Harrisburg Announces Its 2011 Roster

Our first peek at a 2011 roster…

The Harrisburg Senators and Washington Nationals have released the preliminary 25-man roster for the 2011 season, which features 16 returnees and 20 players that played for the organization in 2010.

Derek Norris, Tyler Moore, Patrick McCoy, Bill Rhinehart and Jimmy Barthmaier join the team from the 2010 Carolina League Champions in Potomac while offseason acquisitions Matt Antonelli, Erik Davis, Buck Coats, Jon Turner and Archie Gilbert help round out the roster.

Breaking it down by position (watchlist players are in bold)…

Luis Atilano
Erik Arnesen
Jimmy Barthmaier
Erik Davis
Jeff Mandel
Ryan Mattheus
Brad Meyers
Pat McCoy
Brad Peacock
Hassan Pena
Ryan Tatusko
Cory VanAllen

Devin Ivany
Derek Norris

Matt Antonelli
Adam Fox
Josh Johnson
Steve Lombardozzi
Tyler Moore
Tim Pahuta

Buck Coats
Archie Gilbert
Bill Rhinehart
Jon Tucker
Jesus Valdez

As previously reported, Harrisburg opens the season a week from today against Bowie, with an exhibition on Tuesday against the Hagerstown Suns in Hagerstown. As the press release states, the roster is subject to change. Folks interested in learning the numbers associated with the players shold check back with the Harrisburg website on Monday.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of NationalsProspects.com. Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

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  1. “Harrisburg opens the season ….with an exhibition on Tuesday against the Hagerstown Suns in Hagerstown.” Wow. Whom to root for?

  2. Atilano & Arnesen were in Syracuse last year, the effects of the big squeeze are showing already.
    Can’t wait to see what Norris & Moore do.

    As an original member of the Rhinehart Mafia, I’m still rooting for him.

    1. If that doesn’t show how deep we are in 4/5 guys, what else will? Mandel was in Syracuse as well. On the other hand, there ain’t much hope in the system for the outfield except Corey Brown (and I’m not a believer yet) and Eury Perez.

  3. Mark L. I , too, am in Rhinehart Mafia…always wishing him the best but expecting him to be himself. He’s still around which has to count for something. Go Senators ! Go Nats !

  4. Harrisburg shows 25 rostered players against a 24-man limit – somebody’s starting the season on the DL-7 list, I guess.

    McCoy moving up from POT is a bit of a stunner, imo. Arnesen bumping back down & Tatusko repeating are suprising as well from the pitching staff. I think Milone will move up, and hoping that Roark does the same.

  5. Also noticing that Harrisburg’s roster skews a bit older than last year, with Ivany (29), Antonelli (26), Fox (30), Pahuta (28), Tucker (28), Valdez (26), Gilbert (27), Coats (28), Rhinehart (26), Arnesen (27), Tatusko (26), Meyers (26), Barthmaier (27), Mattheus (27), H.Pena (26), & Van Allen (26) all over 25 at the start of the season. That’s 16 of the 25 listed creeping toward, or already over the prospect age threshold.

    Is Syracuse becoming the final ‘jump point’ for prospects, rather than being just a resting place for the 4-A ‘tweeners in the Orginization?

  6. Milone isn’t listed on the Syracuse site nor on the Harrisburg site and that’s confusing/

    Is he getting promoted to the majors? (Yes, I know it sounds odd but why wouldn’t he be listed then?)

  7. Is Syracuse becoming the final ‘jump point’ for prospects, rather than being just a resting place for the 4-A ‘tweeners in the Organization?

    Sure looks like it … at least this year. Milone making the Syracuse roster while Tatusko remains behind makes it ever the more interesting if that is true. With Martis, Chico as almost 4A filler and Detwiler, Maya, Stammen and ever the outside possibility, Mock, there … adding Milone gives them an additional starter who might be promoted. A left handed one at that? 4 right handers, and 3 left handers total. Competition should be fierce between H’burg and ‘Cuse for coveted spots from which to make that leap.

  8. Triple A starters–seven? Deitweiler, Maya, Mock, Chico, Martis, Roark, Milone–maybe Stammen. H’mmm. Interesting.

    1. Gentlemen, if Tatusko didn’t get the call as a 26-y.o. with better AA numbers, I doubt very much Roark is going to Syracuse. I think we’re going to see this squeeze down the line… Rosenbaum and Holder are obviously staying put, perhaps joined by Caldera and Roark.

      I’m now losing confidence that Solis will be in Potomac in April, unless some of the guys that started last year have been moved to the bullpen. Even then, it would surprise me if the Demnys and Applebees are made to repeat in Hagerstown.

      I don’t look at this as AAA being the new AA for prospects, not when it’s roughly four: Milone, Marrero, Brown and Maya. This is more like the 4A’s pushing down the OG’s.

      1. The much higher velocity makes Tatusko the type of pitcher Rizzo covets? Yet, he’s going to be in Harrisburg as they have already announced?

        Roark can’t fit in Syracuse. He’s another soft tosser control artist I guess.

        Not with Milone, Detwiler, Stammen and Maya potential rotation starters later in the year.

        Martis and Chico, now look to be AAAA filler and in Syracuse. Martin looks like he is gone. Then there’s Oliver Perez and Chien-Ming Wang?

        Syracuse still looks like a mess with the glut of mostly AAAA pitchers have to assume it gets sorted out as the season progresses?

  9. Roark seems to have better stats than Tatusko prior than last year, and he’s younger. I think he’ll be on the Syracuse roster. The Nats need to let go some of the guys they’ll not need anymore at the Major level (Chico, Mock, Martis, Martin). Maybe they can keep one of them for insurance, but all? No a good idea, if they want to develop the players at the lower levels.

  10. So, Buck Coats dons the org. guy role. perhaps some 3b in a;pinch as he did in CHICINN years…..

  11. Ahhh …

    Here we go Doug Harris did come through on Thursday. Tom Leo of the Post Standard has posted our ‘Cuse Chiefs roster for the beginning of 2011. Caveats that Randy Knorr didn’t get to see everyone because some guys stayed with the big league roster while he was working in minor league camp. Tom Milone may be up for a promotion it seems because he made this roster while Ryan Tatusko did not. And apparently JD Martin is still there! I knew Knorr would have a hard time giving that guy up!

    On a side note for Sue; Tom Leo states that Seth Bynum is a major league ready second baseman. I know you have an opinion on that … still the guy’s bat has been productive and he is consistent in the field?

    PostScript to the side not: No mention of Corey Brown as speed merchant, no mention of his power bat, no mention of his arm and fielding ability by Tom Leo.

    Chiefs roster

    Collin Balester, Ross Detwiler, Adam Carr, Matt Chico, Lee Hyde, Cole Kimball, Yunesky Maya, J.D. Martin, Tom Milone, Garrett Mock, Craig Stammen, Josh Wilke

    Jesus Flores, Jhonatan Solano, Carlos Maldonado.

    Michael Aubrey, Brian Bixler, Seth Bynum, Chris Marrero, Chris McConnell, Alex Valdez

    Roger Bernadina, Corey Brown, Jeff Frazier, Boomer Whiting

    Detwiler, Martin, Maya, Milone and Mock look to be the starting pitchers, in no particular order.

    Balester, Chico, Hyde, Kimball, Stammen and Wilke will work out of the bullpen.

    Kimball could be the primary closer, with help from Carr.

    Possible ace:
    That would be Ross Detwiler, one of the last cuts made by the parent Nationals. Ability-wise, Detwiler was good enough to stick with Washington, but he was the odd-man out because other pitchers he was competing with had no options left to be sent to the minors. Detwiler who has pitched in parts of three different seasons with the Nats, is ready for a breakout season. He was 1-1 with a 2.65 ERA in five spring-training appearances, including three starts.

    Source of power:
    Several candidates here. Top prospect Chris Marrero had 18 home runs and 82 RBI last season at Double-A Harrisburg. Free-agent acquisition Jeff Frazier had a career-high 25 home runs last year for Triple-A Toledo. Michael Aubrey smashed 22 home runs last season for Triple-A Norfolk.

    Mr. Speed:
    Boomer Whiting stole 36 bases last year for Syracuse, and once stole 54 in the lower minors. But guys such as Roger Bernadina and Brian Bixler can run, too. Bernadina stole 16 bases last year in Washington and once stile 40 in the minors. Bixler stole 25 last season for Syracuse.

    Consistent bat:
    Roger Bernadina batted .377 in 14 games for Syracuse last season before he was promoted to Washington. If Bernadina stays in Triple-A for a good portion of this season, he’ll be a contender to win the IL batting title.

    Reliable glove:
    Once Seth Bynum moved from shortstop to second base last season for the Chiefs, he was incredible in the field. He made plays up the middle and in the second-base hole between second and first. He could come in a slowly hit ground ball. In short, Bynum is major-league ready as a second baseman.

    Closer prospect:
    Top prospect Cole Kimball looks to be the team’s primary closer. He has 12 saves last season for Double-A Harrisburg, but the Nats may want to work him as a set-up, too. If that happens, Adam Carr, who saved nine games for the Chiefs last season, will get opportunities to close.

    Sue’s analysis?

    1. Just posted something on this now. This doesn’t look like a truly finalized roster to me, not with three C’s and four OF’s. I haven’t seen Bynum in years on defense, but it’s certainly possible that he’s MLB-capable with the glove. Don’t mean that to sound like faint praise, but that have a certain Sector 7-G smell to it, iykwim.

  12. Sorry misspelled “note” made it “not”. Plus noted no Oliver Perez on the Syracuse roster.

  13. Also, for JayB? No Alex Cintron on the Syracuse roster. He has apparently become an “org” man just like Buck Coats.

    1. Outstanding stuff. Great for trying to assess whether our top guys are prospects or elite prospects. FWIW, Derek Norris is 22. Souldrummer is all in for Derek Norris.

  14. You know guys I am beginning to get the feeling that the minor league system for the Nats is staring to get stronger. I heard the comp for pitchers in spring traing at every level was very strong. I think this will bode well for the future of our beloved nats
    Great Job Rizzo,Harris ,Boone and company

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