Hagerstown Announces Its 2011 Roster

Fifteen watchlist players make up the 25-man roster, including you-know-who

The last of the full-season rosters has been announced (thanks again to our commenters for tipping me off).

It’s still another 10 days until the Suns’ home opener (and not uncoincidentally, single-game tickets don’t go on sale until that morning). If I’m able to go, we’ll have a “Last Night in Hagerstown” next weekend. But fret not, we’ve got some eyes out there if I can’t.

Without further ado…

Paul Applebee
Sam Brown
Wilson Eusebio
Matt Grace
Ben Graham
Bobby Hansen
Chad Jenkins
Taylor Jordan
Christopher Manno
Shane McCatty
Christopher McKenzie
Cameron Selik
Matt Swynenberg

David Freitas
Cole Leonida
Sam Palace (On disabled list)

Blake Kelso
Jason Martinson
Brett Newsome
Sean Nicol
Mills Rogers
Adrian Sanchez

Bryce Harper
Wade Moore
Randolph Oduber
Michael Taylor

Led by some Bryce Harper kid, there are 15 of our watchlist players — not as “loaded” as Potomac seems, but in a trend that started last year, younger and closer to the ideal age for the league.

Almost the entire Vermont rotation, the one that faded badly last August, made the jump. But joining them from the GCL are Matt Grace and Christopher Manno (can the minions get a holla? OK, sorry. That sounded more on the Cape than outta Compton) so who will start and who will relieve will be a much bigger question than in Potomac.

Who’s missing? Justin Bloxom, J.R. Higley, Dean Weaver and Evan Bronson are the most notable over-22 names that we might have expected back. Now the question is who’s hurt or who’s been released. As of this writing, at roughly 8:15 p.m., neither the Hagerstown roster nor the Auburn roster on MiLB.com has been updated, so like last week, we await the transactions news to find out the answers.

We’re now less than 72 hours from the “other” Opening Day

Potomac Announces Its 2011 Roster

Twenty of our watchlist players, including several BA-ranked prospects, make up the 25-man squad

As folks have noted in the comments, the Potomac roster has been released to the (mainstream) media.

For the newbies, this is home base for me (disclosure: I’m a season ticket holder, and have been since 2006) so when the P-Nats are home, I’ll do a gamer entitled “Last Night In Woodbridge” and let you know what I saw and/or am seeing. Though I mostly play it straight, I’ve been known to go off on a tangent or sometimes try a new angle.

This I offer in advance even if my tagline above or my bio below ought to explain it. My favorites are pretty easy to spot and I’ve been influenced to go a little easier on the players when they’re struggling, but I’m sure it can happen again. This is a blog, after all.

Without further ado…

Alex Caldera
Mitchell Clegg
Ryan Demmin
Paul Demny
Marcos Frias
Trevor Holder
Pat Lehman
Carlos Martinez
Kyle Morrison
Adam Olbrychowski
Danny Rosenbaum
Josh Smoker
Rob Wort

Brian Peacock
Sandy Leon

Cutter Dykstra
Rick Hague
Stephen King
Jeff Kobernus
Francisco Soriano
Steven Souza

Chris Curran
Destin Hood
Eury Perez
J.P. Ramirez

This is the inverse of what I’m used to. Usually, Potomac opens with just two or three guys 22 or younger and nine or ten guys 25 or older. This year, just three guys are 25 or older and twelve are 22 or younger. And while not all of our watchlist players are full-fledged prospects, there are still 19 20 of them here. Seven guys from the BA Top 30 and John Sickels’s book are here.

The biggest surprises we already knew: Rosenbaum and Holder are back, and are likely the first two in the rotation. The other three are going to be the tough to guess, with five guys that have mostly been starters. Josh Smoker and Rob Wort have both been late-inning guys, but one has to think that Demmin making the jump from Vermont has to mean he’s in the running to finish games, too.

Most of the other surprises are mild or have ready explanations (e.g. Sammy Solis is nursing a groin injury, per Adam Kilgore). Justin Bloxom is not here, which means that either someone’s been converted (Souza, King, Ramirez) or we’re likely to see a carousel at both first base and DH in order to balance offense and defense.

In any case, this may be the best roster on paper we’ve ever seen in Potomac. Like all teams in baseball, the question will be whether or not the pitching will be there, particularly in the second half. Opening Day is this Friday against the Lynchburg Hillcats.

Syracuse Announces Its 2011 Roster

The second of the four full-season affiliate roster has been released

With a H/T to frequent commenter Peric, it appears that the Syracuse Chiefs roster has been announced. Without further ado…

Collin Balester
Adam Carr
Matt Chico
Ross Detwiler
Lee Hyde
Cole Kimball
J.D. Martin
Yunesky Maya
Tom Milone
Garrett Mock
Craig Stammen
Josh Wilkie

Jesus Flores
Carlos Maldonado
Jhonatan Solano

Michael Aubrey
Brian Bixler
Seth Bynum
Chris Marrero
Chris McConnell
Alex Valdez

Roger Bernadina
Corey Brown
Jeff Frazier
Boomer Whiting

Some notably absent names… Shairon Martis, Atahualpa Severino, Alex Cintron, and Oliver Perez. We’re still waiting for sources from both within and without the organization to inform us on releases and, of course, the last two full-season rosters. But it’s possible that three of these four have been released.

Local beat writer Tom Leo is predicting a rotation of Detwiler, Martin, Maya, Milone and Mock, with Kimball as the closer out of the bullpen. That’s plausible, with perhaps Matt Chico taking the place of either Martin or Mock, should either get traded.

As referenced yesterday, this is not the Opening Day roster and the presence of three catchers as well as just four outfielders is a bit of a giveaway that more moves are coming. As folks have noted in the comments, these past two rosters are evidence that while the lower minors appear to be getting younger, the upper minors still aren’t. Of the bolded watchlist players, only Chris Marrero and Tom Milone are under the age of 25.