Wednesday’s News & Notes

Oh, look: Some rain, some bad luck, and not enough hitting.

The Quick Rundown…

Team Yesterday’s Result Today’s Game Pitching Matchup
Syracuse Chiefs Won, 4-3 vs. Norfolk, 7:00 p.m. Yunesky Maya (1-3, 3.57) vs.
Michael Ballard (2-4, 4.58)
Harrisburg Senators Lost, 4-1 vs. New Britain, 7:00 p.m. Oliver Perez (1st start) vs.
Liam Hendriks (3-1, 3.66)
Potomac Nationals Lost, 2-0 @ Frederick, 7:05 p.m. Evan Bronson (1-1, 2.20) vs.
Nathan Moreau (3-2, 3.56)
Hagerstown Suns Suspended, Top 3 vs. Kannapolis, 10:35 a.m.
(completion, then 7-inn gm)
(Game 2)
A.J. Cole (0-1, 3.52) vs.
Paul Burnside (3-1, 3.55)

Syracuse 4 Norfolk 3
• Stammen (W, 3-2) 6IP 9H 3R 3ER 0BB 7K
• Wilkie (S, 4) 1IP 1H 0R 0BB 2K
• Hulett 1-3, R, RBI
• Flores 1-4, R, RBI
• Aubrey 1-1 2BB

Thanks to three runs scored in the sixth inning, the Chiefs were able to take the lead and win the game, defeating Norfolk by a score of 4-3. While it took five pitchers to get the win, Stammen earned it, pitching six complete innings, allowing three earned runs on nine hits and seven strikeouts. Wilkie also earned his fourth save of the season, pitching a scoreless ninth. Hitters of the game were Hulett, Flores and Aubrey who collectively went 3-for-8 with two runs scored, two RBIs and two walks.

New Britain 4 Harrisburg 1
• Martis (ND) 7IP 3H 0R 1BB 5K
• McCoy (BS, 1)(L, 1-2) ⅓ IP 4H 4R 4ER 0BB 1K 0HR
• Barthmaier 1⅔ IP 1H 0R 0BB 0K 1-0 IR-S
• Norris 2-4, 2B, RBI
• Lombardozzi 2-4
• Gilbert 2-4

A four-run eighth was the undoing for the Senators, ruining a fine outing by Shairon Martis, as Harrisburg lost, 4-1. Martis laid seven goose eggs on the top of the scoreboard, giving up just three hits and a walk while striking out five. Pat McCoy would face just six batters and give up all four runs to blow the save and take the loss. Derek Norris’s two-out RBI double in the fourth was the only hit in nine chances with RISP, as the Senators stranded seven baserunners. Norris, Steve Lombardozzi and Archie Gilbert each collected two hits in the loss.

Frederick 2 Potomac 0
• Demny (L, 1-3) 6IP 5H 2R 2ER 3BB 4K
• Nelo 1IP 0H 0R 0BB 2K
• Perez 2-3, CS

Poor baserunning undid what little offense Potomac was able to bring last night, as Frederick Keys locked them out, 2-0. Paul Demny took the lost with both runs allowed on five hits and three walks. Justin Bloxom was picked off first in the ninth, doubled off second base in the second while Francisco Soriano got gunned down trying to advance to third on a ball hit to short. Eury Perez went 2-for-3 to improve his average to a team-best .329, as Potomac got just four hits in getting shut out for the seventh time this season.

Kannapolis 2 Hagerstown 1 — SUSP, T3
• Grace 3IP 5H 2R 2ER 1BB 3K
• Freitas 1-1, RBI
• Sanchez 1-1, R

Sanchez’s RBI single in the bottom of the 1st tied the game at one apiece but Kannapolis fought back in the top of the 3rd to score an additional run to gain the lead. Due to the weather, the game was called in the 3rd inning, with the Suns trailing by a score of 2-1. The nine-inning game will be completed this morning, followed by a seven-inning contest for a daytime doubleheader.

First Impressions

Here are my takes on the Potomac players through the first 10 or so home games

This may seem late, but I made this post last year after roughly 11 home games. It just happened to be April 27 instead of May 17. The problem, of course, is that the P-Nats have played more than twice the games on the road (25) than at home.

That matters because no matter what I write next, people will look to the overall stats. And teams play differently on the road than they do at home, so that imbalance is going to be built in. Some guys have hit or pitched much better on the road (Perez, Lehman) and some have really done noticeably better at the Pfitz (Hood, Demny)

While I look at stats as much as the next gal, these eyes, though they may be cryin’, get to have their say ’cause they see the little things the boxes don’t (bah buh bah bahhh). And here’s what I’m seeing from the P-Nats…

Steven Souza – An all-or-nothing type hitter. But when he makes contact, it’s solid. At home, he’s a slugger (.641); on the road, he’s not (.363) which makes no sense considering that the team has been to hitter-friendly parks like the Salems and Frederick. Defensively, he’s not bad considering he’s a convert to the position, but still needs to work on the smaller nuances like when to defer to the neighboring fielders and when to cover second base on an extra-base hit.

Jeff Kobernus – Plays hard, good instincts on the basepaths, but just hasn’t had the results to match his efforts. Defensively, he’s still a work in progress like Souza as he spent most of his college career at third base.

Jose Lozada – An OG that can play anywhere in the IF, but only above-average as a 1B.
Francisco Soriano – Has improved defensively (a cannon for an arm), and will take a walk.
Rick Hague – Liked what I saw on the first homestand, but that’s just five games and more than a month ago.

Stephen King – He’s since gone up to Harrisburg, but his defensive improvement was significant compared to years past. Appeared to be turning the corner offensively just before his callup.
Justin Bloxom – Assigned to the position, but not a third baseman — that I’m confident in stating with a small sample size (i.e. just this past homestand), but offensively, I need to see more to have a more informed opinion.

Cutter Dykstra – Yes, he’s played in the field, but the majority of his appearances have been as a DH. That said, he’s been a disappointment relative to his achievements last year. Tends to hit towards right field with little-to-no-power. Speed is as advertised.

J.P. Ramirez – Offensively, the numbers aren’t there, but I like how he uses all fields to hit and has a lot more power than you’d expect out of a short/squat body type. Defensively, he’s a work in progress but lately has been compensating for his lack of footspeed with good jumps.

Eury Perez – In April, he was intent on bunting and playing small ball on offense, but of late, he’s been swinging away and getting gap doubles. Terrific speed, but has a bad habit of looking over his shoulder and will sometimes give up on a grounder instead running out at full speed. The two converge when he taps a grounder that’s not cleanly fielded and you’ll see him kick it up a notch. Haven’t seen the shallow CF that BA referenced, but he’s more than adequate on defense.

Destin Hood – Like Bloxom, this is where he’s been playing but it’s not his position. Lately, Hood has been showing difficulty picking up the ball and doesn’t take good routes consistently. Classic description of a left fielder. Offensively, he’s been showing more power, but he’s also become pull-happy with nearly every extra-base hit going to left.

Sandy Leon – Defensively, he’s as good as any catcher I’ve ever seen at Potomac. Offensively, he’s a switch-hitter that fits the mold of power from the left side, average on the right side. But light on both.

Brian Peacock – Glad he got the call up to Harrisburg, but hope he’s being groomed to coach a la John Poppert because he’s unlikely to play again any time soon.
J.R. Higley, Chris Curran – Strong arm, good glove, excellent speed, but struggles to hit.
Jeremy Mayo – Seen very little of him and what I have seen has been “meh,” much like any backup catcher that’s lightly used.

Danny Rosenbaum – As a known quantity, this is really a “first impression,” but more a commentary. The velocity seems to be up a notch from last August/September, but the control is also down a notch. It’s most evident with his curveball, which he needs to harness and throw more often. Once those two areas are improved, he’ll AA-ready. Unfortunately, that’s something that you can say about a LOT of High-A pitchers.

Trevor Holder – Likewise, Holder has become an enigma. Just when you think it’s time to pull the plug and put him in the ‘pen, he breaks out like he did last night in Frederick. There are three Nats starters on the farm with less than a walk per nine innings. Brad Meyers and Tom Milone are easy ones to guess; Holder is the third. Maybe it’s an aberration, but pitchers that don’t hurt themselves are always worth watching.

Paul Demny – Unfortunately, I have only seen Demny pitch once, and it was on a game that I arrived late because of a rain-created doubleheader. In the course of researching Holder, I did happen to notice that Demny is the polar opposite in terms of ERA-FIP. Holder is +2.74, which is considered extremely unlucky (i.e. his ERA is much higher than it “ought” to be). Demny is -2.52, with an ERA of 2.94 and an FIP of 5.46. Could just be nothing, but with a walk rate that’s barely less his K rate (4.28 vs. 4.81), it’s not a good sign

Mitchell Clegg – I’ve seen him pitch twice — the Tuesday, May 2 blowout and last Sunday. In both starts, his pitches were up, but the second start his fastball had a bit more life on it.

Marcos Frias – Opening weekend, Frias looked like the guy that won the 2010 Carolina League championship. But while Potomac was on the road, something came undone and he was banished to the bullpen. Sunday, he looked better, but that’s all I’ve seen of him: one start (excellent) one relief appearance.

I’m punting here for the most part because this is what I have to go on…

Kyle Morrison, Alex Caldera (released)
Carlos Martinez (promoted)
Ryan Demmin (sent back to XST)
Pat Lehman, Dean Weaver, Joe Testa – two appearances each
Evan Bronson – one long relief appearance

Rob Wort – Doesn’t look as sharp as I remember last fall. His control and command are both off and he can’t seem to not issue a walk each time out, which is deadly for a reliever.

Adam Olbrychowski – Looked decent the first time out on Opening Weekend, but since then has been awful.

Josh Smoker – Not too often you see a lefty throwing in the 90s out of a High-A ‘pen, but he’s just as likely to walk a guy as strike him out.

Catching Up On Transactions

Four players swap places on the Chiefs and Senators player lists.

As discussed in the comments, further roster moves have been made to undo/explain last week’s moves that were deemed questionable by some readers…

• Jesus Valdez was promoted from Harrisburg to Syracuse

• Ryan Mattheus was promoted from Harrisburg to Syracuse

• Oliver Perez was activated from the Syracuse 7-Day DL and assigned to Harrisburg

• Ryan Tatusko was returned to Harrisburg

With two active players added to the Chiefs roster but only one subtracted, it would appear that another roster move is forthcoming for Syracuse, which has a 24-man limit and currently 25 men listed as active. If more details are discovered this afternoon, look to this space for an update.

As mentioned in the comments, the other shoe dropping in Syracuse is C Carlos Maldonado being placed on the 7-Day DL.

Some Potomac moves…
• Cameron Selik was placed on the 7-Day DL
• Chris Curran was activated from the 7-Day DL
• Hector Nelo was assigned from XST
As usual, is listing more active players than allowed so my best guess is that J.R. Higley has been deactivated.

• IF Matt Antonelli promoted from Harrisburg to Syracuse
• IF Alex Valdez demoted from Syracuse to Harrisburg

Tuesday’s News & Notes

Rain in upstate NY, hard luck in Frederick, another four-game sweep for the Suns

The Quick Rundown…

Team Yesterday’s Result Today’s Game Pitching Matchup
Syracuse Chiefs Postponed vs. Norfolk, 7:00 p.m. Craig Stammen (2-2, 3.26) or
Tom Milone (2-3, 4.21) vs.
Chris George (2-2, 4.15)
Harrisburg Senators OFF DAY vs. New Britain Shairon Martis (1-1, 4.19) vs.
Potomac Nationals Lost, 3-2 @ Frederick, 7:05 p.m. Paul Demny (1-2, 2.94) vs.
Richard Zagone (1-0, 0.00)
Hagerstown Suns Won, 8-3 (12 inn.) vs. Kannapolis, 6:35 p.m. Matt Grace (3-4, 4.54) vs.
Jacob Petricka (3-1, 2.70)

Syracuse-Durham — CANCELED
The rains washed out the doubleheader. Because these two teams will not play each other again in the regular season, the games have been canceled. Tonight, Syracuse begins a four-game set against the Norfolk Tides.

Harrisburg — OFF DAY
After an off day yesterday, the Harrisburg Senators host the New Britain Rock Cats for three before heading out on the road to Binghamton (three games) and Akron (four games).

Frederick 3 Potomac 2
• Holder (L, 1-5) 8IP 6H 3R 3ER 0BB 5K
• Leon 2-4, 2RBI

After shutting out the Keys on 73 pitches through seven innings, Trevor Holder appeared poised for a complete game, perhaps even a shutout. He got one but not the other as the Keys rallied for three in the eighth, aided by a strikeout-wild pitch with two outs that extended the inning, and turned a 1-0 deficit into a 3-1 lead. Potomac would get one back in the 9th, as Justin Bloxom and J.P. Ramirez drew walks following outs and Sandy Leon drove in his second run, but Jose Lozada struck out to end it, the tying run stranded at third.

Hagerstown 8 Lakewood 3 (12 inn.)
• Jordan (ND) 6IP 7H 3R 3ER 2BB 5K
• Swynenberg 3IP 1H 0R 1BB 2K
• Brown (W, 1-0) 2IP 1H 0R 0BB 2K
• Kelso 3-6, R, 2SB
• Oduber 2-6, 2R, 2RBI, SB
• Taylor 2-6, 3B, 2RBI

With a five-run 12th, highlighted by a two-run triple by Michael Taylor, the Hagerstown Suns beat the Lakewood Blue Claws, 8-3 in extra innings, securing a four-game sweep on the road for the third time this season. Taylor Jordan allowed all three Blue Claw runs on seven hits and two walks over the first six innings, as four Suns relievers shut down the Blue Claws for the last six, with Sam Brown getting the win. Blake Kelso led the 13-hit attack with three hits, while Bryce Harper was given an intentional pass to extend his on-base streak to 24 games.

Peacock, Ray Named Pitcher Of The Week

Two more Nats pitchers earn weekly league honors

Joining Michael Aubrey in the weekly honors are Brad Peacock and Robbie Ray, who were named Pitcher of the Week for the Eastern and South Atlantic Leagues respectively for the week of May 9-15.

Peacock’s 14 K’s over 7IP this past Friday earned him his second pitcher of the week honors, which he took home previously for the period of April 18-24. For the season Peacock is 5-1 with a 2.13ERA over 42⅓ innings of work. His 56 strikeouts is tied for the Eastern League lead.

Ray made two starts last week, allowing three hits over 11 innings with one walk and 13 strikeouts. Ray is the third Hagerstown Sun to win the award, following Cameron Selik (April 18-24) and Bryce Harper (May 2-8).

Aubrey Named IL Batter of The Week

Another weekly award for a Nats farmhand

Can one game win you batter of the week honors? It just might, if you slug four HRs in four at-bats like Michael Aubrey did this past Saturday.

Aubrey was named the International League’s Batter of the Week for the week of May 9-15. In six games, the 29-year-old went 8-for-18 with a double, four HRs, four walks, and nine RBI. He is the second Syracuse player to win the weekly honors, with recently promoted Cole Kimball winning it for the opening week of April 7-10.

Monday’s News & Notes

Two out of three affiliates win on Sunday

The Quick Rundown…

Team Yesterday’s Result Today’s Game Pitching Matchup
Syracuse Chiefs Postponed @ Norfolk, 11:00 a.m.
Tom Milone (2-3, 4.21) and
Craig Stammen (2-2, 3.26) vs.
Edgar Gonzalez (2-2, 3.26) and
Alex Cobb (4-0, 1.31)
Harrisburg Senators Lost, 11-4 OFF DAY N/A
Potomac Nationals Won, 5-4 @ Frederick, 7:00 p.m. Trevor Holder (1-4, 6.09) vs.
Brian Matusz (rehab)
Hagerstown Suns Won, 6-2 @ Lakewood, 6:35 p.m. Taylor Jordan (6-0, 2.51) vs.
Mario Hollands (2-3, 4.54)

Syracuse-Durham — PPD
The Syracuse-Durham game was rained out on Sunday and will be made up with a doubleheader on Monday morning and afternoon.

Richmond 11 Harrisburg 4
• Roark (L, 0-1) 3⅓ IP 10H 5R 5ER 2BB 3K
• Arnesen 1⅔ IP 2H 0R 0BB 2K
• Moore 3-5, R, 2B, RBI
• Tucker, 2-4, 2-2B

Tanner Roark’s first start of 2011 was a rough one as Richmond beat Harrisburg handily, 11-4. The Flying Squirrels went, um, nuts on offense, getting at least two hits in every inning and 22 altogether. Roark gave up the first 10 over three and 2/3rds, allowing five runs and two walks to go with three strikeouts. Tyler Moore (3-for-5) and Jonathan Tucker (2-for-4) combined for five of the nine Senators hits.

Potomac 5 Wilmington 4
• Clegg (ND) 5⅓ IP 5H 1R 1ER 1BB 2K
• Frias (H, 1) 2IP 1H 0R 0BB 1K 2-1 IR-S
• Hood 4-4, R, HR, 3RBI
• Perez 4-4, 2R, 3-2B

Another walkoff win on a Sunday Afternoon In Woodbridge

Hagerstown 6 Lakewood 2
• Hansen (W, 5-1) 7IP 4H 2R 1ER 1BB 5K
• Holland 2IP 1H 0R 0BB 3K
• Nicol 2-3, BB
• Leonida 2-4, R, 2B, 2RBI
• Kelso 2-5, RBI

With two runs in the seventh and three more in the eighth, Hagerstown turned a 1-1 game into a 6-2 win over Lakewood. Starter Bobby Hansen turned in seven solid innings to get his 5th win, allowing both Lakewood runs on four hits and a walk. Sean Nicol, Cole Leonida, and Blake Kelso each collected two hits as the Suns won their third straight. Alas, Bryce Harper’s hit streak was snapped at 18 games with an 0-for-4 afternoon. His on-base string was extended to 23 games with a walk.

Sunday Afternoon In Woodbridge

Another 5-4 finish for the P-Nats

On paper, this looked like it was going to be a blowout. Wilmington’s Jake Ordorizzi was coming off a 13-K outing against the first-place Salem Red Sox, Potomac’s Mitchell Clegg two starts removed from an 11-run shellacking against third-place Winston Salem.

Instead, Odorizzi suffered his worst outing and Clegg posted his best as the Potomac Nationals once again prevailed 5-4, this time walking off in the bottom of the 9th.

Make no mistake: Clegg was not dominant. Three of the five hits he gave up were no-doubt doubles and he only struck out two over his five and a 1/3rd innings. But he got the outs he needed, including two double plays and had more outs on the ground than in the air, which is progress for a pitcher that has a tendency to leave his pitches up in the zone.

Meanwhile, the duo of Destin Hood and Eury Perez were nearly unstoppable. Both went 4-for-4 with seven total bases, accounting for eight of the 11 Potomac hits. Hood would drive in three runs while Perez would score two runs, including the gamewinner. But more on that a little later.

After six straight games with an error, the P-Nats finally put a zero in the “E” column with the infielders racking up eight assists and turning two double plays, highlighted by Francisco Soriano knocking down a grounder behind the second-base bag and gunning down the runner to save a run.

Josh Smoker and Marcos Frias — both recent starters-turned-relievers — were the first two to follow Clegg on the mound. Each had mixed results. Smoker, who was hitting 92 on the gun, stranded his inherited runner in the sixth but walked the first two batters in the seventh. Frias let in one of those walks in the seventh, but retired the last five batters he faced.

With a slim 3-2 lead going into the bottom of the eighth, Destin Hood drove the first pitch of the eighth deep into the trees beyond the left field for a 4-2 lead. Though the next three batters went down in order, with P-Nat closer Pat Lehman warming in the ‘pen, it looked like the game was over.

Though he had warmed up the night before, Lehman hadn’t pitched since last Wednesday and the Blue Rocks were able to take advantage of the rust for a two-out double and single that tied the game at 4-4.

After a J.R. Higley strikeout and a warning-track flyout by Soriano, Perez got his fourth hit of the game with a single to left field for a chance to avoid extra innings. Wilmington reliever Manauris Baez knew it, too, as he easily threw to first as often as he threw to the plate against the next batter, Jeff Kobernus.

While he was able to hold Perez at first, Baez made the fatal error of giving the speedster a 3-2, two-out jump and Perez took full advantage, taking off when Baez’s motion was toward home and going into the proverbial fifth gear when he saw the ball Kobernus hit clear the shortstop’s leap and float into left-center field.

Stevie Wonder could see that this was not going to be a close play as the crowd roared when Perez kicked into the proverbial fifth gear, gliding past third and sliding home with the game- and series-winning run.

The win knocked Wilmington out of first, and put Potomac at .400 for the year with a 14-21 mark. They’re back on the road again with four against the new first-place team, Frederick, then three against the last-place Lynchburg Hillcats before returning to Woodbridge next Monday for a six-games-in-seven-days homestand.

Sunday’s News & Notes

A three-game sweep on rainy Saturday

The Quick Rundown…

Team Yesterday’s Result Today’s Game Pitching Matchup
Syracuse Chiefs Won, 11-0 vs. Durham, 2:00 p.m. Tom Milone (2-3, 4.21) vs.
Edgar Gonzalez (2-2, 3.26)
Harrisburg Senators Postponed @ Richmond, 2:05 p.m. Tanner Roark (1st game) vs.
Daryl Maday (1-2, 3.00)
Potomac Nationals Won, 5-4 (8 inn.) vs. Wilmington, 1:05 p.m. Michell Clegg (1-2, 6.29) vs.
Jake Odorizzi (3-0, 1.97)
Hagerstown Suns Won, 1-0 vs. Delmarva, 6:35 p.m. Bobby Hansen (4-1, 4.08) vs.
Ervis Manzanillo (1-2, 6.08)

Syracuse 11 Durham 0
• Meyers (W, 2-0) 7IP 4H 0R 0BB 8K
• Martin 2IP 1H 0R 0BB 2K
• Aubrey 4-4, 4R, 4HR, 7RBI

Michael Aubrey had a career day, belting four big flies for seven RBIs as the Chiefs trampled the Bulls, 11-0. Brad Meyers and J.D. Martin combined for a five-ht shutout, with Meyers going the first seven and striking out eight, and Martin finishing and striking out two. Neither pitcher issued a walk.

Harrisburg-Richmond — PPD
The rains that delayed the Syracuse and Hagerstown games and shortened the Potomac game stopped the Harrisburg game. It will be made up as part of a doubleheader on Saturday, July 9th.

Potomac 5 Wilmington 4 (8 inn.)
• Rosenbaum (ND) 7IP 10H 4R 3ER 3BB 5K
• Weaver (W, 1-0) 1IP 0H 0R 0BB 1K
• Perez 3-4, 3RBI
• Bloxom 2-4, 2R, 2HR, 2RBI

Can’t complain about this one. Check out what went down Last Night In Woodbridge

Hagerstown 1 Lakewood 0
• Ray (W, 1-0) 6IP 2H 0R 1BB 7K
• McCatty (H, 3) 1⅔ IP 2H 0R 0BB 1K
• Manno (S, 5) 1⅓ 0H 0R 2BB 1K
• Harper 2-4, R, HR, RBI

Three Suns pitchers combined on a four-hit shutout while Bryce Harper’s home run was difference in a 1-0 Hagerstown win over Lakewood. Robbie Ray picked up his first professional win with six innings with just two hits and one walk allowed to go with seven strikeouts. Shane McCatty and Chris Manno got the hold and save respectively. BRyce Harper extended his hitting streak to 18 games and drove in the sole run of the game with a seventh-inning blast, and picked up another hit in the ninth to push his batting average to a Sally League-leading .393.

Last Night In Woodbridge

A three-run rally in the 8th steals one from Wilmington

The next time folks complain about the umps taking away any chance of winning, you might want to remember this Saturday night.

Down 4-2, with a steady rain falling, the P-Nats were allowed to bat in the bottom of the eighth. Following a Destin Hood whiff, Justin Bloxom lifted the spirits of the announced crowd of 4,973 with an opposite-field shot to right field to pull within one. Back-to-back singles by Steven Souza and J.P. Ramirez put the tying run on second.

Somehow, Sandy Leon beat out a groundball that should have ended the inning, and for all intents and purposes, the game. Francisco Soriano drew a walk to load the bases, to set up Eury Perez’s two-run, two-out single that pulled the P-Nats ahead. It was the only hit with RISP for the night, but it proved to be the gamewinner, as the umps ordered the tarp pulled after the 8th and eventually called the game.

The improbable victory took the edge off another butt-ugly game by the defense. The first three runs would score in the top of the first without a clean single to the outfield, with “singles” to shortstop, third, and second and two errors charged before Danny Rosenbaum would take matters into his own hands and strike out the eighth batter of the inning to end it.

Rosenbaum would get a no-decision for his seven innings of work. He still hasn’t quite shaken his walking ways, issuing three for the night, but retired the leadoff batter in five of the next six innings and worked out of a 1st-and-2nd-no-outs jam in the sixth. He was charged with all four Wilmington runs on 10 hits and struck out five.

Dean Weaver would get the win for his efforts in the eighth, in which he hit a batter that was erased by Sandy Leon, and struck out a batter.

With the win, Potomac improves to 13-21 and sends out Mitchell Clegg (1-2, 6.29) to face Wilmington ace Jake Odorizzi (3-0, 1.97), who’s coming off a 13K performance against Salem last Tuesday.