Bryce Harper Tops The 2011 BA Top 100 Prospects List

Four Nats Make The List Altogether

Yes, I know you’re shocked, but the 18-year-old Bryce Harper, the #1 overall pick in the 2010 First Year Player draft, has topped the 2011 Baseball America Top 100 Prospects.

Joining Mr. Harper on the list are Danny Espinosa (#66), Derek Norris (#72),  and Wilson Ramos (#96).

Harper, who has had the Natmosphere atwitter since his arrival earlier this week, is expected to come off the bench in the first Spring Training game against the Mets this coming Monday, according to’s Bill Ladson.

Last year, the Nationals planted three farmhands onto the Top 10o, with Stephen Strasburg (#2), Norris (#38), and Drew Storen (#92) in 2010 while in 2009, Jordan Zimmermann was the sole National on the list at #41 overall. Previous Top-100’s include Collin Balester (#95, 2007; #86, 2008), Ross Detwiler (#51, 2007), Chris Marrero (#27, 2008), Ryan Zimmerman (#15, 2006) and Mike Hinckley (#29, 2005).

Harper is expected by most to begin 2011 in Low-A Hagerstown; Norris is expected to be the backstop in AA Harrisburg; Espinosa is expected to be the team’s starting second baseman and Wilson Ramos is reportedly competing with the Nats’ 2006 Rule 5 pick Jesus Flores for the backup catcher’s job behind incumbent Pudge Rodriguez.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

16 thoughts on “Bryce Harper Tops The 2011 BA Top 100 Prospects List”

    1. Michael: Every draft year is going to produce 20-30 (or more) players who ‘jostle’ the rankings. Norris had a good year, but had a couple of injuries & a less-than superior BAvg. Espinosa jumped into the rankings (in part) because he now projects as a MLB starter, while Ramos slipped a little from his prior ranking, possibly because he’ll be sharing duties with Pudge, or get optioned to AAA.

      The Nationals have four ranked players – Be happy!

  1. I agree BinM, don’t want to sound too polyanna on this, but 4 in the Top 100 is the best since the MLB owner/butchers laid waste to the Nats organization.
    I definitely think Norris should be higher (check his OBP compared to the rest) but I’ll take it. My God, we got Ramos for 2 months of Capps.!

  2. Kind of agree with Rizzo. Unless you are watching the Nats and their farm system closely you might miss a lot. Closest might by Keith Law? Other than that you are better off using this site and Sue’s analyses. Look at how Kimball is doing. Now imagine Brad Peacock?

    Rizzo and his FO appear more than competent when it comes to rebuilding this farm system. His competency when it comes to selecting a major league roster and a manager are still under scrutiny by many.

    1. Peric, couldn’t agree more. Terrific moves down on the farm, but still a big time rookie when it comes to the bigs. I mean, first base is an important defensive postion? Really?

      1. Chris Marrero is in the big league camp. He is wearing a pretty low number. He really is almost as bad a fielder as Dunn but he is only 22 and Dunn is over 30.

    2. I will say that I think it’s lost on a lot folks that making big trades and snagging high-profile free agents is overrated and often counterproductive. Not sure how many times the Giants, Rays, Rangers, Rockies or Cardinals have to win or get to the World Series for that to sink in, if it ever will.

        1. Thanks for the heads-up. Was able to get a post ready within 20 minutes. But alas unable to find out more about these guys.

  3. From MLBTradeRumors:

    In addition to the previously reported Randy Novas and Raudy Reed, the Nationals have agreed to terms with 14 international free agents per a team press release. Here is the list of players, per the release…

    Left-handed pitchers Joel Barrientos (17, Dominican Republic), Brian Escolastico (18, Dominican Republic) and Hector Silvestre (18, Dominican Republic); right-handed pitchers Anderson Martinez (18, Venezuela), Gilberto Mendez (18, Dominican Republic) and Felix Moscat (20, Dominican Republic); catchers Pedro Severino (17, Dominican Republic) and Jorge Tillero (17, Venezuela); first baseman Arialdi Peguero (18, Dominican Republic); shortstop Yewri Guillen (18, Dominican Republic); third baseman Diomedes Eusebio (18, Dominican Republic); and outfielders Juan De Los Santos (17, Venezuela), Wilman Rodriguez (19, Dominican Republic) and Dioncio Rosario (17, Dominican Republic).

    1. Unfortunately, I was unable to find out any more about these guys. Kept getting this list (which is why I broke it up) so it felt like that echo scene in the Grinch That Stole Christmas.

      But thanks, too, for the cue…

      1. Might be time to gently request the leverage of some of Brian Oliver’s “inside connections” to the Nats organization? He and Boz seemed to have that niche cornered the best? Perhaps, (if he has some time available), he might be able to reach out to his sources?

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