Jun 172011

Absent an official press release, we’re presuming the roster now posted on the Auburn Doubledays site is live and accurate…

Ryan Demmin
Chad Jenkins
Blake Monar
Aaron Barrett
Colin Bates
Brian Dupra
Pedro Encarnacion
Wirkin Estevez
Travis Henke
Alex Kreis
Kelvin Lopez
Silvio Medina
Richard Mirowski
Manuel Rivera
Manny Rodriguez

Adrian Nieto
Wilfri Pena

Seth Bynum (rehab)
Hendry Jimenez
Justin Miller
Russell Moldenhauer
Khayyan Norfork
Bryce Ortega
Roberto Perez
Matthew Skole


Rick Hughes
Angelberth Montilla
Caleb Ramsey
Connor Rowe

italics = 2011 draft
green = 2010 Vermont Lake Monster
blue = 2010 GCL guy
red = 2010 DSL guy

By my count, that’s 10 of this year’s picks, nine guys repeating from Vermont, five GCL “grads,” thee DSL guys leapfrogging up the ladder and two OGs. Feel free to discuss in the comments…

  13 Responses to “Auburn Roster Released?”

  1. The one that jumps out here is Aaron Barrett. He was an 8th round pick Last Year and we’re finally seeing him now at short season ball. Quite the disappointment; I’m sure there’s a story behind it, but it might take a Sherlock Holmes to find out what it is.

  2. I guess the 5th rounder is the highest guy the Nats have signed so far. As a 3B, it is smart for him to get looks before Rendon starts playing, just so that anybody pays attention.

    I wish that even more DSL guys were in short A and above. Was Eury Perez one of them? Is he our highest Dominican prospect who went through the DSL?


  3. If all of these Lake Monsters are repeating does that mean they did not perform well, last year? I thought Moldenhauer had done well last year or was that in the GCL?

    • Moldenhauer did do well, but needs to learn a position in the field, but if you’re writing off any 2010 repeats that didn’t play in Hagerstown or Potomac, you’ll be right more often than you’re wrong.

    • One of the Nats minor league coordinators was saying it was obvious that when he got to Texas they threw away his glove for the entirety of his stay there.

  4. Anyone know how I could follow how Purke is doing in the Cape Cod league? Has he started playing? I just figure if he stinks we won’t sign him and if he is great then we might… Of course I’m not a Nats exec so what do I know?

  5. […] is really difficult, since most of the guys there are 2011 draftees).  As always, Sue Dinem has a nice post highlighting where the Auburn roster guys came from (2010 assignment or 2011 draftee).  Lastly, Byron Kerr […]

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