Jun 052012

A series of transactions were made this afternoon to reshuffle the minor-league deck. More moves are undoubtedly coming with rosters below the limit as well as the restocking from the draft, so stay tuned to dispatches such as these as well as the morning News & Notes.

• RHPs Christian Garcia, Jeff Mandel promoted from Harrisburg

• LHP Cory VanAllen assigned from Syracuse
• RHP Cameron Selik promoted from Potomac
• RHP Rafael Martin placed on the restricted list

• RHP Nathan Karns promoted from Hagerstown
• RHP Shane McCatty placed on 7-Day DL
• RHP Jimmy Barthmaier assigned from Washington (XST)

• 1B Chris Marrero assigned from Washington (rehab)

  10 Responses to “Catching Up On Transactions”

  1. Do you foresee any position players getting promoted? Skole is well past his promotion date.

    Either way, glad to see some upward mobility from the few successful pitchers in the system this year. Selik really seems to be shooting up the ranks.

  2. Luke, does Selik throw hard enough to fit the Rizzo mold? thx

  3. Maybe it is because I was not worried about his return that much, but I was surprised to see that Marrero’s rehab is starting already. I certainly wish him luck.


  4. Mayorson playing tonight in Harrisburg, Lozada hasn’t played since 6/1 could this mean he was sent to Syracuse?

  5. Lozada was a PH for Harrisburg tonight.

    Syracuse has 13 pitchers now. They have a double header tomorrow.

  6. Read on twitter that Selik left the game with possible injury. Any news? I know, I know, wait for MN&N.

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