AFL Update: November 18, 2010

Four Nats make their mark in the scorebook for Wednesday’s AFL game

The Scottsdale Scorpions got back on the winning track with a 6-0 shutout of the Mesa Solar Sox. Two pitchers and two position players got into the game…

  • Derek Norris was the DH and batted cleanup, going 2-for-4 with a triple and a strikeout
  • Bryce Harper played RF and batted 6th, smacking an RBI double in a 2-for-4 effort
  • Adam Carr pitched a scoreless eighth, allowing a hit, but striking out one while earning a hold
  • Cole Kimball pitched a 1-2-3 ninth and also struck out one

As reported yesterday, today’s game will be a seven-inning affair to reduce pitcher workloads entering the final week of play. Sammy Solis will indeed start on Saturday for the AFL Championship and it’s widely expected that Bryce Harper will also play.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

11 thoughts on “AFL Update: November 18, 2010”

  1. I saw BinM’s top prospects list. Found this one on rotoworld. I think it probably will come close to what BA et al will post?

    1) Bryce Harper OF – No explanation needed
    2) Wilson Ramos C – Closer to contributing than Norris. Average might hurt, but a potential 20+ homers out of the catcher position is always useful
    3) Derek Norris C – Ramos is a far better catcher than Flores and Norris so Norris may be blocked or moved to 1B, or might turn into a Mike Napoli for the Nats. But Norris is the better hitter especially for OBP leagues.
    4) AJ Cole RHP – Only pitcher in the system who could be a frontline starter
    5) Danny Espinosa 2B – Washington’s second baseman of the future. Better known for his defense than his bat, so may be of limited use in fantasy
    6) Michael Burgess OF – Has improved his plate discipline but right now his only real asset is his developing power
    7) Chris Marrero 1B – Has failed to break out so far, poor approach at the plate but has a lot of raw power
    8) Steve Lombardozzi 2B – Deep sleeper if you’re looking for a middle infielder, power is questionable but does other things well
    9) Destin Hood OF – Hes got a long way to go, but has some power potential
    10) Sammy Solis LHP – Command and control type pitcher, might be a good back end fantasy starter
    11) AJ Morris – Probably headed for relief

  2. Peric — When they talk of a Mike Napoli role, does that mean that he’l be misused by a manager who doesn’t like him.

    Would love to hear what TBRFan has to say about Hood’s inclusion in here.

    Not sure Burgess is deserving of a Top Ten here.

    Sue, no love for your guy Milone. Same old story for him.

    1. Mark L: You do realize peric’s list is from… they grade everybody within the limits of the basic 5/5 skills (Hitters= BAvg/SLG/HR/RBI/SB; Pitchers= Wins/ERA/WHIP/K’s/Sv).

      The comment about Napoli – ROTFL!

      1. Yes, I knew it was rotoworld, just thought their rankings deserved some conversation. Have to confess, I have no idea what ROTFL means.

  3. Winner, Winner, Chicken DInner! I’m just not sure if I’m Statler or Waldorf in your given scenario.

    I’ll admit that the ‘avatar’ known as peric/periculum/Aeoliano/etc. and I have butted heads numerous times on various Nats-centric blogs. It hasn’t always been pretty (especially in NatsJournal), but I’ll try to “play & work well with others” here.

  4. I published the rotoworld list for comments as its the only one out there. It seems like a good thing to consider given that a trade or trade[s] are likely to occur before February and Nats prospects will likely be a part of that. Its good to gauge their value in advance of that given how easily upset some bloggers get with Nats moves … or the lack of them?

    Just wondering what everyone else was thinking in terms of value, who they should try to protect and who they should perhaps let go, even if it seems painful.

    1. I try to tune out the noise on who we should “get rid of” because invariably it’s only slightly quieter and lower-pitched than a pack of middle-school girls. Looking over this list (which I updated when I noticed some names I’d missed), I believe the Nats ought to protect Marrero, Brad Peacock, Kimball, and Carr. I’d hate to lose Arnesen, Meyers, and Whiting but not enough to put them on the 40-man.

      I should also reiterate that one of the upsides for the Rule 5 is for the players themselves, giving them a chance to get a change of scenery without having been released or traded. Brian Peacock is a good example. Clearly, he’s buried on the depth chart and as of this writing, I’d peg him to be the backup at Harrisburg if he’s not released in the spring. But he could potentially get drafted by an organization (during the AAA or AA phase) that needs a veteran backstop and perhaps even start every day under the right circumstances.

  5. The Rule 5 draft period always leaves me guessing & grasping at straws. This is the time of year when the GM has to go on prior intel & updated scouting reports. With the Orginization having already lost Jaime on a waiver gamble, I’d hope they protect Kimball, Meyers, Brad Peacock, & Marrero at the very least. Exposing Carr (a MR-SU at best, imo) bothers me less than any of the others.

    I’d like to see both Arnesen & Wilkie get a ‘real’ shot at a 40-man roster; I just don’t think it will be with the Nationals.

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