Minor League Transaction Update

Baseball America has released its transaction for the period of March 16-22 and unfortunately, all the previously unreported moves are releases…

RHP Tim Dupuis

RHP Mike Gallo

RHP Scott Mueller

RHP Billy Ott

RHP Wanel Vasquez

1B Kevin Barker

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of NationalsProspects.com. Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

11 thoughts on “Minor League Transaction Update”

  1. Dupuis, Gallo and Ott were undrafted free agents signed to plug holes last year.

    All 3 used to fill in at the GCL level probably due to low number of HSers signed (who normally start in the GCL)

    Dupuis 3-1, 5.03 in 20 ip in the GCL as a 21 yr old
    Gallo 0-2, 8.36 in 19ip in GCL as 23 yr old
    Ott threw at 3 levels, GCL, Vermont and Hagerstown, going 2-3, 2.89 in 47 ip. (But 4.76 in 23 IP outside the GCL).

    Wanel Vasquez’ 1st year on the DSL Nats was 2006, in 2k9 he made the jump to the US and the GCL, did well as a 22 yr old. Last year he bombed in Hagerstown, 2-4, 7.00 in 54ip.

    Don’t know Mueller.

    1. Thanks, VH. I would have thought Ott might have a shot (and some green eggs and ham) to at least get a look-see at Auburn.

      1. A little suprised by Ott’s release as well; Had him pegged as a possible swing-man at Auburn in 2011. Mueller looked like a bullpen arm for Potomac, but it was not to be.

        There’s still a boatload of moves the shake out over the next 10 days. If Rizzo isn’t trading at least a handfull of the extras, expect a lot more releases coming in the next two BA reports.

    2. Thanks VH & Sue.

      As this is more your field of expertise, is it that the F.O. didn’t see enough progression with these guys this spring?
      Is this why they were released now?

      1. That’s probably as good an inference as any. We can’t see what the coaches see and don’t know what the goals were, thus we can only speculate. I will say that I was told that there were a lot of “old faces” in camp this year so it’s possible for example that it came down to Ott, an NDFA, and an Organizational Guy for a particular spot and they decided to go with the known quantity. Again, that’s just a guess. As BinM says, there’s probably more releases coming.

  2. There were way too many guys in minor league camp. Probably close to 20 that will either be cut or kept in extended. Unless they do a 3 for 2 trade, trades will only switch out who is there, not cut down the numbers.

    1. And if folks are interested in following one of those guys that has been cut but has landed in Indy ball, follow Michael Schlact. He’s an ex-teammate of Ryan Tatusko and I think this blogger nailed it. He’ll actually be local to many of us, pitching for the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs in Waldorf, MD, which is worth a visit anyways.

      You can also see an interview with him here.

  3. Have the Nationals determined where last year’s No. 8 draft pick, P Matt Grace, will begin the season?

  4. Thanks, mine, too. Hope so: he went to UCLA and I graduated from there years (and years) before. Met him and his parents at the College World Series this past summer and hope to catch up with him at a rather nearby town.

  5. Hi I have been down in Nats camp for about a week now. Great call on the nats having way to many players in camp. in particular pitchers. I think they made some more cuts yesterday and are getting ready for roster moves. The one thing that surprised me was the lack of fan support at the camp. Very very quiet. I watched games yesterday and was impressed with two pitchers and two hitters. I very much like Oduber. Great stroke and really under control. I also like Mike Taylor, made a base running mistake but he really projects well

    Pitchers both lefties Hansen was in out up down and had batters off balance. He looked really good. The other lefty Manno was electric. He is not afraid to throw inside, and simply put he misses bats 5ks in 2 inn I also want to mention that Frietas(might have misspelled) he is a catcher and receives the ball really well
    will be at big league game tomorrow and catch some minor league games today

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