Mar 212014

So Long
As noted in the comments, the Nationals have released the following minor-leaguers:

• RHP Clay Hensley (offseason pickup)

• 2B Kyle Attl (GCL, Auburn)

• 2B Taylor Wrenn (offseason pickup)

• LHP Casey Selsor (Auburn)

• RHP Greg Holt (Potomac)

• RHP Martires Arias (Rule 5 Draftee, AAA Phase)

As was the case a year ago, there aren’t any real surprises here. Except that I believe there may be more coming because this is the earliest I’ve written this post the past three springs. Baseball America has already done a Transactions post for this week, which covered the week of March 6-12. Most of these releases were dated yesterday.

If not, the standard caveat applies… this is likely the end of the line for most of these guys, so remember that before commenting.

UPDATE: This afternoon Baseball America did indeed have more names in its weekly post, which were as follows:

• RHP Kelvin Rodriguez (GCL)

• C Kevin Flynn (GCL)

• LHP Joel Barrientos (Auburn)

• LHP Elliott Waterman (Auburn)

• OF Jordan Poole (Auburn)

• RHP Silvio Medina (Auburn)

• C Thor Meeks (Hagerstown)

• IF Wes Schill (Hagerstown)

• RHP Cameron Selik (Potomac)

• RHP Rob Wort (Potomac)

Kelvin Rodriguez becomes this year’s GCL surprise — a pitcher that put up decent numbers, which should remind us of the perils of scouting by boxscore. Most of the others, particularly the large contingent from Auburn, which was a major disappointment last summer, should not be considered a shock.

  16 Responses to “So Long, Boys (UPDATED)”

  1. I saw the Auburn guys play a couple of times last year…hope they have a great post baseball career.

  2. It is sad to see their careers end so quickly. That is the nature of the business. Arias was a very tall pitcher. I saw Casey pitch a couple of times.

  3. I hope that it is not the end of the line. I hope they enter high school and/or college coaching with their professional pedigree and lay waste to local club leagues!

  4. Todd Boss’s comments on Holt was very interesting. He was pretty good last year and then gets released. Hmmmmmm.
    Luke, you saw him last year; what do you think?

    Souldrummer, look forward to your posts. Of course, you’re having more fun than any of us.

    • He was a serviceable reliever, but not good enough for the next level. He also turns 25 in June. I’m just glad I’m not the one who has to make those decisions.

      • True dat. It makes one less aggravated by Doug Harris and Mark Scialba’s inscrutable approach to folks wondering about the status of their charges. I guess it makes sense playing things close to the vest given this hard core aspect of their job.

    • Oodles of pics including a decent one of me and ward. All of our players are crazy cool and I can’t wait to follow them starting 4/8.

  5. Getting ready for the draft? More influx from the Dominican? Or both?

    • While numerically it’s larger than previous “so long” posts, I think what we’re seeing here is simply fewer XST assignments, which most folks should know by now is a slow-motion release more often than not. As for the Dominicans, one inference with all the Auburn releases is that they’re making room for the GCL contingent, though I’d like to see a few of them challenged with a full-season assignment.

      • I always wonder if the weather is a factor? Syracuse still gets snow this time of year … well apparently this year so too does Washington DC! So, you look at Hagerstown and Harrisburg from that perspective? And Auburn. But the time they get to Auburn the weather is typical summer time. As it should be in Viera and the GCL?

        Is it better not to throw adverse weather in the path of younger players who are still finding their way?

  6. Billy Burns hit .313 with 10 stolen bases in Spring Training for the A’s and is making the trip to the Bay area for a 3 game exhibition with the Giants this week according to their manager. The kid may make it to the big club there by the end of season. Good for him.

    • Thanks for this great update on Burns. I’m so busy with work and music right now that pretty much the only baseball I get is the occasional check-in here and a few other sites that I favor.

    • Yes, Melvin says he earned it. But it still looks unlikely at this point. Of course you never know …

  7. Joel B just could not get over hump
    Like all the other guys

  8. Luke I agree on that thought on moving out
    Bodies for GCL kids
    I wonder if Sandy Guerrerro ends up in GCL
    Himself after claim off Chisox ??

  9. Sounds like Adrian Nieto has made the White Sox roster….

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