Sep 072010

The expected recall of Yunesky Maya and Ross Detwiler was widely reported over the weekend, and took place this afternoon, but there was also a surprise in the bunch: soon-to-be 28-year-old Joe Bisenius.

Bisenius, who was cut from spring training by the Philadelphia Phillies, was signed in May as he was gearing up for a stint as a reliever for the Sioux City Explorers of the independent American Association of Professional Baseball.

His next appearance will be his third as a major-leaguer, having appeared in two games in April 2007 for the Philadelphia Phillies. He was also recalled during the summer of 2008 for eight days with making an appearance.

Injuries to his back limited his ’09 campaign to just 20 games. He had previously suffered rotator-cuff injuries in ’08.

Bisenius has been reported to have (or be capable of) high-90s velocity, but it was not seen at Potomac during his stint in June. Overall, Bisenius has posted a 3.05ERA in 34 appearances with a 4-0 record and one save.

  9 Responses to “Joe Bisenius: Surprise September Callup”

  1. This is worth a move to the 40 man roster?

  2. Yes, if all you drop is Carlos Maldonado.

  3. Dude has a 10.8K per 9IP rate. Worth a roster spot if they want to give him a look for next year. Look at what they got with Peralta this year, for example. I like this move.

  4. Anybody here catch Zuckerman’s article on Bisenius?
    Didn’t realize that a lot of this is 40-man math before they decide what to do with a guy who’s averaging more than a strikeout per inning and is free to walk after the season.

  5. At least he’s not Logan Kensing 🙂

  6. Maybe he can be the next Mike McDougal.

  7. Paul:
    The Nationals don’t need another wild-armed closer (MacDougal) at this point. I can sort of understand Bisenius getting a look as a younger replacement for Peralta / Walker, but still have problems with him getting the call over Wilkie, 94+ fastball be damned.

  8. @BinM
    It’s not about “the call”. It’s about stockpiling the most assets with potential for the longest amount of time. Bisenius is an asset you have to decide up on between now and minor league free agency opening period. Wilkie is not. If you don’t think he’ll get Rule 5 drafted he’s under control. That’s the name of the game.

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