Good, Bad, Interesting… 2010 Regular-Season Final

Our final 2010 look at the leaders, trailers, and outliers in the Washington Nationals minor leagues

Our final 2010 look at the leaders, trailers, and outliers in the Washington Nationals minor leagues, with a focus on the level where the prospects shone the brightest, not counting some guy who made a tour for service-time reasons (*ahem*).

SYRACUSE 76-67, 2nd place IL North, 11 games back

Good Bat: Danny Espinosa .295/.349/.463 in 24G
Arm: Josh Wilkie 2.45ERA, 1.13WHIP, 2HR in 69⅔ IP
Bad Bat: Chris Duncan .191/.274/.302 in 82G
Arm: Collin Balester as a starter: 11.57ERA, .385OBA
Interesting Bat: Boomer Whiting .372OBP, 36/48 SB
Arm: Erik Arnesen 1.29WHIP, 3.95ERA in 107IP

HARRISBURG 77-65, 2nd place, 5 games back, E.L. West Division Wild Card

Good Bat: Chris Marrero .294/.350/.450 in 141G
Arm: Tom Milone 12-5, 2.85ERA ( in ’09, 12-5, 2.91ERA), 155K in 158IP
Bad Bat: Sean Rooney .165BA in 31G
Arm: Aaron Thompson 4-13, 5.80ERA, 1.59WHIP
Interesting Bat: Steve Lombardozzi .295/.373/.524 in 27G
Arm: Tanner Roark 1.22WHIP, 2.50ERA in 6 starts since acquisition

39-30 in 2nd Half, 70-69 overall — 2nd-Half CrL North Division winner by 2½ games

Good Bat: Tyler Moore 31HR, 111RBI, .552SLG
Arm: Dan Leatherman 0.92WHIP, 57K in 46⅔ IP in 31G w/ 11SV
Bad Bat: Chris Curran .226/.293/.305 in 74G
Arm: Justin Phillabaum 0-6, 6.87ERA (13.17 at home), 1.77WHIP in 29 appearances
Interesting Bat: Derek Norris .300/.535/.575 with RISP; .210/.359/.347 bases empty
Arm: Brad Peacock 5.1K/9 at A+ in ’09; 10.27K/9 in ’10

29-41 in 2nd Half, 65-75 overall

Good Bat: J.P. Ramirez .296/.341/.470 in 132G
Arm: Danny Rosenbaum 2.32ERA, 1.22WHIP in 18G
Bad Bat: Adrian Nieto .195/.291/.253, 13E in 60G
Arm: Josh Smoker 7.38ERA, .319OBA as starter
Interesting Bat: Justin Bloxom .309/.355/.476 in ’10; .228/.346/.303 in ’09 at Vermont
Arm: Rob Wort 2.08ERA, 185OBA; 3.91ERA, .247OBA in ’09 at GCL

36-38, 3rd Place Stedler Division of NY-Penn League, 2 games back

Good Bat: David Freitas .307/.408/.450 in 62G
Arm: Neil Holland 1.04WHIP, 37K in 32⅔ IP in 19G
Bad Bat: Hendry Jimenez .218/.291/.279 in 51G
Arm: Chris McKenzie 1.97WHIP, 8.54ERA in 26⅓ IP over 8G (6GS)
Interesting Bat: Wade Moore .287/.394/.392, ’10 D-2 draftee
Arm: Mark Herrera 1.18WHIP, .220OBA, ’10 Juco draftee

24-32, 4th place GCL East Division, 13 games back

Good Bat: Randolph Oduber .366/.434/.569 in 39G
Arm: Nick Serino 1.01WHIP, 3.16ERA in 25⅔ IP
Bad Bat: Rashad Hatcher .200/.241/.218 in 32G
Arm: Mike Gallo 8.38ERA, .291OBA in 19⅓ IP
Interesting Bat: Angel Montilla .285/.350/.383 in 51G
Arm: NDFA Billy Ott 0.83WHIP, 1.17ERA in 23IP

36-35, 5th Place, Boca Chica East, 10 games back

Good Bat: Victor Chavez .309/.420/.412 in 46G
Arm: Wirkin Estevez 1.04WHIP, .233OBA in 82⅔ IP
Bad Bat: Yamaicol Tejeda .042BA in 48AB over 32G
Arm: Jorge De La Cruz 9.88ERA in 11G
Interesting Bat: 18-y.o. Paul Chacin .281/.355/.336 in 50G
Arm: Adalberto Mieses 1.42WHIP, 33BB, 5HR, 2.98ERA

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

8 thoughts on “Good, Bad, Interesting… 2010 Regular-Season Final”

  1. Some thoughts on another great list (man, you’ve been working overtime today!):
    1) Poor Wilkie. Wilkamania looks like it’s on hold for at least one more year and he had an awful final outing for Syracuse.
    2) Rooney really bummed me out this year by falling off a cliff. His demotion and Rhinehart’s demotion are sad but necessary contributions to Potomac’s playoff run. Thompson was frustrating this year. Wasn’t he at least a smidge better down the stretch? You like Roark better than Tatusko? Curious on that one, but I know “interesting” doesn’t necessarily mean better.
    3) Leatherman was great for Potomac but he’s organizational depth. If he was the best story as a pitching arm at Potomac, that’s a concern for the pitching prospects in the organization. I guess AJ Morris has been a real disappointment this year. If Espinosa earned the best mention at Syracuse, could Rosenbaum get pitching honors for Potomac? Awesome focus on Norris’ RISP. Had no idea.
    4) Hagerstown was a pitching graveyard by the end of the season I guess. Guess you’re down on Clegg or Demny but I can’t blame you for that. The Eury Perez lobby and the scouts are not going to be pleased with your JP Ramirez choice.
    5) As always, defer to your knowledge on the Vermont, GCL, and DSL. Oduber had a lot of supporters and he went under the radar with the other overdrafts. Not strong in the few games he had at Hagerstown, but I hope he starts at Hagerstown instead of Vermont next year, especially with the other likely outfield promotions.

    1. 1) The Rule 5 is made for guys like Wilkie
      2) Roark gets the nod based on age, Thompson was better in a couple of late-season starts, but not enough to erase the bad stretch
      3) Rosenbaum is a great story, but the bulk of his good work was at Hagerstown. Espinosa gets the honor at Syracuse much because there was no other bat that fits the term of prospect. Leatherman was the most consistent pitcher under the age of 25, Alaniz was the best pitcher overall, but not a prospect.
      4) Clegg and Demny both wilted in August. Perez had a great second half, but Ramirez was good all season long. That’s not a crack against Eury, but praise for Ramirez
      5) These three levels anyone can snort “sample size” at my selection and be right. I wish I had some eyes down there, but I don’t and it’s too damn far for me to drive (unless it’s in mid-March)

    1. I don’t believe so. He was signed as NDFAin ’06, which means this is his fifth year in the organization and MLFA comes after six years.

  2. Good stuff, Sue, and thanks for taking the time to defend. Be interesting to see what happens with Tatusko. Syracuse looks crowded next year to me, but there are still decisions to make with rotation and converting guys to relievers. It will be interesting to see how Ramirez and Perez get compared on the prospect lists over the offseason. Ramirez seems to have a lot of polish as a hitter. He should take a million fly balls in left in the offseason. I don’t know how you add the walk tool to Perez, and I don’t know how much of his success was Morganesque second half luck and how much was a genuine step forward.

  3. Great job Sue,
    1. Rooney I believe just needs a rest. After the death of his father last year he started well with PNats then dropped off in AA. Got married in the offseason then was called to replace Norrris in the AFL while he just got back from the honeymoon. Then starts in AA and hardly plays behind Solano then comes back to Pnats after Peacock breaks his finger/hand. Since being demoted has play on a regular basis and played well.
    2. AJ Morris just needs to stay off the DL and he will be fine. His time in the pen has been victomized by bad, bad, bad defense. Not an excuse but just sayin.
    3. Tom Milone should be talked about alot more based on almost 2 identical seasons.
    4. D. Norris still seems lazy to me.
    5. M. Burgess just needed a change of scenery.

  4. Re: Wilkie — I think the ONLY reason Wilkie wasn’t brought up was they need the space on the 40 man and don’t need to expose him for another year.

    Sue, Boomer Whiting is the ultimate in ‘interesting’. Don’t know what to make of this guy, maybe be a really interesting AAAA player for a long time.

    This has been brought up before but those two guys we got for Guzman have both been impressive. I know the Rangers system is flush, but what did the Nats F.O. see that the Rangers didn’t. They helped propel Harrisburg to the playoffs for the first time in 8 years.

  5. Wilkie was eligible for Rule 5 last year, partly the reason for his inclusion for the AFL last fall – to further gauge whether he was worthy of a 40 man roster spot. The same reason Kimball & Carr are on the AFL this year. Fully 1/3 the “prospects” in the AFL are in that category, aging border-line prospects that teams are giving a final look-see to see if they merit inclusion on the 40 man.

    Wilkie was deemed “not” worthy, but was not picked, so stayed a Nat.

    He would be eligible again this year.

    I feel like I’m “cheating” posting here instead of NFA 😉 so here’s a link to Brian’s post last year on the Rule 5.

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