Interesting Ivan Pineyro (Age 19) 19K in 13IP

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

8 thoughts on “Good, Bad, Interesting – Vol. 8”

  1. Sue I have to say this kid Robbie ray is special. Listen the minors will provide us with lessons on the up’s and downs of baseball. Those who handle the highs and the lows will be in the bigs in no time if the talent is there. In my days of scouting I have seen guys too high and too low. Learn to manage the emotions and you will be fine as a player

    This is in the makeup of so many successful players, and Robbie Ray has these attributes

  2. How can you be in 5th place in a 4 team division. I’m sure this was just a typo or are you really saying just how bad the P-Nats are.

  3. Notice that The Big Board (outstanding document BTW) has Solis listed in the Pen. I’m sure he’s been a SP for most if not all of the season, hasn’t he? Very interested to see where 2011 takes Mr’s Ray, Solis and Cole.

  4. MDS 3 great names and 3 guys Rizzo will be very careful with. Ray and Cole they will take thier time with, Solis needs to fly thru the system (say 2 years) They also have to be pleased with Jordan, Manno, Rosenbaum. Look to see moves in the next 2 weeks

  5. For all the moans and groans about first base (of which I was guilty of!), it seems to me that we have multiple guys trying to answer those moans and groans. Marrero’s defense has improved, right? So that means we have Moore and Bloxom putting pressure on him. Anybody below them that we should be following for first base?

  6. Well Brett Newsom is pretty solid with a .280 batting average, he is the only other one to watch currently

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