Roster Moves

A rundown on recent roster moves as reported by Baseball America

A bunch of roster moves have come to our attention, so here’s a rundown on the ones that are new to us…


  • Matt Chico

Presumably, the first of few more to come to make room for the likes of Rick Ankiel, Chien Mien Wang and Ryan Mattheus.


  • C – Carlos Maldonado
  • RHP – Harvey Garcia
  • 3B – Alex Valdez

The 26-year-old Garcia was released by the Dodgers in May, but has made some noise in the VWL, striking out 28 and walking 20 in 38IP through Dec. 18. The switch-hitting Valdez, also 26, spent 2010 with AA with Midland, posting a .262/.317/.422 line in 574PA. He’s currently hitting .306 in 41G in the DWL.


  • RHPs – Martin Beno, Dustin Crane, Zach Gerler, John Santiago, Shane Zellers
  • LHP – Randy Mower
  • OFs – Marcus Jones, Nick Moresi

Presumably, Beno’s injury is career-threatening but the giving up on Santiago at 22 is a bit curious (any insight VladiHondo?). The rest of the pitchers fit the mold of unimpressive at the lower levels whereas Jones and Moresi were career journeyman, clearly pushed out by the Hagerstown crew of outfielders. As is always my hope for guys like that, let’s hope they can hook on in an indy and experience some success before hanging it up.

I expect to post later with a story on the Baseball America Top 10 Washington Prospects.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

11 thoughts on “Roster Moves”

  1. John Santiago (born in Puerto Rico) probably let go because in his 2nd yr in the GCL, he regressed – 5.51 ERA . Minor League Baseball site has him signed out of an Iowa Community College in 2k9, so he was an undrafted signee. So in 2 stinits in the GCL, he didn’t impress

    Curiously, I see Baseball Cube has him as a 25 year old, not 22 – and originally drafted in 2k3 by Pittsburgh as a 3b. Always need to double check sources! If he IS the Pittsburgh draftee – no need for any more mistaken identities.

  2. I second the best wishes for the guys that are simply not going to make it. I hope they leave when they are at peace with failing to make the bigs, and that they are able to move on. I keep thinking about poor Larry Broadway, who would have been called up when Nick Johnson ran into Austin Kearns, except that he had just been injured himself. He then nearly made the Nats’ roster out of spring training, only to see Dmitri Young signed. He came so close to that cup of coffee, but I think he may finally have retired without ever making it.

    1. At 26, I think it’s likely he’ll retire or be released, but he hasn’t shown up on any transaction logs since the end of the season.

  3. Marcus Jones just couldn’t cut the mustard I guess. I remember one time people were positive on him, but he couldn’t get at bats and didn’t get the job done. I’ve got to feel he has enough potential to latch on somewhere in the lower minors if he wants to keep playing, right? Does cutting a guy like him mean that we have decent outfield prospects from Vermont coming up to Hagerstown? What’s Hagerstown’s outfield going to look like next year?

    1. Sould: If memory serves, M.Jones blew up one of his knees early in 2009 & never recovered. He would have been a project, even if he’d stayed healthy, imo.

      1. I remember the injury issue. What I’m also saying is that Ramirez, Hood, Perez, and Higley had passed him so there were no more at bats at Hagerstown for him and he’d sunk to organizational depth. Never saw him after the injury so I don’t know if there are enough physical tools left for him to latch on with someone else.

  4. With a snapshot of the roster cuts to date, it looks like Rizzo has set the ‘marching orders’ for bullpen arms in the system – Throw strikes & miss bats; Anything else is unacceptable.

    The reaper is starting at the bottom & working his way up the system; With 218 (minimum) players required to fill the Orginizational needs & 230+ currently listed from last year, there are still heads that will roll before spring training is finished.

  5. I always thought that a hand injury to Broadway really destroyed his pull ability.
    A buddy of mine is a Mariner fan who is moody after last winter’s overkill by Harold reynolds and the MLB winter lovefest on Seattle. He cannot stop talking about Justin Smoak. I keep reminding him that the Nats took Colten Williams when they could have taken Smoak.
    Odd isnt it that Bucks bad birds are outbidding the Nats for Adam LaRoche leaving DLee whose Dad worked with Larry Walker in his AAA struggle year @ Indpls. We will not mention flashing the holiday inn maid…
    Merry Christmas everyone.

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