May 152012

The Nationals have officially recalled C Carlos Maldonado from the Syracuse Chiefs, replacing the recently promoted Sandy Leon, who was injured last night in a collision at the plate with San Diego’s Chase Headly.

To make room on the Washington Roster, C Wilson Ramos was transferred from the 15-day DL to the 60-Day DL, while Leon was placed on the 15-Day DL with what’s being called a “high ankle sprain,” though you can see in Cheryl Nichols‘ shot of the collision that his ankle was everted, as noted last night on Twitter.

Leon struck out in his lone plate appearance before the injury.

As of this writing, the corresponding moves in the Nationals minors have not been made. Syracuse officials are asserting Jhonatan Solano is still ill despite not having played in nearly a month, though he has been sight unseen by at least one of the local beat writers.

Thus, if as Solano is not available, this is the likely chain of events that followed the Maldonado callup:

Devin Ivany James Skelton assigned to Syracuse to replace Maldonado
• Beau Seabury assigned to Harrisburg to replace Ivany Skelton
Sam Palace Erick Fernandez activated from the Potomac DL assigned from the GCL Nationals to replace Seabury

UPDATE: The Harrisburg Senators and Potomac Nationals have announced the corresponding moves, with Skelton getting the call instead of Ivany and Erick Fernandez. As noted in the comments, David Freitas and Adrian Nieto are both staying put at Potomac and Hagerstown while it’s come to light that Solano has reportedly been suffering from a herniated disc, which, of course is a far cry from an illness and more serious than most people realize.

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  1. Are the Nats just reshuffling the deck with minor league vets because it is too soon for meaningful promotions for Freitas and Nieto?

  2. Another day, another career minor league catcher added to the 40-man. The whole reason to add Solano to the 40-man in the off-season was to cover this exact scenario; now we’ve had to add both Leon and Maldonado. I wonder if we can trade to get N orris back 🙂

    Seriously though; this makes for a lot of DFAing of players that maybe we didn’t really need to risk at the end of the season (or earlier, as these 60-day DL guys come off).

    Purke and Rendon MLB deals aren’t helping either; and we can’t put Rendon’s 40-man spot on the 60-day DL without recalling him and starting his arb clock right? *sigh*.

    • Hey Todd, I get a “website no exist” error for your site…

      • Yeah … I had to power off that server this morning to prevent fuses from blowing in my house. Basically I have too many things running in my office, and when my maid comes she plugs in the vacuum cleaner and routinely blows the entire circuit. To make matters worse, we are showing the house for sale and have to keep all the lights on, in addition to a window A/C unit in the room to counteract all the computers.

        Basically i need a hosting solution, and soon. I’m probably the only guy out there who is running his own stuff on his own servers.

  3. Herniated disc for Solano according to Kolko and Kerr at MASN.

    • Hmmm since when is a herniated disc an illness!?

    • Needless to say as Luke opined. It explains a lot. Not a fun thing for a catcher to have if its a serious breach. The pain can cause sufferers to resort to surgery for repair. Can be debilitating.

  4. James Skelton up to AAA Syracuse and Beau Seabury to Harrisburg

  5. Speaking of crossed out logical moves …

    When is this guy headed for your neighborhood. Sure seems like it may be time?

    @MinorLeagueBlog: Matthew Skole went 4-4, 2HR, 5RBI, BB at Low-A Hagerstown. He’s hitting .302, 8HR, 40RBI on the year.

    • Especially given that Rendon is still a loooong way off. If Rendon were set to return soon, I’d understand the hesitancy to promote Skole. They’re both (currently) 3B, and so one would have to start at the expense of another. But that’s not the case. We might not see Rendon again this year, and Skole is way under-matched and over-aged in Hagerstown. It should have already happened by now. And I presume the only reason Skole was assigned to Hagerstown in the first place was because Rendon was blocking him. The problem basically sorted itself out, yet the Nats have been extremely slow to react.

      • I wouldn’t oppose a promotion along with a shift to 1B.

        • Could they be hoping he’ll improve his play at 3rd and cut down on the strikeouts? Perhaps they have a set number of at bats that has to be reached no matter what.

          • Of course, on both. But bear in mind 11Es in the minors is even worse than you might think since scorekeeping is just as erratic.

          • I have heard that error totals might make some players look worse though. Things like field conditions, bad scoring, and a bad 1B not picking throws that someone like LaRoche would snag.

            I saw Skole play a game for GA Tech and he was awful. Jed Bradley might have had around an 80-pitch complete game if not for Skole and some others.

  6. love the Spinal Tap reference!

  7. […] Maldonado has twice been recalled then outrighted to AAA for the Nationals in the past three seasons, playing four games in late May/early June of 2010 and four games this past May when the Nationals catchers were doing their best impersonation of Spinal Tap drummers. […]

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