Aug 262014

While it seems later than in years past, the Arizona Fall League rosters were revealed today, the final Tuesday in August as they were last year. The following Nats farmhands will be headed southwest to help fill out the Mesa Solar Sox roster:

• LHP Matt Grace

• RHP Neil Holland

• C Spencer Kieboom

• 2B Tony Renda

• LHP Felipe Rivero

• RHP Derek Self

• C Pedro Severino

Like last year’s contingent, none of the pitchers are Rule 5 eligible for the first time this December, which seemed to be de rigeur until the past couple of AFL seasons. But more encouraging — no returnees.

The catching tandem of Kieboom and Severino should also prove to be interesting, particularly as both backstops have made strides on offense this season (Severino may be one of the most improved hitters on the Potomac team) and will get some extra time with the coaches to fine-tune their defense.

Having been hurt for most of 2014, it’ll also be interesting to see how Felipe Rivero will fare in the (usually) pitcher-unfriendly league, especially after having made two decent starts to distract from the death spiral that has been the Senators since the All-Star Break.

It’s also possible that one more National may be named as a “Taxi Squad” member — eligible to play twice a week — which has included players such as Steve Souza, Jason Martinson, Zach Walters, and Bryce Whatshisname.

  6 Responses to “Nats Name AFL Roster”

  1. Interesting to see Kieboom there. Best buds with Giolito – wonder if he has the skills to advance along with Lucas. We sure could use another catcher at the high levels to eventually take some ABs when Ramos can’t play.

  2. Spring training moving to West Palm Beach.
    Nostalgic for ole expo fans !

  3. This has to be the least impressive AFL crop in a very long time.

    • Agree. Of that group, none were ranked among the Nats top 10 prospects, and only Renda, Severino and Rivero made the 2nd 10. I understand that the Nats want to limit Giolito’s, Cole’s, Voth’s and Solis’s innings, but I am surprised that they didn’t place any of their top position player prospects (Goodwin, Taylor, Skole) to the AFL roster. With his extended absence this year, Goodwin could use the at bats.

  4. Kind of a ho hum group.

  5. […] looks like there won’t be a taxi squad guy this year, as the Nationals also officially placed the seven players named in late August onto the roster of the Mesa Solar […]

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