AFL Update: November 5, 2010

How the Nats did on Thursday in the AFL

The Scottsdale Scorpions won their second straight by a 9-5 count to remain in first place, two games ahead of the Mesa Solar Sox. Sources say that if they win today, it’ll be what’s known as winning streak.

Here’s how the Nats did:

  • Derek Norris caught, batted fifth, and went 1-for-4 with an RBI (his 15th in 12 games) but struck out three times and allowed another passed ball.
  • Michael Burgess played RF, batted seventh, and also went 1-for-4 but struck out just once and threw out a runner at 3B.
  • Adam Carr pitched a scoreless seventh and struck out one, dropping his ERA to 3.00
  • Cole Kimball struck out the side in the ninth

Bryce Harper will be eligible to play in Friday night’s game as the Scorpions visit the Phoenix Desert Dogs. Tomorrow night is the AFL Rising Stars Game, pitting the players from the Eastern Division against the Western Division. It will be televised on MLB Network and streamed on

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

11 thoughts on “AFL Update: November 5, 2010”

  1. I read these AFL updates, I’m more and more embarrassed that I never paid much attention to Kimball. He’s almost unhittable and seems destined for (hopefully) great things in the next few years.

  2. Mark: Not to worry, he was under a lot of peoples’ radar. There’s still plenty of room on the bandwagon; Come on up!

  3. Hooray for Kimball! maybe he will eventually allow the Nats to say that at least ONE player drafted in 2006 finally made the big leagues. 🙁

  4. Kimball has been a surprise to me for quite some time. I don’t recall him throwing that hard, but part of that can simply be lack of exposure. In other words, when you’re watching a starter after an inning or two, you peek at the scouts’ guns (or ask the player that’s tracking pitches) but with closers, you’re more distracted, i.e. you’re focused on the outcome.

    FWIW, Marrero, Carr, and Arnesen are also candidates to end the ’06 oh-fer. Had Zinicola stuck with the Blue Jays, it would been a little more embarrassing, IMO.

  5. An update to the MLFA list (from Baseball America – Transactions 10-25 to 10-31):

    Devin Ivany
    Brian Peacock
    Jamie Burke
    Carlos Maldonado

    Brian Bixler – Re-signed for 2011 [SYR]; 28yo, R/R, plays 2B-3B-SS-LF.
    Seth Bynum
    Chris Duncan
    Chase Lambin
    Pedro Lopez
    Michael Martinez
    Luis Ordaz
    Pete Orr
    Ofilio Castro
    Adam Fox

    Marvin Lowrance
    Leonard Davis
    Jason Botts
    Jerry Owens
    Edgardo Baez
    Jesus Valdez – Re-signed for 2011 [HAR]; 26yo, R/R, plays LF-RF.
    Brad Coon
    Jamar Walton

    Starting Pitchers
    Andrew Kown
    Jason Jones
    Robinson Fabian – Re-signed for 2011 [POT]; 24yo, R/R, conversion to LR possible.

    Chuck James
    Rafael Martin
    Yunior Novoa
    Zach Dials
    Carlos Martinez
    Jimmy Barthmaier
    Luis Garcia
    Glenn Gibson

  6. I need help on this. How is Rafael Martin on this list, he was only signed last year out of the Mexican League. He has a Josh Wilkie type story; pitching in beer leagues for fun when he actually became good enough to pitch professionally.
    Very much a story you can root for, and he was pretty good in Harrisburg. Don’t want to lose him.

  7. Not sure – that’s why this list is unofficial – but perhaps it’s because his Mexican-League service counts against his options. Remember, when it comes to transaction-related stuff, both MiLB and MLB like that it’s confusing and difficult and are never in a rush to explain it.

  8. Mark: Rafael Martin was signed last season as a UFA, IIRC. I may have added him to my pitchers list in error, based on that notation & his age – if so, it’s on me not Sue_D.

  9. Thanks, guys, I appreciate it. Sue’s right about the dense fog we’re supposed to look through. I think there’s a good chance the Nats lose Wilkie in the Rule 5 this year, if that happens, Martin is a very similar story. Nobody wanted them, and through great perserverance they become a bona fide player.

  10. follow the relationships . that is what I enjoy doing in baseball from afar.
    one wonders if Doug Harris goes back in Texas days to when Carlos Pena was in Texas .
    Should be interesting how Doug Harris patches together a SYR squad. continue with
    Marvin Lowrance, Mike Daniel, along with returnees Boomer Whiting, Jesus Valdez and perhaps some
    outside additions.
    Looks like Mike Rizzo hired the guy who replaced Chip hale in AZ.
    The rumors smells like Carlos Pena and Brandon Webb unless Rizzo re-entertains thoughts of Javey.

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