2019 IFAs

The loss of the 2020 season is especially devastating for these guys because they were supposed to have made their professional debuts last summer. Instead, they’re almost like the 2020 models on a new car lot – still shiny and new with not a lot of mileage on the odometer, but no longer the latest model.

So like the 2019 DSL Guys, it’s not fair to cast the 2019 IFAs aside or lump them in with the 2020/21 IFAs (see previous link). Here’s what we had to say last January while we await the scouting books (which will come) and the 2021 season (which may come):

Pablo Aldonis
Aldonis is in keeping with the Nats’ tendency to shoot for older, overlooked Dominicans as he was signed as a 17-y.o who would turn 18 before making his pro debut (He turns 19 in March 2021). He reportedly throws in the high 80s, touching 92 with a plus changeup for his age. Scouts say the 6’1″, 160-lb southpaw will need to develop another secondary pitch.

Juan Garcia
Garcia was signed as a 16-y.o. from the D.R. with plus-plus speed – enough that some scouts wonder if he’s better suited to center field. At the plate, Garcia has fast bat speed and uses a line-drive approach to produce doubles aplenty. Listed at 6′ and 170 lbs. at his signing, there’s room for him to fill out, which could change those doubles to homers.

Franklin Marquez
Another Venezuelan, the 17-y.o. Marquez already is showing a FB/SL/CH arsenal, touching the low-90s. Listed at 6′, 165 and reportedly throws from a lower (3/4?) arm slot. In 2019, scouts were praising his “good feel for his craft,” citing how he’s already using his changeup to keep batters guessing.

Dawry Martinez
Another shortstop, Martinez is a little smaller (5-10, 160) and a year older than Garcia but can switch-hit and has a lot of raw tools, including a plus arm and plus speed. Like most toolsy players, the challenge is to convert that raw talent to practical skills and play under control. Naturally, the comp that gets thrown at him is to Wilmer Difo.

Roismar Quintana
Quintana is from Venezuela and is listed at 6′ and 205 lbs. Currently a CF, the obvious inference is that he may have to play in one of the corners, which would probably in LF since he has a below-average arm. If his speed has slowed to average, his power is still growing, and that’s what makes him intriguing. He’s already been stateside twice for instrux.

Eliesel Santana
Unfortunately, there is still not much to be found on the 18-y.o. from the D.R. aside from his signing and his specs:
Ht. 6-2
Wt. 185
DOB: 10/2/02