Winter League Update

A look at the stats of the Nats in the Winter Leagues

Here’s a look at how the Nats prospects are doing in the in the Winter Leagues thus far. Stats are as of this morning.


Chris Marrero PWL 85 11 26 2 16 7 25 .306 .351 .424 .264 2
Wilberto Ortiz PWL 134 23 45 1 16 9 17 .336 .382 .470 .289 2
Eury Perez DWL 116 16 40 0 5 5 21 .345 .397 .388 .276 21
Wilson Ramos VWL 169 32 55 7 32 20 28 .325 .397 .544 .315 1
Jesus Valdez DWL 44 5 12 1 4 0 9 .273 .297 .386 .216 0


Erik Arnesen PWL 3 3 0 2.47 8 8 43⅔ 44 17 12 3 8 18 1.19
Jeff Mandel PWL 1 1 0 2.19 19 0 20⅔ 20 5 5 1 8 16 1.35
Yunesky Maya DWL 4 2 0 1.32 8 8 41 27 8 6 1 9 42 0.88
Pat McCoy PWL 1 0 0 4.22 20 0 21⅓ 22 10 10 0 9 7 1.45
Hassan Pena PWL 1 0 0 1.19 20 0 30⅓ 16 4 4 0 8 26 0.79
Elvin Ramirez DWL 1 2 0 1.85 20 0 24⅓ 19 7 5 0 5 28 0.99
Henry Rodriguez VWL 0 1 5 1.69 18 0 21⅓ 11 4 4 0 9 28 0.94
Jack Spradlin VWL 0 0 0 1.54 16 0 11⅔ 12 4 2 0 4 9 1.37
Cory VanAllen PWL 0 0 0 5.06 10 0 10⅔ 11 7 6 1 5 2 1.50
Josh Wilkie VWL 2 2 0 3.38 14 0 18⅔ 15 7 7 3 3 6 0.96

PWL = Puerto Rican Winter League
DWL = Dominican Winter League
VWL = Venezuela Winter League

The holiday road was the road not taken, so it’s an unplanned winter break for the Dinems (Spike, who shares my opinion of snow, still gets to go to the kennel because the deposit in non-refundable). Hope everyone reading this had the choice of staying put and not traveling until the Northeast can dig itself out.

Not a whole lot of change from the last update. It appears that some players may have gone home. If their stats are unchanged next time I update, I’ll drop them from the list.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

37 thoughts on “Winter League Update”

  1. Sue_D: Sorry your holiday plans went sour. It looks like most of the Winter Leagues are approaching their playoffs, so some of the players will be shutting down until Spring Training, as their teams are eliminated.

  2. Those Eury Perez numbers are amazing. What type of pitching is he facing in the Dominican League for a point of reference.

    Just wondering if it is comparable to A+, AA or AAA.


    1. Judging by the rosters, it’s probably like Indy ball (ranging from A- to AA) until the playoffs start, then it’s in the AA to AAA range as the ringers veterans start to pitch more often.

  3. Regarding the Winter Leagues…
    – The Dominican has wrapped up their regular schedule, & has entered the playoffs (Gigantes, Escogido, Estrellas & Toros) in a round-robin format.
    – The Venezuelan & Mexican Pacific Leagues both wrap up regular play on 12/30; Venezuela begins their playoffs on 1/2/11.
    – The Puerto Rican League should wrap up this week as well; No clue what their playoff format is, with a 5-team League.

    1. Thanks for the clarification. Sounds I’ve got one more update to go and in that one, I’ll include every Nat, MLB or MiLB.

  4. Looks like Eury Perez won rookie of the year honors and Yunesky Maya pitcher of the year honors. Hopefully boding well for good things to come?

    1. I don’t think so. I took a peek at the two most likely suspects — MLB Network and ESPN Deportes — and saw nada.

      1. Mlb Network carried the finals of the Dominican league last year, they’re probably sitting out the first round.

  5. What’s your prediction as to first base in Harrisburg? Ben Goessling indicated that Mike Rizzo told him Tyler Moore might jump Harrisburg and go to Syracuse.

    1. Not a chance. Boomer Whiting is the only farmhand to jump multiple levels under Rizzo’s watch, and that was a special request by Jewett for “his” guy. Michael Aubrey is the most likely candidate at this point for Syracuse.

      1. Sue & Peric,
        I would guesstimate from what Rizzo said that they might try and jump him after only a month or two to Syracuse. I can’t see how they would jump him ahead of Marrero.

      2. Leaving Marrero in AA for another year?

        Personally I’d love them to offer Marrero to the BoSox and try to pry Lars Anderson from them. As hitter thay have been very much the same and the AL opens up the DH for Marrero.

          1. Yes, my bad on the knee-jerk comment regarding Aubrey. Shows you that I think of Marrero as a hitter before I ever think about where he plays in the field, right?

        1. Marrero might end up as a ‘tweener’ or ‘4A’ player – Posts solid, but not great offensive numbers in the minors, and doesn’t have the defensive skills to be much more than a DH. At 22yo, I wouldn’t give up on him yet, but his future may be better suited for an AL orginization.

          If he’s still with WSH as we approach OD 2011, he’s earned the right to play in SYR, having posted solid numbers at AA Harrisburg in 2010. Aubrey may start the year in a shared role w/Marrero at SYR, or feel “the Turk’s” touch on his shoulder and hear the words “the skipper wants to see you” in his ear in late March.

      3. So that’s why they did it? Boomer really shocked the world for me last year, and I finally jumped on the Boomer bandwagon. Handling AAA that well after the jump was really impressive.

        1. souldrummer: With Jewett out as MGR in SYR, Boomer is going to have a hard row to hoe in Viera 2011; Maxwell, Brown, Van Every, Gilbert, Frazier, Coats, Burgess & Valdez are all there fighting for OF slots in either SYR or HAR as well.

          Short of the ‘cattle-call’ for SP in 2007, this might be the most position-competetive camp we’ve ever seen, with pecking-order battles at CA, 1B, LF, CF, SP, & BP. It will make for an interesting spring, to be sure.

          1. I made a similar comment in reaction to the Ankiel screeds (“*squawk!* They’re asking Ankiel to be the starting LF!!” Um, no, they’re signing him on the cheap to compete for the job) that only Zimmerman and Werth were locks in the lineup, that every other position is up for grabs and will be fought for — and that includes SS and 2B.

  6. Looks like both Aaron Fitt (Baseball America) and Will Hagen (Hardball Times) posted their WSH prospect lists this week, and Fitt held a chat session on his list. Hopefully, Sue_D can throw us a bone with his thoughts; Spike sleeps alot, we don’t.

    1. BinM – I thought about doing a post that broke down the Fitt chat (the prospects we did do a post on) but felt like that would be a little too obsessive and didn’t really want to venture down the road of discussing my opinions of someone else’s opinions, not to mention it’s subscriber-only content. Fitt actually has a lot of the same opinions I do regarding our prospects.

      The Hagen list appears to be coming from the Fantasy perspective and likewise I felt like I’d be lending credence to it by discussing it. Unlike Fitt, I have little confidence that he has ever seen (or talked to anyone who has) these players in person. Case in point: “[Sammy Solis] has poise and lively movement behind his three-pitch mix, but nothing stands out about anything he throws, meaning his ceiling is limited.”

      1. Fair enough – I’m just trying to prod a new string out of you, that’s all. Wishing the best to you & yours in the coming New Year.

  7. Dierke also had some interesting moments in his last chat of the decade on the ‘Natinals’. Based on what I am reading the Nats now appear to be considered a major player on par with the Yankees and RedSox when it comes to player acquisition. The Nats taking a run at Pujols? Who would have thunk it?

    @BinM, don’t forget one of Sue’s favorites Curran. He is a speedster as well?

    I guess we’ll see how things get sorted out at the end of the spring as far as Harrisburg and Syracuse. It would be nice to see Syracuse get reloaded with players who are closer-to-prospect status.

    1. Peric: Didn’t forget Curran, just felt like he never got it together last year, and will repeat at POT as a result.

  8. Byron Kerr has apparently been interviewing Fitt about his top 10 Nats prospects? Would it might make sense to link back to Fitt’s brief in-depth analysis from here with additional commentary from Sue?

  9. Just for the record:

    Look, all I said about Tyler Moore is he might be a possibility down the road, and that would obviously mean him building on what he did this year. But you’re saying I shouldn’t waste my time writing about prospects the GM has said could jump from Single-A to Triple-A? Ben Goessling

    1. peric: Goessling has a point. Moore has some holes in his swing (as his April-May numbers showed), but he was just ‘killing’ everything he saw over a six-week+ period from late June to early August. Unless he’s moved in a trade, pencil him in at AA-HAR to start the year & let’s see what happens.

  10. Just some ‘prospect’ factoids to mull over on New Years’ Day…
    Current players falling short of full MLB status (50IP, 135PA) who have scored on the various ‘prospect’ lists since 2007 = 55.
    Pitchers = 30; Players = 25.

    The five oldest (DOB) [Status]=
    Pitchers: Maya (8/28/81) [40-man], Alaniz (3/12/84) [AAA], Carr (4/1/84) [40-man], Wilkie (7/22/84) [AAA], Severino (11/6/84) [40-man].
    Fielders: Lowrance (7/16/84) [AA] , Alvarez-Lugo (11/25/85) [DOM], C. Brown (11/26/85) [AAA], T. Moore (1/30/87) [A+], Espinosa (4/25/87) [40-man].

    The five youngest (DOB) [Status]=
    Pitchers: Cole (1/5/92) [SS], Ray (10/1/91) [SS], Hanks (3/19/90) [R], Demny (8/3/89) [A-], McGeary (3/19/89) [A-].
    Fielders: Harper (10/16/92) [A-], A. Sanchez (8/16/90) [A-], E. Perez (5/30/90) [A+], Hood (4/3/90) [A+], H. Jimenez (12/30/89) [SS].

    The “best” overall rating for 2010 (Draft year) [status]=
    Pitchers: Cole (D-’10) [SS], Solis (D-’10) [AA], Kimball (D-’06) [AA], Meyers (D-’07) [AA], Brad Peacock (D-’06) [AA].
    Players: Harper (D-’10) [40-man], Norris (D-’07) [AA], Espinosa (D-’08) [40-man], Ramos (T-’10) [40-man], Ramirez (D-’08) [A+].

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