Catching Up On Transactions

Aubrey to DL, Fox to ‘Cuse, King to ‘Burg, Bloxom to Potomac, Morrison cut

Earlier today in the comments, it was mentioned that Justin Bloxom is Woodbridge-bound. This morning, Stephen King was promoted to Harrisburg and a very reliable source is telling me that Kyle Morrison has been released to make room. This appears to be a chain reaction to the placement of Michael Aubrey on the 7-Day DL late last week, as Adam Fox has been assigned from Harrisburg to Syracuse.

So to recap:

Michael Aubrey to DL

Adam Fox promoted to Syracuse

Stephen King promoted to Harrisburg
Kyle Morrison released

Justin Bloxom assigend to Potomac

Connected to the thigh bone.
Just making sure you’re paying attention

Not reported last week because it was implicit, but when Roger Bernadina was returned to Syracuse when filling in for Ian Desmond, Erik Arnesen was likewise sent back to Harrisburg. As always, if/when I get official word on the moves, this space will be updated.

UPDATE: is now officially reporting the addition of Bloxom and release of Kyle Morrison

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

7 thoughts on “Catching Up On Transactions”

  1. OK, so please tell me that means Dykstra at 3B, Sousa at 1B & Bloxom at DH for Potomac; I don’t want to think about Sousa back at 3B.

    1. if souza went back to third….lord help us all!! 🙂 It would be career suicide.

      1. Not to mention hazard pay for players in the POT dugout & higher insurance rates for at-risk STH behind the dugout.

    2. Maybe Bloxom will play some games at 3B too. He played 13 games at this position last year for Hagerstown.

  2. Sue, I’ve lost another Nat — Tanner Roark, the guy they got for Guzman last summer from Texas along with Tatusko, who pitched a gem tonight — can you help?

  3. I thought Bloxom played first base most of the time? Since he won the Beaver award (first annual) last year can one not assume he has been working diligently in Viera on both hitting and his fielding?

    Aubrey has looked pretty terrible in Syracuse. Have to wonder if Tyler Moore might not move up at some point in June or so? If his hitting is up to it.

    1. Syracuse has the RH Marrero at 1B-DH already; Aubrey was simply the LH part of the equation. Moore is also RH & needs just as much work at the bag as Marrero, and probably needs a full year at Harrisburg, imo. From the outside looking in, Maldonado, Flores & others could cover the DH slot until the final determination is made on Aubrey.

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