Good, Bad , Interesting… Vol. 18

Our weekly look at the leaders, trailers, and outliers in the Washington Nationals minor leagues.

Our weekly look at the leaders, trailers, and outliers in the Washington Nationals minor leagues.

SYRACUSE 62-57, 3rd place IL North, 7½ games back

Good Danny Espinosa .536SLG since promotion
Bad Catchers not named Wilson Ramos: .208 BA/.297 SLG
Interesting Joe Bisenius 0.88WHIP, .190OBA in first 6 appearances

HARRISBURG 62-55, 3rd place, 5 games back, EL (1 game behind wild-card leader)

Good Marvin Lowrance .296/.389/.472 in 79G
Bad Zach Dials 2.11WHIP, .370OBA in 10G before trip to DL
Interesting 34 different pitchers have pitched for the Senators

25-19 in 2nd Half, 1st place by 2 games in CrL North

Good Tyler Moore .375/.395/.775 in August (yes, I’m picking the low-hanging fruit)
Bad Francisco Soriano 5E in 8G for Potomac; 37E in 99G overall
Interesting Jose Lozada .333/.326/.524 in 11G since Soriano promotion

18-28 in 2nd Half, last place in SAL North, 9½ games back

Good Adrian Sanchez .441/.457/.529 since promotion from GCL
Bad Stephen King 26K in 22G, .167BA since promotion from Vermont
Interesting Jeff Kobernus has not played since August 1; hit .342 in July

28-24, 1st Place Stedler Division of NY-Penn League, 1 game ahead

Good Kevin Cahill 1.62ERA, 1.14WHIP in 9G
Bad Jack Walker .105/.320/.105 in 20G
Interesting Chad Mozingo 25BB in 42G

16-26, 5th place GCL East Division, 11 games back, Elimination No: 5

Good Randolph Oduber .451 OBP, 14SB, 0E in 27G
Bad Mike Gallo 2.07WHIP, 10.93ERA, 21H in 14IP
Interesting Angel Montilla .280/.352/.392

32-31, 5th place B.C. South Division, 10 games back, Eliminated From Playoffs

Good Antonio Guzman 80K in 70⅔ IP
Bad Adderling Ruiz .195/.262/.248
Interesting Jorge Hernandez 2.05ERA, .194OBA, 0.98WHIP in 30⅔ IP

Author: Luke Erickson

Since 2009, Luke Erickson has been chief writer, editor, and bottle-washer of Potomac is his home base as a season-ticket holder, but he has visited every affiliate north of Florida at least once, with multiple trips to Hagerstown and Harrisburg.

12 thoughts on “Good, Bad , Interesting… Vol. 18”

    1. Unfortunately, we have no contacts in the GCL so we’re not hearing much of anything. Given Manno’s limited exposure (six appearances), we’re guessing that he’s spending the majority of his time working with the coaches on his mechanics to reduce the walks.

  1. The rap on Espinosa coming out of college was that he had a major league glove but his bat was very questionable. Sue, you saw him a lot last year, what are your thoughts.

    Stephen King is turning into one of those ‘what might have beens’ fast.

    1. I’ll repeat what I said on NFA: Having Desmond play SS and Espinosa play 2B is like George Harrison playing bass and Paul McCartney playing lead guitar.

      He has a major-league eye when it comes to the strike zone, but he’s likely to be a SS version of Mark Bellhorn: .230-.240BA with some pop and a .350 or so OBP

    1. I was hoping you might know… he’s still listed as active, and you’d figure that they’d have put him on the DL by now if he’d gotten hurt. Which leads to two conclusions: 1) He’s in the doghouse 2) Sanchez and Hague are squeezing him for playing time.

  2. Everything I’ve read about this Manno kid was that he had the chance to be quite the steal. I always figured they were just letting his arm rest after overuse in college.
    Maybe they’re hoping he’ll fill out, as he has another of those ‘Ichabod Crane’ bodies.

  3. @Sue
    Like your projection for Espinosa. Where are you on the September callup vs start him next year at DC vs. keep him in Syracuse for at least half the year? I’m conservative and lobby for keep him at Syracuse until we have some more info. I’m sure the Nats will have some breakdown on how he fares against some of the weaker pitchers Syracuse faces and the stronger pitchers like Carrasco last night who is a legit top 10 prospect in the Cleveland organization with modest major league experience.

    1. I’m of the opinion that you don’t bring guys up in September unless you’re certain they’re ready to play by May of the next season. His bat is what’s holding him back, I’ve always felt he’s the best SS glove we’ve got in the system.

  4. @Sue
    Some other questions if you’ve got the time. Totally understand if you don’t.
    Any guesses on when we might see Kobernus and Meyers back?
    Should I care about Bisenius? What’s his role next year?

    1. Kobernus is a mystery – he’s still listed as active but hasn’t played in nearly two weeks. I was actually hoping for someone in H’town to chime in w/ something but it appears that they’re in the dark, too.

      You’d have to think that Meyers may be done for the year; foot injuries are notorious for causing shoulder injuries by way of compensation. Bisenius is an organizational guy, but since he had been smacked around in his last stint at AAA, I gave him some props this week (also, it’s hard with GBI to not keep repeating names). Naturally, this increases the odds of him giving up 3 or 4 runs in the space of five or six batters tonight or tomorrow…

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