Dec 222013

Transactions for NPP 2There have been two transaction posts this week, no doubt yesterday’s coming early thanks to the forthcoming holidays. Here’s a rundown of the guys that were signed for the period of Dec. 6-20:

  • RHP Angher Cespedes
  • LHP Melvin Morel
  • C Mitch Canham
  • SS Emmanuel Burriss

Given the surname and the lack of any listing on, the presumption is that Cespedes and Morel are IFAs, but absent any biographical data, that’s the extent of any inferences thatn can be reasonably made.

Canham was originally drafted and signed by the San Diego Padres in 2007 but has played the past three seasons with three different organizatons, as well as sizable stint with the Long Island Ducks of the Atlantic League in the summer of 2012.

Burris is also a AAA veteran who’s spent most of the past six seasons at the level for San Francisco and Cincinnati, batting .241/.294/.266 in 108 games (the most played in a single season since 2007) for Louisville.

  4 Responses to “Transaction Update”

  1. Mitch must be a Bill Schaffer or billy Gardner
    Recommendation !!

  2. The best part about Burris; he went to Wilson HS in the district! He has to be one of the few, if only, DC high school graduate to be playing at or near MLB baseball right now.

    • LJ Hoes – St Johns HS – now with Houston (ok, maybe not quite ML level)
      Danny Hultzen – St Albans – Seattle AAA

      All timer DC High Schooler to MLB – Maury Wills, 1942 G.
      2nd to the DeMontrevile brothers, Gene 922 G, Lee 26 G.

      Thanks to

      • St Johns and St Albans == private. What makes it amazing about Burriss is the fact that he matriculated from a public DC high school, where having a playable baseball field is exceedingly rare. But fair enough.

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