Dec 212011

The Washington Nationals have claimed SS-3B Carlos Rivero on waivers from the Philadelphia Phillies.

Like Baltimore’s Billy Rowell, Rivero has been stuck at AA for the past three seasons with the obligatory “but he’s still young” caveat attached to him. This past season Rivero finally did well enough (.270/.326/.440) to get a cup of coffee at AAA where hit hit just .185/.233/.444 in seven games.

The knock on Rivero is that his defense has been suspect (.949FA in 497G as a SS) despite having a strong throwing arm. The shift to 3B has been unsuccessful (.908FA in 142G) and to paraphrase the pholks at Phuture Phillies: “It’s a loss after a good rebound season, but he remains a deeply flawed prospect.”

Rivero coincidentally was the subject for’s look at the flip side of drafting international talent.

  4 Responses to “Nats Claim Carlos Rivero On Waivers”

  1. He’s really slow that’s likely part of the fielding problem. He’s Chris Marrero that isn’t too bad at other positions besides first base.

  2. Meh. He’s cover material at 3B-SS for either SYR or more likely HAR this year, imo.

  3. We just gave away the farm… I’m crying on the inside a bit. I hope Gio is worth it

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