Monday’s News and Notes

Three wins and four losses on Monday night in the Nats’ minors

The Quick Rundown…

Team Yesterday’s Result Today’s Game Pitching Matchup
Syracuse Chiefs Won, 9-4 @ Buffalo, 7:00 p.m. Arnesen (2-3, 3.48) vs.
Gee (6-5, 5.31)
Harrisburg Senators Won, 3-0 @ Portland, 7:00 p.m. Milone (5-3, 3.14) vs.
Fife (4-1, 3.84)
Potomac Nationals Lost, 6-5 @ Kinston, 7:00 p.m. Peacock (2-8, 4.44) vs.
Mahalic (3-1, 3.40)
Hagerstown Suns Lost, 2-0 @ Lakewood, 7:05 p.m. Demny (5-2, 2.89) vs.
Colvin (4-6, 4.48)
Vermont Lake Monsters Won, 2-0 vs. Tri-City, 7:05 p.m. Jenkins (0-1, 4.32) vs.
Doran (0-1, 2.70)
GCL Nationals Lost, 6-4 @ GCL Astros vs. GCL Marlins, 12:00 p.m. Morris (0-0, 0.00) vs.
Kaminska (1-4, 3.51)
DSL Nationals Lost, 9-4 @ DSL Yankees1 vs. DSL Mets1, 10:30 a.m. TBA vs. TBA

Syracuse Chiefs W, 9-4 vs. Pawtucket
Starting Pitcher: Martis (W, 5-5) 5⅓ IP 6H 4R 3ER 3BB 3K
Pitching Star: Bergmann (H, 13) 1⅓ IP 1H 0R 1BB 3K
Hitting Star # 1: Botts 2-3, R, HR, 5RBI
Hitting Star # 2: Lambin 2-4, 2R, 2B, BB, RBI
Notes: Starter Shairon Martis weathered a four-run top of the fourth but pitched into the sixth to get the win, as the offense answered with three runs in their half of fourth to turn a 4-3 deficit into a 6-4 lead. Jason Botts led all hitters with five RBI on home run, single, and a sacrifice fly.

Harrisburg Senators W, 3-0 @ Portland
Starting Pitcher: Thompson (W, 4-9) 6IP 0H 0R 6BB 6K
Pitching Star: Spradlin (H, 6) 1⅓ IP 0H 0R 0BB 4K
Hitting Star # 1: Baez 2-3, R, BB
Hitting Star # 2: Espinosa 2-3, SB
Notes: Aaron Thompson and three relievers combined on a 1-hit shutout, as Harrisburg blanked Portland 3-0. The Senators posted a picket fence with single runs in the 5th, 6th, and 7th innings, with Edgardo Baez and Danny Espinosa leading the way with matching 2-for-3 lines in the scorebook.

Potomac Nationals L, 6-5 @ Kinston
Starting Pitcher: Frias (L, 2-3) 5IP 8H 6R 6ER 3BB 4K 3HR
Pitching Star: Phillabaum 2IP 0H 0R 0BB 1K
Hitting Star #1: Lombardozzi 3-4, R, HR, BB, 2RBI
Hitting Star #2: Moore 2-5, 2B, 2RBI
Notes: Down 6-0 after three innings, Potomac rallied for two in the 5th and three in the 7th to pull within one but that’s as close they got as Kinston’s Cory Burns struck out Derek Norris with two on and two out in the 8th and weathered two more baserunners in the 9th for the save. Marcos Frias returned to the rotation, but was rocked for six runs on eight hits, including three home runs, over five innings.

Hagerstown Suns L, 2-0 vs. Hickory
Starting Pitcher: Rosenbaum (L, 1-4) 6IP 4H 1R 1ER 3BB 4K
Hitting Star #1: Perez 2-3
Hitting Star #2: Soriano 2-4
Notes: Both teams remained scoreless in this one until the 6th inning reared its ugly head. Hickory opened up the scoring in the top of the 6th inning and was able to add one more in the 7th inning to make it 2-0. Unfortunately the Suns couldn’t answer with any runs of their own as they were shut out on seven hits for the whole game. The final score was 2-0 for Hickory. Starting pitcher Danny Rosenbaum went six innings, giving up four hits, one run and three walks in the loss.

Vermont Lake Monsters W, 2-0 vs. Tri City
Starting Pitcher: Jordan (W, 1-0) 5IP 3H 0R 2BB 5K
Value Play: Ben Graham (H, 2) 3IP 1H 0R 2BB 3K
Hitting Star # 1: King 1-3, R, HR, RBI
Hitting Star # 2: Labrie 1-3, R, HR, RBI
Notes: Sue was in attendance Last Night In Burlington.

GCL Nationals L, 6-4 @ GCL Astros
Starting Pitcher: Tyler Hanks (ND) 3IP 1H 0R 0BB 1K
Pitching Star: Michael Gallo 3IP 4H 1R 1ER 0BB 4K
Pitching Un-Star: Miguel Navarro (L, 0-1) 0IP 2H 5R 5ER 3BB 0K
Hitting Star: Michael Taylor 4-4, 2-3B, 2RBI
Notes: Reliever Miguel Navarro allowed all five batters he faced to reach base, as the GCL Astros teed off in the 4th inning, scoring six runs and holding on for a 6-4 win.

DSL Nationals L, 9-4 @ DSL Yankees1
Starting Pitcher: Silvio Medina (L, 1-2) 3⅓ IP 6H 9R 4ER 2BB 0K 1HR
Pitching Star: Jesus Guzman 2IP 0H 0R 2BB 3K
Hitting Star #1: Bienvenido Valdez 2-5, 2R, 2-2B, 2RBI
Hitting Star #2: Aladin Reyes 3-4
Notes: Six errors by the DSL Nationals led to five unearned runs, as the DSL Yankees1 made them pay for their mistakes with a 9-4 win. Four relievers combined for 5⅔ innings of relief, but were outpitched by their D-Yank1 counterparts, who pitched six scoreless innings to cinch the win.

Sunday’s News and Notes

Two wins, four losses on Sunday in the Nats’ minors

The Quick Rundown…

Team Yesterday’s Result Today’s Game Pitching Matchup
Syracuse Chiefs Lost, 8-1 vs. Pawtucket, 7:00 p.m. Shairon Martis (4-5, 4.00) vs.
Ramon Ramirez (1-2, 5.48)
Harrisburg Senators Won, 3-2 @ Portland, 7:00 p.m. Aaron Thompson (3-9, 6.10) vs.
Jeremy Kehrt (1-3, 3.45)
Potomac Nationals Lost, 6-4 @ Kinston, 7:00 p.m. Marcos Frias (2-2, 5.05) vs.
T.J. McFarland (7-2, 1.98)
Hagerstown Suns Lost, 4-1 vs. Hickory, 7:05 p.m. Dan Rosenbaum (1-3, 2.19) vs.
Matt Thompson (5-4, 3.88)
Vermont Lake Monsters Won, 7-3 vs. Tri-City, 7:05 p.m. Taylor Jordan (0-0, 1.86) vs.
Carlos Quevedo (0-0, 1.74)
GCL Nationals Lost, 6-4 @ GCL Astros, 12:00 p.m. TBA vs. Jose Perdomo (0-1, 2.25)
DSL Nationals OFF DAY @ DSL Yankees1, 10:30 a.m. Silvio Medina (1-1, 2.28) vs.

Syracuse Chiefs L, 0-2 vs. Pawtucket
Starting Pitcher: Jas. Jones (L, 0-2) 2IP 7H 6R 6ER 1BB 1K 1HR
Pitching Star: Severino 2IP 2H 0R 0BB 1K
Pitching Un-Star: Balester 3IP 2H 2ER 0BB 3K 1HR
Savin’ The ‘Pen: Mench 1IP 0H 0R 0BB 0K
Hitting Star: Botts 2-3, R, BB
Notes: Jason Jones was not on his “A” game, pitching two innings and allowing six runs off seven hits and a walk. The performance credited him with his second loss of the season as the Chiefs fell to Pawtucket by a score of 8-1. Syracuse managed just six hits and simply couldn’t move ’em over, as the Chiefs went 0-8 with RISP and left nine men on base.

Harrisburg Senators W, 3-2 vs Reading
Starting Pitcher: Alaniz (ND) 6IP 4H 2R 2ER 2BB 2K
Pitching Star: Kimball (W, 2-1) 2IP 1H 0R 0BB 1K
Hitting Star #1: Baez (Pinch Hitting) 1-1, R, HR, RBI
Hitting Star #2: Lowrance 1-2, R, 1BB
Notes: Down by a run going into the bottom of the eighth, Harrisburg sent Edgardo Baez in to pinch-hit for Coon. This was a wise decision as he tied it up with one swing of the bat, his first home run of the season. After a flyout, walk, and a single set up first-and-third and chased Sergio Escalona, Reading’s next reliever Chance Chapman threw wild to score what would prove to be the game-winning run. Cole Kimball, who had come on in the 8th and pitched a scoreless inning, did it again in the 9th to earn the win.

Potomac Nationals L, 6-4 @ Kinston
Starting Pitcher: Estrada 4IP 10H 5R 5ER 1BB 6K 2HR
Pitching Star: Dials 3IP 4H 1R 1ER 0BB 3K
Hitting Star #1: Norris 1-2, R, 2BB, HR, 3RBI
Hitting Star #2: Johnson 2-5, 2R, 2B
Notes: Potomac’s offensive struggles continue, as the 6-4 score masks an abysmal 0-12 showing with RISP and 10 runners stranded. Starting pitcher Jesse Estrada served up ten hits, including two home runs, in his four innings of work, allowing five runs. Derek Norris homered in the first inning and hit a sacrifice fly in the third to earn the coveted #1 hitting star honor, while Josh Johnson doubled and singled and scored
two runs for the #2 recognition.

Hagerstown Suns L, 4-1 vs. Hickory
Starting Pitcher: Smoker (L, 1-8) 3IP 4H 4R 4ER 6BB 2K
Pitching Star #1: Arnold 3IP 1H 0R 1BB 1K
Pitching Star #2: Applebee 3IP 1H 0R 0BB 3K
Hitting Star: Souza 1-3, R, 3B, BB
Notes: Hickory took an early lead, scoring all 4 of their runs in the first three innings of play to beat Hagerstown by a score of 4-1. Josh Smoker got ‘smoked’ yet again, falling to 1-8, pitching only 3 innings, and allowing 4 earned runs on 4 hits. His biggest flaw was the walks, as he walked 6 while only striking out 2. The bullpen was magnificent, as both Pat Arnold and Paul Applebee pitched three scoreless, one-hit innings of relief.

Vermont Lake Monsters W, 7-3 @ Connecticut
Starting Pitcher: McCatty (ND) 4IP 2H 0R 3BB 3K
Pitching Star: Selik 2IP 0H 0R 2BB 4K
Pitching Un-Star: McKenzie (W, 1-0) 3IP 4H 3R 3ER 1BB 1HR
Hitting Star # 1: Freitas 2-4, R, BB, RBI
Hitting Star # 2: Jimenez 3-4, R, 2B, RBI
Notes: Seven different players notched an RBI as the Lake Monsters beat Connecticut by a score of 7-3. McKenzie got the win, despite allowing all three of Connecticut’s runs to score, pitching the 5th, 6th, and 7th innings, allowing four hits and a walk. Selik finished the game, pitching the final two innings, allowing two walks and registering four strikeouts.

GCL Nationals L, 6-4 vs. GCL Mets
Starting Pitcher: Kelvin Lopez (ND) 4IP 7H 4R 2ER 2BB 2K
Pitching Star: Billy Ott 2IP 2H 0R 0BB 3K
Hitting Star #1: Adrian Sanchez 2-5, 2R, HR, 2RBI
Hitting Star #2: Tyler Oliver 2-3, 2B, BB, RBI
Notes: Two double plays weren’t enough to offset four errors and a passed ball as the GCL Nationals fell to the GCL Mets 6-4. Nicky Serino took the loss in relief after surrendering a solo home to break a 4-4 tie while starting pitcher Kelvin Lopez went four innings, allowing four runs (two earned) on seven hits and two walks.

DSL Nationals — OFF DAY

Friday’s News and Notes

News and Notes from Friday’s action in the Nationals Minors

The Quick Rundown…

Team Yesterday’s Result Today’s Game Pitching Matchup
Syracuse Chiefs Won, 6-1 vs. Pawtucket, 7:00 p.m. Jeff Mandel (2-3, 5.58) vs.
Kris Johnson (3-5, 4.68)
Harrisburg Senators Won, 5-2 vs. Reading, 7:00 p.m. Andrew Kown (2-2, 3.43) vs.
Yohan Flande (4-5, 4.48)
Potomac Nationals Lost, 7-4 vs. Myrtle Beach, 6:35 p.m. Trevor Holder (0-1, 2.61) vs.
Randall Delgado (2-5, 2.41)
Hagerstown Suns Lost, 4-0 vs. Hickory, 7:05 p.m. Graham Hicks (0-0, 9.00) vs.
Robert Ross (8-5, 2.15)
Vermont Lake Monsters Won, 9-7 (10 inn.) @ Connecticut, 7:05 p.m. Bobby Hansen (1-0, 0.00) vs.
Josue Carreno (0-1, 8.10)
GCL Nationals OFF DAY @ GCL Cardinals, 12:00 p.m. Kelvin Lopez (0-0, 3.60) vs.
Javier Avendano (0-0, 0.00)
DSL Nationals Won, 5-1 vs.
DSL Cubs2
vs. DSL Marlins, 10:30 a.m. Juan Diaz (1-2, 4.24) vs.

Syracuse Chiefs W, 6-1 vs. Pawtucket
Starting Pitcher: Chico (W, 3-3) 5⅔ IP 5H 1R 1ER 3BB 4K
Pitching Star: MacDougal (H, 2) 1⅓ IP 0H 0ER 1BB 3K
Hitting Star # 1: Lambin 2-4, 2R, HR, RBI
Hitting Star # 2: Maxwell 1-3, 2B, 2RBI
Notes: Syracuse grabbed an early 3-0 lead in the second inning and never looked back, adding one more in the 6th and two more in the seventh to win the game by a score of 6-1 against Pawtucket. Matt Chico pitched 5⅔ innings, allowing only one run off five hits and 3 walks to earn the victory, while the bullpen combined for 3⅓ hitless and scoreless innings, allowing just one walk. Offensively, Chase Lambin was the player of the game, going 2-4, with 2 runs, highilighted by his 9th home run of the season in the 6th inning.

Harrisburg Senators W, 5-2 vs. Reading
Starting Pitcher: Lannan (W, 1-0) 7IP 4H 1R 1ER 1BB 5K
Pitching Star: Carr (SV, 1) 1IP 1H 0R 0BB 2K
Hitting Star # 1: Coon 2-4, R, 2RBI
Hitting Star # 2: Valdez 3-4, R, 2B, 1RBI
Notes:John Lannan’s first start since his return to the minors was successful, as the tall southpaw pitched seven full innings, allowing one run on four hits and a walk. He also struck out five. Brad Coon and Jesus Valdez were the hitters of the game, collectively going 5-8, scoring 2 runs and getting 3 of Harrisburg`s 5 runs.

Potomac Nationals L, 7-4
Starter/Pitching Star: Bronson 6+ IP 6H 3R 3ER 1BB 6K
Pyrotechnician: Phillabaum ⅓ IP 3H 3R 3ER 0BB 0K; 2-2 IR-S; 4 BF
Hitting Star #1: Rhinehart 2-4, 2-2B, RBI
Hitting Star #2: Moore 2-4, R, RBI
Notes: See Sue’s take in Last Night In Woodbridge

Hagerstown Suns L, 4-0 vs. Hickory
Starter/Pitching Star: Clegg (L, 8-1) 7IP 4H 3R 3ER 2BB 3K
Hitting Star: Leon 2-3
Honorable Mention: Perez, OF assist at HP
Not So Honorable Mention: Soriano, error #23
Notes: Hagerstown couldn’t couldn’t get anything going against Hickory’s Joseph Wieland, who pitched a five-hit shutout with one walk, five strikeouts, and two pickoffs at 1st base. Mitchell Clegg’s winning streak ended at eight, despite pitching well enough to win with three runs allowed on four hits and two walks over seven innings.

Vermont Lake Monsters W, 9-7 (10 inn.) @ Tri-City
Starter/Pitching Star: Swynenberg 5IP 3H 1R 1ER 2BB 1K
Hitting Star #1: King 2-5, 2R, 2B, BB, HR, RBI
Hitting Star #2: Jones 3-5, R, 2-2B
Hitting Star #3: Mozingo 2-4, 2R, 2BB, SB
Notes: Tri-City got off to an early start vs. Vermont but in the end the victor was the Lake Monsters. Vermont started their run in the top of the 5th scoring two and then they didn’t stop. In the 6th they added two more and single runs in both the 7th and 9th inning to tie things up at 7-7, which meant extra innings. In the top of the 10th Vermont got two more runs and held on for a 9-7 win. Starting Pitcher Matt Swynenberg pitched five innings, with one run allowed on three hits and two walks.

GCL Nationals — OFF DAY
Notes: The GCL Nationals resume play today against the GCL Cards in a rematch of Opening Day. They are 2-2 thus far.

DSL Nationals W, 5-1 vs. DSL Cubs2
Starter/Pitching Star: Wirkin Estevez 6IP 5H 0R 1BB 10K
Hitting Star #1: Nelalexfred Ortega 2-3, 2R, BB, 3SB
Hitting Star #2: Edgar Gonzalez 0-2, 2R, 2BB
Notes: Starter Estevez was “Wirkin” it to the tune of six shutout innings with just five hits and one walk allowed while ten opposing batters went down by way of the K. “Fred” Ortega was a terror on the basepaths, swiping second twice and third once. The win put the D-Nats back over .500 at 12-11, 2½ games off the pace.