Nats Stats Leaders

A look at the hitting and pitching leaders for each affiliate

In preparing for the season reviews this fall, I was saving the Nats stats for the month of April when it occurred to me that a monthly leaderboard might not be so bad. Folks over a certain age can remember that the Sunday newspaper sports section was the one time each week you could see how every batter and pitcher was doing in the majors.

Since it’s not compiled elsewhere so succinctly, here’s a look at the team leaders for each of the Nats affiliates, using the standard 2.7PA per game played for batters and 0.8IP per game for pitchers. In bold are the organizational leaders for each category.

AVERAGE Bynum, .253 Lombardozzi, .278 Kobernus, .284 Kelso, .342
ON-BASE PCT Bynum, .326 Johnson, .360 Hood, .418 Harper, .432
SLUGGING Bynum, .422 Lombardozzi, .468 Souza, .558 Harper, .681
HOME RUNS Bynum/Marrero, 3 Moore, 3 Souza, 5 Harper, 6
RBI Bynum, 14 Lombardozzi, 9 Souza, 21 Harper, 19
EARNED RUN AVG Detwiler, 2.22 Peacock, 1.50 Demny, 2.08 Selik, 0.31
WINS Detwiler, 2 Meyers/Peacock, 3 Eight tied at 1 Jordan, 5
SAVES Kimball, 4 Mattheus, 2 Lehman, 5 Mano/Graham, 3
STRIKEOUTS Maya, 26 Meyers, 31 Rosenbaum, 18 Selik, 30
WHIP Stammen, 0.87 Peacock, 0.83 Demny, 1.29 Selik, 0.90

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

11 thoughts on “Nats Stats Leaders”

  1. Speaking of stats…

    Has anybody noticed how absolutely pathetic the hitting is throughout the organization…

    Nationals .226 team batting, 29th out of 30 teams

    Syracuse .216 team batting, dead last out of 14 teams

    Harrisburg .226 team batting, only .004 from last place

    Sure wonder how this will play out and if/what trades may be made with some of our surplus pitching at the higher levels??

    1. When we were projecting where our watchlist players would go in February, we knew there were going to be only a handful of position players at AA and AAA, meaning that these rosters would be populated with OG’s and MLFA’s. It’s no secret that this organization’s track record for developing bats is not good since the team relocated from Montreal to Washington — Zimmerman, Desmond, Bernadina, Maxwell, and Espinosa — and even then, only one of those five would be a starter anywhere else in the league, never mind that most folks felt like he was mostly finished when drafted.

      I wish I had a better answer for you, but I’m simply not a draft guru/follower the way Mr. Oliver is. But I do believe that that’s where the solution lies, not in trades of minor-leaguers.

  2. Wow…Harper is REALLY lighting it up. I gather a promotion to Potomac will happen sooner rather than later. 🙂

  3. here is my top 5 at each level so far, this is not a top porspect list, and it is only base on performance

    Hagerstown Suns
    1. Bryce Harper
    2. Cameron Selik
    3. Blake Kelson
    4. Manno/Grahm
    5. Randolph Oduber

    Potomac Nationals
    1. Paul Demny
    2. Steven Souza
    3. Daniel Rosenbaum
    4. Destin Hood/Jeff Kobernus
    5.Patrick Lehman

    Harrisburg Senators
    1.Brad Peacock
    2. Brad Meyers
    3. Steve Lombardozzi
    4. Erik Davis
    5. Ryan Mattheus/ry VanAllen

    Syracuse Chiefs
    1. Cole Kimball
    2. Ross Detwiler
    3. Seth Bynum
    4. Josh Wilkie
    5. Yunesky Maya

  4. Anyone know where Chris Rahl came from – 27 years old, former 5th rounder from (was it Texas?) Currently he’s playing at Harrisburg — where Lombardozi is doing very well I’m glad to add.

    1. Rahl was picked up in a “cash and considerations” trade with Arizona about two weeks ago.

  5. Sue & the Potomac STH’s.
    Just heard that Justin Bloxom will be starting @ 1st base tomorrow night. Apparently, he spent the last 4-6 months recovering and rehab form a knee injury.
    I guess they liked what they saw enough to start him immediately at Potomac.

  6. Guys the Nationals Brass Rizzo and company have to be thrilled with Pitchers Selik, Van Allen and Manno. They also seem to getting some mileage fianally from Smoker, who cost them a lot of money.

  7. Dru or Mel, I see Manno’s name on this site quite a bit. Why was this guy not chosen higher in his JR year at Duke. From what I here he is just difficult to hit, and a Lefty . I sometimes think scouts do get it wrong

  8. Doc let me first say that scouts normally are really good at what they do. They are well versed , well educated on the development of the players in their area and do not want to miss out on the next superstar. Saying that I want you to remember two very very important points. One Manno had a super Jr year in the ACC then followed up with a all league ,all star and championship performance in the Cape Cod league(4-0, 1.1 era 48k’s in 40 inn) If he was draft ellegible after that year he would of been a top 3-5 round draft pick. I dont want to talk specifically about Manno but lets talk in general . Manno was drafted his JR year by the Nationals but declined , and the talk was he wanted to graduate from Duke(good Idea) and then pursue baseball.

    as a scout when a player makes it clear that school is a priority , that player helps a scout and the MLB teams tremendously. That does not mean we keep our eyes off of a player, it simply means that a player is saying that it is going to take a significant investment to have him by pass his senior year. Remember its difficult for scout to pry a kid away from a school like Duke.

    Listen I have been around this game way to long to ever second guess a scout. Andy Petite was a 26th round draft choice and the list goes on and on. Scouts are the bread and butter of the Major leagues and they are the foundation of any good MLB team

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