Oct 062011

The 2011 campaign started with a whimper as the Scottsdale Scorpions were pounded for a 10-1 loss. Four Nats saw game action…

  • Zach Walters played 3B and went 1-for-3, one of the two hits the Scorpions managed for the game
  • Bryce Harper played LF and went 0-for-3 with a strikeout
  • Derek Norris played C and went 0-for-3, but picked a runner off 1st
  • Pat Lehman got the last out of the 7th, but also threw a wild pitch

Sammy Solis gets the start today
, according to MASN’s Byron Kerr, who also had a feature on Lehman yesterday morning.

  3 Responses to “AFL Update: October 6, 2011”

  1. If Zach Walters turns out to be a star I will eat my words I said after he Nats acquired him…….

  2. I was ‘watching’ on Gameday and Norris also threw out a runner:

    With Joe Terdoslavich batting, Mikie Mahtook caught stealing 2nd base, catcher Derek Norris to shortstop Jean Segura.

  3. Jeez, that was a bit of a smackdown for the opener. Let’s hope that was simply an outlier performance by Scottsdale and that they get things squared away quickly.

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