Jun 142014

RIP Spike 08/03/2003-6/14/2012

The annual baseball road trip is a week later than last year as I’ll be heading southwest again down I-81 for a tour through Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

The mission is to keep the site running and updated while I dine on the fine breakfasts provided from two-star motels (or Dunkin’ Donuts) or snack on the gourmet offerings from vending machines (or 7-11). However, the News & Notes will be abbreviated some mornings (like tomorrow) as I’ll need to hit the road early to make the next stop and/or account for time lost crossing in/out of the Central Time Zone.

First stop tomorrow afternoom: Kodak,TN to see the Tennessee Smokies, followed by games in Nashville, Louisville, Columbus, Mahoning Valley (versus Auburn), and Lancaster. Folks who are interested in pictures from previous vacations can take a look at the tab above labeled… wait for it… “Road Trips.”

  2 Responses to “Programming Note”

  1. Nice shot of Spike riding shotgun!

  2. Well, we wouldn’t want the readership to be deprived of the full scope of Michael Taylor’s great deeds in Bowie, MD. I’ll be writing up at least that game this Sunday morning!

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