Baseball America Top 20 Shutout Continues

Another BA Top 20 League Prospects sans Nats is released

After three league Top 20s — GCL, NY-Penn, South Atlantic — by Baseball America for the 2010 campaign, the Nationals have yet to have a player recognized. Given its slavish devotion to youth, this is hardly a surprise. But perhaps more telling is the answer that was given in the Top 20 chat regarding J.P. Ramirez:

Bill (Raleigh): JP Ramirez, suspect or prospect?

Bill Ballew (BA): Ramirez is an interesting guy. While his defense improved this year, he continued to display solid bat speed and power at the plate. He expands the strike zone at times, but his strikeouts were relatively low for a guy who looks to put the ball in play. He received a decent bonus as a mid-round pick and simply needs to play the game at this point in order to reach his potential, whatever that might be. In my opinion, he may have been the top prospect at Hagerstown, even though he remains somewhat raw.

Perhaps this is the nature of the beast — a “live” chat — but nothing in that answer suggests that he’s actually seen Ramirez play himself and some of it has been contradicted by our eyes on the field. Something to keep in mind before getting to wrapped up in the lack of mentions.

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

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  1. Either I’m a pollyanna or this is an outrage, what’s the matter with these people? Not acknowledging Oduber was dumb, yes he was older, he was also new to a lot of things being from Curacao.
    Leaving out Eury Perez is really the final straw!

  2. Another writer not really a believer in Eury Perez. I don’t know enough about prospects on other teams to comment. Really, though this stuff isn’t but so surprising. These lower leagues reflect Bowden drafts, the lower bonuses we paid out last year, and this year’s draft. This year’s draft revolves around high schoolers and Sammy Solis who didn’t play in the lower leagues. Rick Hague seems to be on schedule for the most part but his defense probably disqualifies him.

    Norris will be on the list for the Carolina League. Milone’s performance will earn Eastern League but his perceived stuff will keep him off for sure.

    Norris is about it, right?

    1. Souldrummer — You have to remember that Oduber led the GCL in EVERYTHING, not just one or two stats. What are their criteria, either way BA comes across as very foolish or just lightweight.

    2. Probably, but I don’t feel the need to get my panties in a bunch over it, either. Thankfully, BA has been publishing the Top 20s from 2005 in many of these leagues. And in the GCL, thus far 10 of those 20 have yet to make an MLB roster.

  3. Hello all – got to watch the instructs game vs. Detroit today…

    Oduber had an interesting fielding day in center seemingly misjudging balls. But in his defense, the sun was wicked bad and two of the hits were tailing away. He really reminds memof Justin Maxwell.

    Bryce Harper looks to me like the real deal. Didn’t have but maybe two if not one balls hit to him, but his arm is strong and accurate. Played good backup defense to oduber. He had a monstrous home run hit over the R field wall that probably carried 400+ feet. The right fielder just turned and watched. 🙂

    JP Ramirez had a steady fielding game. Souza had his typical error-prone game. I just don’t know what the Nats see in him. Adrian Sanchez made some super plays at second. Catching was a platton of Norris and … Can’t remember the name. Both catchers threw the ball well and tossed out runners at second and third.

    As for batting…the team was shut down by the detroit first round pitching prospect – again name escapes me. But my Lord he was throwing smoke. None of the nats came close to hitting that guy. He’ll be in the bigs for sure. Amazing pop of his pitches in the glove and incredible command.

    The Nats “lost” 3-2 I am pretty sure. No score board at all. Just the way I like it. :-).

    I’ll be in Viera tomorrow to get a second look. Meanwhile I’ll be praying to the baseball gods that Bryce Harper is in Hagerstown for at least a few games. I think he’s going to lay waste to SAL pitching. Definitely a man among boys…yet he is really the boy who the men are going to have to catch.

  4. Fantastic stuff. If you have anything more to add after seeing them again, reply here. I’d like to republish as post unto itself on Monday… this is the kind of in-person stuff that this site is dedicated to!

  5. Hello all again…

    Saw the game at Viera today. But first let me make a few comments about yesterdays game: the score was actually tied 3-3 and it was a no hitter until the 7th for the Nats. After talking to a fan at today’s game that was at Lakeland last night, he had heard that harpers home run was one of the longest they had seen there in years and most agreed it was 430+ feet. The pitcher for Detroit was named J Turner. Be looking for him in the majors. Now for today’s game…

    Today didn’t treat the Nats that good and they lost by 8-3 or close to that. Catching was a platoon of Flores and Leon. Flores looks really svelt…he’s been working out a lot. Both catchers had a good game behind the plate. Lombardozzi was at second and had a super game. Third was King. The not-so-funniest play of the game came in the top of the first. Grace was pitching and getting mildly rocked. A routine fly ball was hit to center and eury Perez. And don’t you know he dropped it half-assing the catch with one hand. He was immediately pulled from the game and sent to a side field where he shagged fly balls from the machine for the remainder of the game. The coaches did not allow him back on the bench. The entire game all you could hear was eury yelling “I got it” 3x before he’d catch the ball. After that immpressed with the Nats coaching staff for unfortunately making him an example.

    Bryce harper had a so-so game. Nothing real spectacular of note. Was steady in the field.

    Pitching was grace, Esteves, navarro, Jenkins, smoker, Morris. Grace was hit relatively easily by the Astros kids. Navarro wasn’t much better. Jenkins was pulled after only 2/3’inning and don’t know why. I was sitting next to three nags pitchers and they didnt really express any concern when he came out. Smoker was good except for a mammoth home run to left center scoring runs. Now, AJ Morris had it working….good pitching and good command mean behind me agreed that his stuff is good enough to get to the Nats next year.

    At the last few innings wholesale infield changes were made except for first base.

    In the end the game was ok, pitching was the issue today. I’m sad to come “back to reality” tomorrow but I’m pleased with the talent I saw and the coaching staff not putting up with players lackadaisical plays.

  6. Sue and TBR – Thanks for keeping us up to date on the Nats Instructs…keep up the good work!

  7. TBRfan — The old ‘can’t teel the players w/o a cheatsheet’ maxim looks to b the case in IL. Thanks again for all the insight, quite the humorous anecdote about Perez. Kids will be kids.

  8. Poor Eury! I do know 1 thing about that kid, that skinny boy can eat. If that was a cheeseburger hit to center, he sure as heck would secure it. I like the kid though, he has a good arm and is fast. Needs some plate discipline but that will come with time.

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