Oct 282013

With an off day on Sunday, here’s a little something extra from our intrepid photographer, Lee Magenheim. Naturally, the focus of the updates is on the game action, but the players will talk about the extra coaching they receive. Here’s a glimpse at some of what Lee saw last week in the mornings.
Scenes-From-Arizona-2013-1Adrian Nieto, working with Cubs coach (and former catcher) Brian Harper.
Scenes-From-Arizona-2013-3Steve Souza Jr., working out at 1B.
Scenes-From-Arizona-2013-4Matt Skole getting ready to hit.
Scenes-From-Arizona-2013-5Lord, please deliver me from the those convenience-store breakfast burritos I ate this morning…

  7 Responses to “Scenes From Arizona”

  1. Great shots. Especially the Souza shot.

  2. I agree, it’s always good to have southwest correspondent.

  3. Love these pictures. I had not realized that Souza had played 1b until I saw the picture of him working there. Digging a bit, I saw that he played a lot of 1b in Potomac in 2011. Was he any good there? Where do you think he ultimately lands in terms of position?

    • Not bad, actually — by the end of the ’11 season, the hiccups were about the same as any other 1B. I think his future is as an OF because that’s where the need will be in the near term.

  4. I could not help playing Doug Harris
    Sliding Telemito Augustin in the DSL
    Talent pool for bats and Outfielders
    Neat neat core
    Nutritious burritos would be my food choice
    If playing in AFL!!!! Lol!
    Great job Luke
    If the Nats sign Luke Scott for goon squad
    Will you be Luke force bias ??? Kkkkkkk

  5. Just wanted to add that I got to Surprise just as the last players were exiting the team bus and the 1st sound I heard was the crack of a bat. When I went to the batting cages Brian Goodwin was already getting a hitting lesson from Troy Gingrich who was teeing up ball after ball, low and outside, so Brian could train himself to go down to get it and hit it right back up the middle. This went on for 15 minutes. Brian is always working on something to improve.

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