Opening Day!

Three of the four full-season affiliates start up today

Three of the four full-season affiliates start up today, with the Syracuse Chiefs visiting Buffalo this afternoon, the Harrisburg Senators hosting the Bowie Baysox tonight, and the Hagerstown Suns visiting the Rome Braves tonight.

Team Today’s Game Pitching Matchup (’10/level stats)
Syracuse Chiefs @ Buffalo, 3:05 p.m. Yunesky Maya (1-1, 0.87) vs. Dillon Gee (13-8, 4.96)
Harrisburg Senators vs. Bowie 7:05 p.m. Brad Meyers (1-0, 1.47) vs. Chorye Spoone (7-6, 4.02)
Hagerstown Suns @ Rome, 7:05 p.m. Cameron Selik (1-0, 2.54) vs. TBD

As we proceed through the first five or so games, pay attention to how these pitchers line up because it’s not necessarily that so and so is the team ace, it’s how Washington wants the starters to align when the promotions start, give or take a slot. Yunesky Maya and Ross Detwiler are the first two Chiefs starters while Brad Meyers and Ryan Tatusko are the first two Sens and Danny Rosenbaum and Trevor Holder are the first two P-Nats.

Cameron Selik gets the opening-night nod for the Hagerstown, making his first professional start after 15 relief appearances last summer in Vermont. No word yet on who the Suns’ #2 will be just yet.

As aforementioned, Rosenbaum will get the ball tomorrow night, weather permitting, as the Potomac Nationals mount their 2010 Mills Cup title defense against the Lynchburg Hillcats, a team that’s expected to be a force in the Northern Division with eight BA Top-30 prospects from the Atlanta organization (Myrtle Beach switched affiliation to Texas, thanks in no small part to having the same owner).

News & Notes starts back up tomorrow, so a shout-out in advance to our foreign correspondent, April Whitzman (a.k.a. @Alleycat17 on Twitter) who’ll be helping out for the second straight year.


While I hope folks come here first, I also want to help support the local media in each market with a few links…

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

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  1. Finally! Picked up my season ticket packet last night & getting amped for opening night @ the Phitz.

    1. Please let me know if I’m out of line with a shameless plug. Sue’s got my linked on the blogroll at right (which also includes anything I post within SBNation minors or nonminors related). I finally joined twitter during the offseason and following @souldrummer25 may actually be the best way to keep track of my minors posts this year.

      1. SD — Hey, you’re part of the community, no need to be apologetic amongst the seamheads here.
        But, I’m proudly not part of the attention deficit, er, twitter community.

        1. To me, the major advantage of the SBNation interface is the live blogging feature more than anything else. There’s the Natstown message boards that I started using a bit during the playoffs, but there really isn’t a place where there’s enough critical mass to know there will people consistently. SBNation has the weakness of requiring handles and pretty observable profiles, but the strength of strong moderation.

          Be very interested in seeing if there’s a place where people who are interested in live blogging or chatting on affiliates minors stuff during games could congregate. For example, I’ll probably be jumping around between the MLB gamethread/Gameday, Harper’s at bats, and Meyers start tonight if I’ve got enough steam left after following the Syracuse game from work.

      2. No, not out of line. But it is the kind of stuff that lead to being asked to help or produce posts 😉

        1. Just let me know what you’d like me to do, and if it’s something within my skill set and limited time I’ll be happy to try. After all, the mysterious “April” has vanished into a cloud of smoke.

          1. She’s back and we’ve been in touch all winter long. No worries, but I’m glad to see you might be able to help at some point!

  2. Just wanted say that I check in here once a day and love the work you do!

    I think the first link for the Potomac article is linked incorrectly, it took me to the same site as the 2nd link for Hagerstown did.

      1. Sue, the reply button on your previous post is inoperative, so will do here.
        This is the first we’ve heard of April since she left in July for the Hudson Bay.
        Thought it might have been a polar bear situation, just sayin’.

    1. With Hagerstown having a staff with what, eight pitchers who started a game in 2010 (none of them named Selik), not me.

  3. What’s with no assignment for A.J. Cole? I know Solis is fighting a hamstring but where is Cole going to end up?

    1. Cole and Ray are in XST. They’re probably going to start in Auburn, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s only for 2-3 starts until a spot opens up. Kilgore reported earlier this week that this was because the Nats want to keep the innings down for both of them. Considering the flameouts and injuries from the ’06-’07 batch of schoolboys, not the worst decision.

  4. Whiting starts over Bernadina! In left field. Is Bernadina on his way to DC or nursing an injury.

    So, it looks a bit like it’ll be Frazier in right … Bernadina in left and Corey Brown in CF for the Chiefs. (Unless Bernadina has already been called up?) Knorr isn’t a double switch artist like Riggleman so you have to think this might be the line up?

    1. Boomer Whiting LF
    2. Brian Bixler 3B
    3. Jeff Frazier RF
    4. Chris Marerro 1B
    5. Jesus Flores C
    6. Seth Bynum 2B
    7. Corey Brown CF
    8. Chris McConnell SS
    9. Yunesky Maya P

    1. Knorr, however, is a seven lineups in seven games kind o’ manager, so there’s not much to read into that based on one game. But I was also surprised, figuring Bernadina would only sit against lefties in favor of Whiting.

    2. Byron Kerr reported that Bernadina that Bernadina is “temporarily inactive with a family issue”.
      bkerr32 Byron Kerr
      Temp inactive family issue RT @souldrummer25: @masnBen @Nats_prospects @Bkerr32 @tyinDC Why didn’t Bernadina start for Syracuse? #Nats

    1. And then he was shelled for runs after being staked to an 8-1 lead and fails to get out of the fifth for the “win”. Cole Kimball may be in line for the win instead with his 1.1IP of scoreless hitless ball.

  5. Sue – Just a quick thanks for keeping this site going. I visit often but don’t post too much, especially in the off season. Thanks for all your hard work (as well as your “foreign correspondants!”)

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