Tuesday’s News & Notes

Three out four lose on Monday night

The Quick Rundown…

Team Yesterday’s Result Today’s Game Pitching Matchup
Syracuse Chiefs Lost, 5-0 @ Rochester, 11:05 a.m. Ross Detwiler (3-3, 5.04) vs.
Scott Diamond (1-4, 5.70)
Harrisburg Senators Lost, 12-8 @ Akron, 7:05 p.m. TBA vs. Joe Gardner (3-2, 2.70)
Potomac Nationals Lost, 5-3 vs. Kinston, 7:05 p.m. Danny Rosenbaum (2-1, 3.12) vs.
Clayton Cook (3-3, 3.98)
Hagerstown Suns Won, 10-5 OFF DAY N/A

Rochester 5 Syracuse 0
• Maya (L, 1-4) 7⅔ IP 6H 4R 4ER 2BB 7K
• Mandel ⅓ IP 2H 1R 1ER 1BB 0K 1-1 IR-S
• Flores 1-3
• Fox 1-3, 2B

A two-run first and a three-run eighth was more than enough to snap the Syracuse Chiefs’ streak of seven straight for a 5-0 shutout loss. Yunesky Maya pitched into the eighth, but it was for naught at the offense collected just four hits and two walks, going 0-for-5 with RISP.

Akron 12 Harrisburg 8
• Martis 3IP 4H 5R 5ER 3BB 1K 1HR
• Johnson 3-4, R, 3B, RBI, SB
• Moore 3-5, R, 2B, RBI
• Gilbert 2-4, R, 2B,

A four-run seventh inning that included a 96-minute rain delay powered the Akron Aeros past the Harrisburg Senators for a 12-8 win. Starter Shairon Martis took the lost with five runs allowed over three innings, and no reliever was left unscathed. Josh Johnson and Tyler Moore paced the 14-hit offense with three hits apiece while Derek Norris drove in three with a home run.

Kinston 5 Potomac 3
• Selik (L, 0-3) 5IP 3H 3R 3ER 2BB 6K 1HR
• Weaver 1IP 0H 0R 0BB 1K
• Perez 2-3, R, RBI
• Kobernus 2-4, R, 2B, RBI

Check out what happened in greater detail, Last Night In Woodbridge

Hagerstown 10 Greensboro 5
• Grace (W, 4-4) 5IP 7H 1R 1ER 2BB 3K
• Manno (H, 1) 1IP 0H 0R 0BB 1K 3-1 IR-S
• Keyes 2-5, R, HR, 4RBI, E
• Martinson 2-3, R, BB, RBI
• Newsome 3-5, RBI, 2K, E

Kevin Keyes’s three-run homer in a four-run fourth broke open a 3-1 game as the Suns doubled up the Grasshoppers, 10-5, to finish the road trip on a high note and hold onto first place. The win also snapped a four-game losing streak. Starter Matt Grace evened his record at 4-4 with one run allowed on seven hits and two walks over five innings. He also struck out three. Joing Keyes in the hit parade were Jason Martinson (2-for-3) and Brett Newsome (3-for-5) as the trio accounted for seven of Hagerstown’s 11 hits and six of the nine RBIs.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of NationalsProspects.com. Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

12 thoughts on “Tuesday’s News & Notes”

  1. And again, Chris Manno comes in to bail out a faulty reliever, this time McCatty.

    I would imagine, once the draft dust settles, Manno will find himself in Potomac at the least.

    1. Something may entirely be wrong with him. Today’s line was 3.2 innings, 1 BB, 1 SO, 10 Hits, 8 Runs, 6 ER. Bringing his already atrocious average up to 5.77. I figured he was regressing recently because he always had one bad inning, but now it seems that it isn’t a one inning thing. If he isn’t injured, well something has to be made of the guy. I’m starting to feel like he is moving toward a reliever spot ala Ballester and should be dropped a level into AA to get a grip on a new role. Maybe he could turn out like Clippard in the pen?

  2. Souldrummer – Puzzled. Detweiler didn’t pitch last night, did he?

    Looking at his numbers, the way he pitched in spring training and most of April – I’m wondering if he’s got an injury he’s trying to pitch through.

  3. Time for Marrero’s shot to happen. Do not need another “veteran leadership” guy hitting .210 to fill in for LaRoche, need to give Chris a shot and see if he can hit MLB pitching. It’s a waste to keep him in AAA at this time. Give him a shot, you’ll never know if he is MLB-caliber until you do.

  4. sorry Vladi, it’s not a waste to keep a 22 yr old in AAA for a while. bringing him up on a need basis could prove to hurt him. we’ve brought him along in a very patient manner, a rarety for this organization, how about we let it play out until they think he’s ready.

  5. VladiHondo, could not agree more. Nats spent big money on Chris, its time to throw him in there and see what he can do.Lets get him up there say sometime in july August

  6. Once your in AAA, you should be able to fill in on an “as needed basis”. If not just stay in AA. Just my opinion. Looking at it from the players point of view, I believe they would just get frustrated being stepped over or ignored if they were in AAA. You dont want tohe players to begin to doubt themselves.

  7. Considering it has been, what like forever, since this team has had a long term solution at first base, the FO is doing the right thing by giving him all the time he needs to develop. He is only 22 and has made strides with his bat and with his fielding, the latter more important. I’d say let him prove himself until September and get the call-up to see if he can be the 1st baseman of the future that the team desires. ONLY bring him up early if the situation with LaRoche escalates to the point where Morse’s bat falls apart and he can’t catch anything.

  8. I sense that LaRoche’s injury probably paves the way for Marrero to join the big club. At least, that’s what i’d do since he’s a natural 1B fit. We’ll see.

  9. Nothing against Marrero, but I like keeping him in AAA too. Lets be patient with him; he is only 22 years old. I’d like to see him succeed with the Nats since we need position players/offense badly. Are we still last in offense?

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