DSL Arms

Been a long time, but let’s take a look at the previous edition before we go into the next…

José Cedeño
2019: 3-3, 0SV; 11G, 7GS, 34⅓ IP; 3.41/4.22/1.17
2021: 5-0, 0SV; 12G, 10GS, 58IP; 1.24/2.70/0.74 in the DSL → (see below)

Miguel Gomez
2019: 0-0, 1SV; 14G, 0GS, 28⅔ IP; 3.45/4.12/1.47
2021: 1-3, 1SV; 12G, 4GS, 22⅓ IP; 6.85/5.62/1.52 in the FCL

Bernard Hiraldo
2019: 2-6, 0SV; 12G, 12GS, 53⅔ IP; 4.86/3.11/1.45
2021: 2-4, 1SV; 12G, 6GS, 42⅓ IP; 4.46/4.05/1.37 → Made 2022 Watchlist as a RHP

Ronni Montero
2019: 1-3, 0SV; 13G, 6GS, 42 IP; 2.36/3.80/1.29
2021: 1-2, 2SV; 12G, 1GS, 18⅔ IP; 3.37/4.00/1.45 in the DSL

Kevin Rodriguez
2019: 2-3, 0SV; 15G, 1GS, 30⅓ IP; 2.67/3.87/1.38
2021: 1-2, 1SV; 13G, 0GS, 20IP; 5.40/6.25/1.35 in the DSL

Oy vey. Three repeated the DSL, only one did well enough to repeat as a DSL arm. Only one of the two given the bump to the FCL improved. This is to be expected in a normal sequence, never mind one with a season skipped.

So take these next few with the grain (ounce) of salt you should for all guys who scouted by boxscore…

Gabriel Agostini
JULY 1, 2022 AGE: 17
STATS: 5-2, 0SV; 15G, 4GS, 32⅓ IP; 1.11/2.25/0.90
This may confuse some folks, but Agostini was nearly three years younger than the league average and still performed at an elite level. Already throws in the 87-93 mph range with advanced feel for his SL and CH, which helped him rack up 42K in 32⅓ innings. If he repeats, it would probably be because they want him to start and have success before going to Florida.

Jose Atencio
JULY 1, 2022 AGE: 20
STATS: 5-4, 0SV; 11G, 8GS, 51⅓; 1.58/2.13/0.86
Atencio, like Agostini, is a Venezuelan import. He’s also one of six holdovers from 2019, which will undoubtedly be brought up though he was only about four months older than league average.

José Cedeño
JULY 1, 2022 AGE: 20
STATS: 5-0, 0SV; 12G, 10GS, 58IP; 1.24/2.70/0.74
Same deal with Cedeño as Atencio, except he’s from Panama.

Jefrem Leon
JULY 1, 2022 AGE: 19
STATS: 0-0, 0SV; 12G, 3GS, 24⅔ IP; 1.46/3.12/0.93
The not-from-the-D.R. theme continues with Aruban Jefrem Leon, who seems likely to repeat because he’s undersized (6-1, 155) and was limited to two-inning stints every five days, perhaps with an eye towards starting this season.

Raynel Moron
JULY 1, 2022 AGE: 21
STATS: 2-3, 0SV; 10G, 9GS, 44IP; 4.30/2.84/1.39
Moron was indeed a year older than the lg. avg. but showed unusually good control (1.8BB/9IP), even for a 20-y.o.

Doimil Perez
JULY 1, 2022 AGE: 18
STATS: 1-2, 0SV; 10G, 6GS, 27IP; 4.67/4.06/1.07
Like Leon, Perez was kept on a short (but slightly longer) leash, going more towards three innings every four days. Like Moron, Perez walked very few (4BB in 27IP) but struck out even more (10.0K/9 vs. 9.2K/9).