Jul 272011

As everyone surmised, Matt Stairs has been designated for assignment to make room for Gomes. Of course, that’s the MLB front; not our turf.

So far, only one move has just a couple of moves have been officially announced in the minors…

• P Gregory Holt assigned from Auburn
(Unofficially, one of our commenters has informed us that RHP Colin Bates is on the way, too)
• P Colin Bates assigned from Auburn
• SS Justino Cuevas activated from Potomac DL and assigned from GCL

• 1B-DH Russell Moldenhauer assigned from Hagerstown Suns.
• P Ben Hawkins assigned to Auburn Doubledays from GCL Nationals

With Harrisburg short one man at 23, it’s pretty clear that another move will be made soon. But it’s not obvious who because both Potomac and Syracuse have four or less OFs on the active roster. My apologies for these kind of “placeholder” posts, but I feel like it’s the best way to handle this until the dust settles… or another trade is made.

UPDATE: A few moves shuffling the deck between Auburn and Hagerstown, indicated in bold.

  10 Responses to “Ripple Effects From Rhinehart/Manno Trade”

  1. How long will Seth Bynum be rehabbing in Auburn on the big board?

  2. Fixed it. Bear in mind that’s run by one of my volunteers and there’s been a lot of activity the past few days. And it’s not like I haven’t made any mistakes lately, either 😉

  3. Have you seen which teams Rhinehart and Manno have been assigned to? It will be interesting to see if they got promotions.


    • So far, it looks like Rhinehart’s going to the AA Carolina Mudcats, Manno to the Low-A Dayton Dragons = no promotions.

  4. Manno is going to Bakersfield.

  5. I know what the rosters say, but not correct. He is going to Bakersfield.

    • Exactly – “looks like” was my hedge until either player appeared in a game. Manno is now listed with the Bakersfield Blaze this a.m.

  6. from my sources, i think they were considerin sending him to AA, but went the safer route.

  7. Manno is going to be on a fast track guys, I heard a interview that says that Jockety is very happy to have manno in the system, Hey Manno dont forget where u started

  8. Made an edit for you, since without that “t,” some unintended inferences could be made, iykwim…

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