AFL Update: November 16, 2010

Highlights from the Nats in the AFL on Monday

A five-run sixth inning powered the Scottsdale Scorpions past the Peoria Saguaros, as the Nats’ AFL entry improved to 19-10 with a 9-4 win. Two pitchers and two hitters saw action…

  • Steve Lombardozzi led off as the DH and went 3-for-5 with two doubles and a run scored.
  • Michael Burgess batted eighth and played RF, tripling and homering in four at-bats, scoring a run, driving in a run, striking out twice, and throwing out a runner at third.
  • Sammy Solis appeared in relief and allowed one hit and no walks over three innings to go with two strikeouts. AOL Fanhouse’s Frank Piliere tweeted him as “consistently at 93-94 and attacking hitters” but also cautioned that “he has to be fine with his stuff”
  • Brad Peacock pitched the ninth, allowing a hit but struck out a batter

The Scottsdale Scorpions clinched a spot in the playoff game, but await their opponent as the defending AFL champs (mandatory sportswriter cliché, sorry) — the Peoria Javelinas — lost yesterday but remain three games up with three to go. As luck would have it, Scottsdale and Peoria are also scheduled in the final game on Friday. And yes, Bryce Harper is eligible to play in the championship game on Saturday, which is due to be televised on MLB Network at 2:30 p.m.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

11 thoughts on “AFL Update: November 16, 2010”

  1. Lombardozzi is hot. Espo gotta feel someone is behind him (he is doing well with Ponce in Puerto Rico). It occurs to me that Harper and Burgess both play RF. I like Burgess but I hope Harper plays Saturday (I bet MLB does too!!).

  2. Part of me realizes that the sample sizes are still small, but I am REALLY liking what I’m seeing (okay, reading) in Lombardozzi’s play this year, both in the AFL and in Potomac/Harrisburg.

    So far in the AFL he’s hitting .297/.398/.459 in 74 AB’s with 10 BB’s and only 6 SO’s, while in the minors he put up .294/.371/.431 in 545 AB’s with 61 BB’s and 75 SO’s.

    Am I crazy in thinking that he could eventually end up being the Nats everyday 2B, moving Espinosa to Short, allowing the Nats to trade Desmond (amongst others) for some much needed starting pitching?

    And would it also be too far-fetched to see Lombo as the Nats leadoff hitter? He seems to have the patience at the plate, takes walks, doesn’t strikeout that much, plus he’s a switch-hitter?

    1. Has anyone considered moving Desmond to center field? He is athletic, can run and has a superb arm. That would allow Lombardozzi and Espinosa to patrol the middle and would give the Nats some real defense up the middle of the diamond, especially if Wilson Ramos is as good as advertised.

  3. Lombardozzi is a solid, steady performer. He could bat leadoff, but the CS/SB numbers in the AFL are backing up what I’ve long thought: That his technique is better than his actual speed. I suspect if he ever does make the lineup, he’ll bat 2nd or 8th.

  4. Erocks brings up an interesting point. Do ppl here think an infield of Lombardozzi & Espi
    would b as strong as Espi/Desmond?

    Also would a package of Desmond/Ramos/Burgess be enough for a pitcher like Grienke come maybe midseason when Jesus is hopefully healthy and Norris has hopefully proven he can stick at catcher.

  5. How about Lombardozzi as a Jamey Carroll-type super utility infielder? I’d rather have the guys with the power in the everyday lineup, especially given that Desmond and Espinosa both also have speed and great arms. Put it this way, if Zim goes down for two weeks again who would you rather have playing, Gonzo at 3rd or Desmond at 3rd with Espinosa at short and Lombadozzi manning 2nd?

  6. Mwyche, the only way I would consider the deal you suggest would be if the Nats could sign Greinke. I like both Ramos and Desmond too much to consider a, I believe, two year stint.

  7. idek if that would be enough of a package to get a pitcher like Greinke so to get a window in their to negotiate would be too much to ask for IMO. The players I mentioned would all be expendable in the scenario I came up with. Espi slides over, Lombardozzi takes over second, Gonzo as the back up. Public Relations wise fans wouldn’t be too upset to see Ramos go since he hasn’t been here as long as Norris and it’d make room to bring a “Healthy”(big if) back into the picture.

  8. The relief appearance from Solis was very suprising to me, at least. I’d guess that takes him out of the rotation, but leaves him available for Saturday. Overall, I personally think Knoor has done a very nice nice job at the helm of Scottsdale this fall, both in balancing playing opportunities & maximizing performance from the team members. Well done, Randy K.

  9. Have had to chance to watch Lombardozzi play since he’s been in the AFL, and what pleasure it has been. Anxious to see him with the Nats.

    BinM…I believe Solis will be starting Saturday’s game.

  10. It’s quite a tip of the cap to have Sammy Solis start the championship game. They moved him up a day so he would be ready to start on the hill for the Scorpions on Saturday. I agree that Lombo is a real player — he can do a lot of things to help a team win. Can’t wait to see him soon in Nats’ Park!

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