Give the people what they want…

Well, this is a little experiment to help guide me in taking the next step in our offseason: How to do the prospect rankings. I don’t think I’ve hidden my ambiguity when it comes to this (“obligatory” ought to have been a clue 😉 but I’d like to, as the headline suggests, deliver the goods that folks are after while keeping the workload manageable.

So take a look at the five options below and vote for your favorite.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

23 thoughts on “Give the people what they want…”

  1. Chris McDonnell former KC and Tex SS farmhand was signed by a Sean Rooney in KC – father to Nats catching farmhand??? Jeff Frazier must have a fan in an eastcoast Nat scout who zig zags over Rutgers territory in past years.

  2. Would it not be cool to be able to hack into Rizzo~s Top ten list on June 5th??
    Jordan Leyland soft hands around 1b and serious power potential for Cal State Irvine.
    Still..Alex Dickerson.

    1. I was gonna do a post but then I realized I’d rather have the poll be the front page for a day or two to ensure some votes…

      I’m now curious about Demny… I’ve been told he’s not a real power arm, and can either be dominant or dominated in any given outing. My Hagerstown guy thought he might get the callup late this summer, so there must be something about him that’s got the scouts interested – Anyone a BP sub? I’m a little worried that they’re too fantasy focused.

      1. Regarding Demny – His Hagerstown numbers certainly aren’t eye-popping for either 2010 (-5IP/GP, 4.23ERA, 1.35WHIP, 1.7:1K-W), or 2009 (-5IP/GP, 5.14ERA, 1.36WHIP). It might just be that BP expanded their WSH list to 20 this year, rather than their standard “top-11”.

  3. Looks a bit like you are thinking about Brian’s spreadsheet. I should try to give that a whirl. Perhaps a Natsfarm Lite. Nothing but names stats under the farm clubs, perhaps finishing the prospect ranking lists he had started no updates or posts.

    1. I’ve been dragging my feet about replicating the Big Board and the Draft Track. I had figured by Opening Day of at least having something like the front page that lays out the rosters for every level, but if you’re interested in volunteering to do more, let me know.

      1. Phone the hold. An intrepid reader has been working on replicating Mr. Oliver’s sheets so we can pick up where he left off. More details to come…

        1. Thanks to SpringfieldFan, the NFA’s Big Board and Draft Tracker have been reborn. We’ll be working to update them over the course of the offseason, so please be patient and understand it’s a work in progress that will take some time to finish and polish

          This doesn’t supplant the poll question… but I can see what the people want and will work towards creating a post for next week that will deliver what you’ve asked for.

          1. Beautiful – Kudos to SpringfieldFan for bringing the spreadsheets back to life, and a hat tip to Sue for giving them a place to live.

  4. Thanks for reminding me about theRooney loss.
    Interesting how Rizzo/Harris continue building a SYR roster. another jack rabbit club?
    Frazier seems like a guy who hangs around for an injury to send him up.

    1. It’s a bad memory, but it’s there nontheless.

      It’s not just the Nationals who are active with minor-league signings; If you look at other teams, they’re doing even more than the Nationals in loading up their 3A rosters with signed players. The 3A teams are becoming less about player development, and more often than not are now “holding bins” for replacement-level players. Big annual turnovers, lots of recognizable names.

  5. a sidenote. considering how many pairs of brothers have played organized ball in the last few decades…how many brothers careers crossed paths in the same organization- hint- Todd and Jeff Frazier.

  6. Sue,
    Sounds like you’re being forced into this big board/draft track stuff. The Draft Track is far more important, as it allows us to check back refresh our memories. The Big Board is something that we could always figure out by reading here regularly.

  7. Clearly once you do one sheet the others should fall out from that … updates shouldn’t be that painful to implement. If they are there is something wrong. The big problem is as Sue infers: keeping up with changes as they are made. Beyond the draft track I liked what Brain was starting with his sheets to both monitor, record and display the changing ranking of Nats prospects in the system by all pertinent entities such as BA, KLaw, etc.

    Glad to hear someone took a swing at it … I was thinking of doing it with facebook FBML since that is where updates would appear automagically when an FB entity “likes” a fan page. Seems like following jackobeam might be the way to go.

    1. You can shoot me an email with corrections/updates. My DM is 4April2005 [at] gmail [dot] com. Sue can take them, too, but I don’t want him to get too distracted from the reporting and analysis that he’s best at. I do appreciate help in flagging things I may have missed.

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