DSL Arms

As we’ve done now for four editions, let’s review the previous selections before discussing the new group:

Yelmery Sisnero
2016: 4-3, 0SV; 9G, 9GS, 41⅔ IP; 0.43/2.08/0.91 in the DSL
2017: DNP → Placed on 60-Day DL in June, released in October

Angel Guillen
2016: 4-1, 0SV; 12G, 11GS, 54 IP; 1.67/2.52/0.94 in the DSL
2017: 2-1, 1SV; 11G, 1GS, 23⅔ IP; 3.42/3.00/1.18 in the GCL
            0-3, 0SV; 5G, 2GS, 14#8532; IP; 4.30/6.77/1.30 in the NYPL → Made the ’18 Watchlist as a RHP

Gilberto Chu
2016: 1-4, 0SV; 11G, 11GS, 51 IP; 3.18/2.37/0.96 in the DSL
2017: 1-1, 0SV; 9G, 0GS, 19IP; 2.84/2.53/1.26 in the GCL
            2-1, 0SV; 7G, 0GS, 18⅔ 3.86/3.97/1.29 in the NYPL → Made the ’18 Watchlist as a LHP

Warner Duran
2016: 1-0, 6SV; 19G, 11GF, 32⅔ IP; 1.65/2.28/0.73 in the DSL
2017: 0-1, 0SV; 2G, 0GS, 5IP; 7.20/2.06/1.20 in the DSL → Released on June 16, 2017

Jairon Peguero
2016: 0-5, 0SV; 13G, 4GF, 33 IP; 4.91/2.60/1.45
2017: 1-1, 0SV; 9G, 9GS, 44IP; 1.84/2.70/1.11 in the DSL
            1-1, 0SV; 5G, 0GS, 11⅓ IP; 5.56/4.04/1.50 in the GCL

After a strong crop in 2015, the 2016 crop was a mixed bag – one was released, another never pitched, and a third repeated the DSL (though he was moved up north for five appearances. The other two made the Watchlist, though there may have been a little bit of BA to them (validation of past choices). Since this category was begun in 2013, no DSL arm has risen higher than High-A in the Nats organization, so try not to get too excited.

On to the 2018 selections…

Alfonso Hernandez
JULY 1, 2018 AGE: 18
STATS: 1-1, 0SV; 12G, 12GS, 55⅔ IP; 2.10/2.53/1.17
The Venezuelan led the D-Nats in innings pitched, strikeouts, and did not allow a home run. The question is merely how aggressive they’ll be with him in 2018: GCL or the NYPL.

Rafael Gomez
JULY 1, 2018 AGE: 20
STATS: 6-3, 0SV; 11G, 11GS, 55 IP; 4.09/2.88/1.27
Gomez was repeating the level but doubled his innings pitched. The ERA was high, but the FIP was low, with just one HR allowed and good but not great K rate (7.7) and a good walk rate (2.3).

Joan Adon
JULY 1, 2018 AGE: 19
STATS: 2-1, 1SV; 13G, 2GF, 28 IP; 3.54/3.12/1.18
With a weak crop of pitchers, someone who’s a tick above average can be among the five best. As such, my gut says Adon will repeat the level.

Niomar Gomez
JULY 1, 2018 AGE: 19
STATS: 1-3, 0SV; 12G, 12GS, 55⅓ IP; 4.07/3.17/1.27
It’s basically the same story with the O.G. (Other Gomez) a touch above average, but a slightly elevated walk rate. But he did log the second-most innings.

Pedro Gonzalez
JULY 1, 2017 AGE: 17
STATS: 1-3, 0SV; 12G, 12GS, 52⅔ IP; 5.30/3.51/1.63
Gonzalez was the youngest player in the organization, having turned 17 in mid-July. Yes, he put on a ton of baserunners, he didn’t let in as many as you might expect.