Roster Shakeup At Potomac

Cameron Selik gets the bump, plus a couple of other moves.

First rumored here in the comments, just confirmed through my sources, and now officially announced on — Cameron Selik is coming to Potomac.

As the headline says, this is one of several moves that were made today…

• OF Eury Perez was activated from the disabled list

• OF J.R. Higley was returned to Extended Spring Training (XST)

• RHP Dean Weaver was assigned from XST

• LHP Ryan Demmin was sent to XST

Selik last pitched for Hagerstown on Saturday. With Hagerstown traveling today from Georgia to Maryland, and Potomac headed to Kinston tomorrow night, he’s most likely going to make his first High-A start this weekend in North Carolina. So far, there has been no corresponding move to backfill Selik, but if/when that information comes to light, we’ll update this post.

UPDATE: Jeremy Mayo was activated and played last night with Brian Peacock placed on the DL. Cameron Selik was tracking pitches in Woodbridge so it’s apparent that these moves were made much earlier than announced, particularly as Mayo had been spotted in the bullpen earlier this series (though it’s not unusual for inactive guys to stay with the team).

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

21 thoughts on “Roster Shakeup At Potomac”

  1. Sue a question, Do you think they are keeping Harper away from Potomac because of the field condition

    1. No. The field has been repaired. He’s on a timetable that we do not know, but we certainly can home that it’s sooner than the usual late-June timeframe.

    2. Mel, I was thinking earlier that Hagerstown starts an 8 game homestand today that they might be keeping him there for. Nice of them to take care of the affiliates.

      As president of ‘Manno’s Minions’ I’m surprised you’re not lobbying for his promotion, too. He’s ready. Not that Potomac needs him right now, Lehman’s been lights out, what with his ungodly WHIP of .47.

      The Nats F.O. has a good problem.

  2. I have been wondering how long Harper will have to maintain his current pace to get advanced to Potomac. Assuming he does, I have him being moved up on May 20th.

    Anyone else have thoughts on when his advancement will take place?

      1. Closer to memorial day would give the Suns the chance to have Bryce play all their May home games then maybe start with the P-Nats on the road in NC, so I could see that.

  3. It seems like it may be time for Sammy Solis, AJ Cole, and Robby Ray to make their first appearance … and Hagerstown seems like a good place to start?

    1. Solis, maybe. But every report I’ve read has Cole and Ray being held for Auburn to keep innings down.

    2. Who knows, maybe Solis plugs the hole in the HAG rotation left by Selik getting promoted.

      1. Otherwise, there are more arms in XST as relievers, and either Applebee or McCatty could probably handle a spot start.

  4. How much of an impact has Bryce actually had on attendance levels to date? We all follow closely and certainly he’s generating great buzz. However, I was wondering if there is any one who has actually compared pre and current Bryce attendance numbers to arrive at estimate? Thanks.

    1. The problem with any attendance study is controlling for weather, not to mention ALL MINOR LEAGUE TEAMS LIE ABOUT IT. Not that I blame them. Those numbers are used to sell advertising. But if you’re implying that the effect is probably overstated, I’d agree. Unlike a pitcher, people can pick and choose which game to go to in a series or homestand.

  5. Guys I have to be honest and say that as far as Manno is concerned, it does not matter where he is , he just needs to continue pitching. He is going to be a very nice part of of the nats future and really think in a short period of time has shown that he is much much better then a 20th round draft pick. But saying that please remember Potomac has 5 lefty’s on the staff. So no need for him there at this time, and jumping to AA is a real big leap. I think guys like Mr. Rizzo and Mr Boone and Mr Harris have to be feeling good about the lefty from Brooklyn

  6. Folks, more on Cameron Selik from someone who saw every one of his pitches in 2011

    “He has terrific location,” Hagerstown Suns play-by-play announcer Bryan Holland said. “Cameron is not afraid to throw inside or out to both righties and lefties. He has a devastating slider that slips low and away.

    “Cameron also has a great differential in speed between his fastball, slider and changeup. This makes him virtually unhittable when the batter has two strikes on him.”

    1. Where’d you get this from? Radio broadcast, I assume? Nice to hear this. I’m waiting for the take from Sue Dinem’s “spies” in Hagerstown.

  7. Sue,

    Thanks. You confirmed my hypothesis. The true “financial” impact of having Bryce Harper on a particular minor league roster for an added week or two in either direction is likely so marginal that it shouldn’t really factor into the equation of a call up (of course, this is separate issue from an actual major league call up). Decision should/will be made based on what’s best for Bryce and the Nats.

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