Jun 172011

I know, I know: Folks are anxious to see who’s been signed and assigned, but apparently it’s a state secret this year. If/when I hear otherwise, I’ll pass along…

The Harrisburg Senators announced a few moves this morning…

• LHP Oliver Perez
• 1B/3B Tim Pahuta

• RHP Erik Arnesen

• RHP Erik Davis

Yesterday, Baseball America released its weekly transaction summary. Here’s the list of players that signed from last Wednesday to Tuesday of this week:
• 3B Matt Skole (5)
• OF Caleb Ramsey (11)
• RHP Travis Henke (22)
• 2B Khayyan Norfork (23)
• LHP Bobby Lucas (27)
• C Sean Cotten (29)
• 2B Trey Karlen (33)
• LHP Ben Hawkins (36)
• OF Tony Nix (50)

UPDATE: Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post is reporting that Destin Hood has been placed on the DL with knee problems that will require an MRI, though they are not considered serious. No word on his replacement, but a (not all that) wild guess is Chris Curran, who was assigned to the Potomac roster on May 31 and has yet to appear in a game since.

  4 Responses to “Catching Up On Transactions”

  1. 7-DL just before the All-Star game; Bummer for Destin.

  2. I see that Brian Dupra, 7th round, is on the Auburn roster …

  3. Poor Arnesen, he’s been pitching too well to be jerked around like that. He must feel like a yo-yo.

  4. […] Harrisburg moves last week: Oliver Perez going to the DL, with Arneson continuing his pin-ball assignments […]

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